Supreme Uprising

Jewelcat - 宝石猫

Chapter 51: Martial Master, Martial Master!

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The map wasn't too big. It only encompa.s.sed an area of 500 kilometers.

Coincidentally, the starting point of the map was the region Luo Yunyang and the other new students had gone to hunt.

This meant that the region shown on the map was suitable for martial masters or higher-rank martialists.

Was Luo Yunyang a martial master? His strength had already reached the standards of a martial master, and his methods weren't lacking either, so by the time he had skimmed through the map quickly, he had already set his mind on this idea.

After paying a visit to Yang Yirui, who was recuperating at his own residence, and informing Chen Yong and the others, Luo Yunyang packed up the equipment he had purchased and headed out of the base gates.

He had a knife, a foldable bow, 36 arrows, a few energy bars and some medicine.

"You must be heading out to hunt, kid!" Luo Yunyang had barely stepped out of the gates when he saw Xu Zhong walk over.

"You must be really great if you were able to defeat Bai Yushui!" As he spoke, Xu Zhong handed Luo Yunyang a chest badge. "Take a look at this. It's a martial master medal!"

"This medal, in combination with your strength, will make ladies stop you when you walk down the main streets of Chang'an City!" Xu Zhong rubbed his bald head and proclaimed loudly, "To think that, all those years back, I was just as handsome and talented! Ha ha! Everyone had been besotted with me!"

Besotted? Sure they were!

Luo Yunyang rather liked Xu Zhong, but he found his narcissism funny.

He accepted the chest badge. "I thought that one needed an awakened source core to be able to become a martial master."

"Why are you kids so inflexible? Sure, that's the most ordinary method, but the Rising Dragon Army pays more attention to performance."

Xu Zhong patted his head. "If you are able to beat a martial master, then you can become one as well. It's as simple as that."

"Keep this safe. You have to treat me to a drink later. Oh, I forgot! Stay away from that Lin Changjian kid in the future. He's a total lunatic!" Xu Zhong laughed heartily. "You know what, kid? You might just be the youngest martial master to ever exist at Base 7!"

"Do you even know how many young martialists there are here? Ha ha ha!"

Xu Zhong laughed as he left. When Luo Yunyang placed the badge on his chest, almost all the soldiers guarding the place looked over at him in admiration.

A martial master... Everyone was very clear on what those two words represented!

Luo Yunyang had just stepped out of the city, when a series of beeps were heard from his communication device. When he opened it, he heard a sweet voice. "Respected Martial Master Luo Yunyang, the Flag Bank of the Da Alliance is at your service. We wish you all the best."

"We have already issued a platinum card for you. Please come and collect it when you have time. Your credit limit is 10 million dayuan!"

The Flag Bank was possibly the largest bank in the Da Alliance. In comparison to it, the bank that his mother worked at was a sorry excuse of a bank.

Luo Yunyang had never applied for an account there. How had he become a VIP member of the bank just like that? Plus, they had readily provided him with a 10 million credit limit!

How had all this happened?

As Luo Yunyang pondered over it, another message was sent. "Respected Martial Master Luo Yunyang, Da Alliance Rapid Gem Automobiles is at your service. We wish you all the best!"

"In view of your contribution to the Da Alliance, our company will provide you with a Rapid Gem Q9 transportation vehicle. You are welcome to collect it anytime you wish!"

A Rapid Gem Automobile? He got a free ride? This was great!

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The Da Alliance had certain restrictions concerning vehicles in its main cities. One had to spend a huge amount of money to purchase an automobile, yet Rapid Gem Automobiles had actually given him one for free. He he, this treatment isn't bad...

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