Supreme Uprising

Jewelcat - 宝石猫

Chapter 5: Elite

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The mosquito had disintegrated!

Luo Yunyang saw it happen clearly in his mind, but he didn't have the time to take note of it.

His head was hurting. It hurt so much that Luo Yunyang wanted to groan. He had probably used too much mental power.

I should lower my Mind Attribute. Things will get better if I restore everything to its normal level!

As he said this in his mind, Luo Yunyang's four attributes returned to normal and his skull suddenly no longer hurt.

When his Mind Attribute had been at 3.5, he had been able to kill a mosquito from four meters away. He couldn't imagine what would happen if his Mind Attribute ever reached 10.

As he speculated, he felt an immense wave of weariness envelop him. He immediately fell asleep.

"Mom, I'm heading to school to enrol! I will be able to take the martialist selection test in three days tops!" When Luo Yunyang woke up, he felt very relaxed. Suddenly, his stomach started rumbling in hunger.

After washing up fast, he ran to school at a quick pace.

Although the grade-one energy bars there were slightly worse, he would at least get to eat and leave the food back at home for his mother and sister.

As Shen Yunying watched her son's back get farther and farther away, she felt gratified. Her son was really sensible.

"Those moves yesterday were really cool, Yunyang!" Luo Yunyang had barely appeared at the training ground when Shen Yulang ambled over.

"He he… Did you know that Lian Yubi's face has swollen up like a steamed bun?"

Luo Yunyang no longer thought much of Lian Yubi. He had already reached the standards of a martialist and could step into the ranks of the elite students. Why would he care about that n.o.body?

"Where did you go last night? You had promised you'd go fishing with me. Did you forget about your bro now that you got the girl?"

Shen Yulang was beaming as he made fun of Luo Yunyang.

I'm such a bad person. Luo Yunyang had just remembered that he had agreed to accompany Shen Yulang on a fishing trip. He had been so busy studying the Ape-Dragon Blueprint that he had forgotten.

"Stop that rubbish!" Luo Yunyang scanned his surroundings, but he didn't see Luo Chang anywhere. She would normally be around, but she was currently nowhere to be seen.

What's going on?

"Everyone stop right there!" a cold voice shouted. Xiong Zhenshan walked over with a few men who appeared to be in their 30s and 40s.

Luo Yunyang recognized the majority of them. They were all figures of authority in Donglu Town.

For example, the chubby bald man who looked absolutely harmless was actually the police superintendent that all hoodlums in town were afraid of.

The chap with the hooked, eagle-like nose held the entire town's economic lifeline in his hands. He was the head of the Lian family, Lian Changfeng!

However, there was also one man among the group who seemed to be in his 20s. This was the first time Luo Yunyang had seen this somewhat handsome young man.

When one looked at the chubby superintendent or Lian Changfeng before looking at the young man, one couldn't help but show some respect.

"Today, we will be commencing the graduation examination. This way, the graduating students can start making plans early!" Xiong Zhenshan announced loudly after glancing at Lian Changfeng.

The students, who had been about to start their morning exercise, became lively right away. The graduating students started talking loudly.

They hadn't really thought much about the graduation examination. The results were already fixed after all.

According to the school's announcement the previous day, the graduation examination was supposed to take place two weeks later. The motive behind rushing it was clear as a day.

"They are trying to sabotage you, Yunyang!" Shen Yulang's little eyes flashed with resentment as he cursed. "d.a.m.n it, these people are really shameless!"

Luo Yunyang remained calm. When he looked at the attribute regulator in his mind, he smiled faintly. "Life doesn't always go as planned!"

"Alright. All graduating students must test their strength. The strongest one will win the recommendation spot to the Qitian Martial Academy!"

Xiong Zhenshan glanced carefully at Lian Changfeng before he announced, "Time is of the essence. The examination shall begin now. All six graduating will be evaluated in succession. Anyone who makes a racket will have their graduation rights revoked!"

As he said that, Xiong Zhenshan's gaze landed on Luo Yunyang.

Even though his student was about to be beaten into dust by his own decision, Xiong Zhenshan did not feel the slightest trace of guilt.

The strong preyed on the weak. That had always been the case.

If Luo Yunyang wanted to blame someone, that someone couldn't be Xiong Zhenshan. It was too bad he didn't have a respected father!

As he was looking at him, Luo Yunyang looked up at Xiong Zhenshan.

Luo Yunyang appeared calm. He didn't seem to feel any dread at all.

Lian Changfeng suddenly seemed to notice him. The look he gave Luo Yunyang was one full of disdain.

This young man had obstructed his son's path, yet Lian Changfeng did not find him threatening.

All it would take was a simple action for him to crush whatever dreams that young man had.

"Shen Yulang, you are up first!"

Although Shen Yulang was displeased, as Xiong Zhenshan looked at him, all he could do was walk forward.

"Shen Yulang, 177 kilos. Pa.s.s!" When Nong Yulang's chubby fists landed on the practise target, the machine made another sound.

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One by one, the students walked over to the machine, mustered their entire body's strength and punched the practise target.

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