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457 Greatness Starts From The Bottom

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Luo Yunyang had his eyes shut while he was sitting in a lotus position on the floor of the purple-gold cultivation room. The Flaming Heavenly Shuttle rested quietly on the floor beside him.After a long time, Luo Yunyang suddenly opened his eyes. There was a chilly glint in them now.

"Rise!" Specks of light flew out of the Flaming Heavenly Shuttle at Luo Yunyang's command and transformed into a war blade about a foot long.

The outer appearance of the blade was very ordinary. However, Luo Yunyang could feel the great power contained within the blade as he held it.

Although this power wasn't as strong as Luo Yunyang's best attack, it was still better than most of his attacks had been in the past.

The moment the blade was formed, Luo Yunyang could feel that, although there wasn't a lot of Origin Source Law within it, everything was perfectly fused together.

"Beginner 3,654,215, you've pa.s.sed the first-stage test of the Telekinesis Cultivation. Your reward is 3,000 points!" the mechanical voice said in Luo Yunyang's ears.

3,000 points were not much compared to the points Luo Yunyang had wasted during his attempts to control the Flaming Heavenly Shuttle.

He had spent a total of 50,000 points on the Flaming Heavenly Shuttle's first form alone.

Although Luo Yunyang found the consumption of points painful, he knew that it was a necessity.

One day later, Luo Yunyang landed a heavy punch on the metallic ball in the cultivation room and a red number appeared on the screen.

Pa.s.s! 3,000 points!

Three days later, Luo Yunyang entered the gravity room. Half an hour later, he had successfully pa.s.sed the 3,600 metallic stakes in a flash.

811,200 points!

This was the amount of points Luo Yunyang was left with after clearing the four first-level tests. At the rate that his points were used, he wouldn't have enough to pa.s.s the fourth level.

Just as Luo Yunyang was thinking about using his attribute regulator to earn more points and move on to cultivate the second level, the mechanical voice said, "Beginner 3,654,215, you have completed the first level and earned a chance to enter one of the following options: the Mysterious Underworld Platform, the Galaxy Temple, the G.o.dly Extermination Palace, or the Desolate Heavenly Path. Please make your decision now!"

The Mysterious Underworld Platform, the Galaxy Temple, the G.o.dly Extermination Palace, or the Desolate Heavenly Path?

What were all these? As Luo Yunyang got confused, information on these four options entered his mind.

The Mysterious Underworld Platform, the Galaxy Temple, the G.o.dly Extermination Palace and the Desolate Heavenly Path corresponded to Power Cultivation, Mind Cultivation, Const.i.tution Cultivation, and Movement Technique Cultivation respectively.

Each time a cultivator advanced a level, they would get a chance to pick one of these four options.

If cultivation was considered a waste of points, then picking any of these four options was like being given free points.

The four options were simply a series of tests that examined the cultivator's control on each of the corresponding aspects. The more stages one pa.s.sed successfully, the more points one would be rewarded with.

Luo Yunyang quickly understood the meaning when the contents of the four options flooded his mind. When he'd pa.s.sed the first level and had been rewarded 3,000 points, he had felt that there was a huge flaw in the rules of this cultivation zone.

After all, it wasn't easy to cultivate and pa.s.s each level. Even geniuses many times better than him would ultimately succ.u.mb and fail as their points were depleted.

Hence, he understood right away when the four options appeared.

"I choose the Mysterious Underworld Platform!" Luo Yunyang said decisively.

He had decided to attempt all the options, so it didn't matter which one was first.

As Luo Yunyang made his decision, he realized that his consciousness had strangely appeared on a high platform.

"Beginner 3,654,215, your mental and physical state have already been reflected in the Mysterious Underworld Platform. When you pa.s.s the first stage, you will be rewarded with 1,000 points."

1,000 points seemed kind of stingy!

As Luo Yunyang was thinking about that, there was a flash of light on the high platform. Suddenly, a strange-looking ma.s.sive body about 10 feet tall appeared. That strange being had four eyes, four arms and six legs.

The moment the strange-looking man appeared, a thought popped into Luo Yunyang's mind— This was the Mysterious Underworld Race!

Luo Yunyang did not know what the Mysterious Underworld Race was like exactly. There weren't many detailed records even in the b.l.o.o.d.y Ma.s.sacre Path's ma.s.sive collection of ancient pa.s.sages.

However, Luo Yunyang's heart filled with disgust when he saw the appearance of this member of the Mysterious Underworld Clan.

His disgust gave rise to an impulse to exterminate the Mysterious Underworld Race.

As he felt this strange desire, Luo Yunyang was enlightened. Even though he had never seen anyone from the Mysterious Underworld Race before, this feeling was caused by the hatred that existed in his blood!

There was hatred in his bloodline!

This hatred had existed for countless years, hidden deep within the blood vessels of the human race.

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Even the endless pa.s.sing of time would not be able to exterminate this hatred!

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