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430 The Fiery Sun Divine Origin

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"The Great Chaotic Hole Path is indeed the king of all battles!" the Pure Sun Ruler lamented as he watched the faint Luochuan on the screen.The Blood s.p.a.ce Ruler, who showed no signs of joy on his face, murmured, "Out of the paths derived from the nine Sky Books, this is the most dangerous one."

The Pure Sun Ruler didn't say anything. He merely patted the Blood s.p.a.ce Ruler on the shoulder.

After a brief silence, the Blood s.p.a.ce Ruler chuckled abruptly. "Life and death are determined by fate!"

"Indeed!" The Pure Sun Ruler laughed heartily. "The mischief of the younger generation should be concluded now. I'll have them guided back to the building reserved for honored guests so they can get some rest."

The Blood s.p.a.ce Ruler waved dismissively. "Wait, since they have already reached the Fiery Sun's 19 Levels, why don't we just let them try to proceed to the 10th level?"

"It doesn't matter whether they succeed or not. The b.l.o.o.d.y Ma.s.sacre Path will still compensate you for using the Fiery Sun Divine Origin."

There was some hesitation on the Pure Sun Ruler's face. Even though he was a high-ranking ruler, he couldn't make a decision about a great treasure like the Fiery Sun Divine Origin alone.

"If this cannot be done, I hope that I will be able to discuss it with your path master!" the Blood s.p.a.ce Ruler said unhurriedly.

"You… You are clearly putting me on the spot!" The Pure Sun Ruler chuckled. "Never mind. Since they have already reached the Fiery Sun's 19 Levels, let them just go for it!"

The Pure Sun Ruler looked at the Blood s.p.a.ce Ruler and said, "The five disciples you brought here have not practiced the principles of the pure Fire Origin Source Law. It would be considered a very good result if a couple of them were able to incorporate the Fiery Sun Divine Origin."

"What if I allowed them to comprehend the Sky Book of the Fiery Sun Path before trying to incorporate the Fiery Sun Divine Origin?" the Blood s.p.a.ce Ruler said sarcastically.

The Pure Sun Ruler smiled. "Alright, let's not talk about this. Let's just allow your disciples to enter the Fiery Sun's 19 Levels."

The Blood s.p.a.ce Ruler was not bothered that the Pure Sun Ruler had changed the topic. He used his own communication device to quickly send a message to Luo Yunyang and the others.

The content of the message was very simple. The Fiery Sun Divine Origin was the ultimate treasure of the fire element. The more one could fuse with it and incorporate it, the better their mastery over Fire Origin Source Law would be.

Although the fusion process was painful, if one persisted, it had to be adhered to!

Luo Yunyang knew nothing about the Fiery Sun Divine Origin. However, Yang Shang and the others were no strangers to it.

Yang Shang, who was normally very calm, started trembling when he read this message.

"Ha ha ha! This is what a true ruler does. We have gotten the opportunity to fuse the Fiery Sun Divine Origin. This is just great!"

"According to the legends, the Fiery Sun Divine Origin was the product of the substantialization of the Fire Origin Source Law. Although it is very difficult to incorporate, once the Fiery Sun Divine Origin is fused, it becomes much easier to comprehend Fire Origin Source Laws."

"It will also allow our const.i.tution to become more compatible with Fire Origin Source Laws."

Wen Jingxuan nodded. "I have read about this thing in books. Although it might be difficult for it to improve our skills, in the Fiery Sun Path, one drop is worth 10,000 star dollars."

"The more you fuse it, the more it matches the Fire Origin Source Laws. Some people even say that if you integrate nine drops of the Fiery Sun Divine Origin, you can obtain the heart of Fire Origin Source Laws!"

One drop cost 10,000 star dollars? That was really expensive. Luo Yunyang, who had been the mighty Ruling Envoy once, had only gotten 10,000 star dollars for it.

Wen Jingxuan and Yang Shang's words made Tie Wudi and the others realize that this was an extremely important opportunity for everyone.

It would be a pity if the incorporation of this Fiery Sun Divine Origin failed.

"The five of you, please come with me!" The guide stepped in front of Luo Yunyang and the others.

They all nodded and followed the guide towards the location of the Fiery Sun's 19 Levels.

"From here on, we will enter the tenth level of the Fiery Sun's 19 Levels directly. On the tenth level is the Fiery Sun Origin that you need. During the process of incorporating it, do only whatever you can. If you think that you cannot hold out, quit while you're ahead and give up right away!" the guide told Luo Yunyang and the others.

Luo Yunyang nodded. When the guide waved his arm, a beam of light flew down from the void.

Amid this beam of light, Luo Yunyang and the others felt like they had risen in the air. When they opened their eyes, they each found themselves in a separate quiet room.

The room, which was only one-square-foot big, was crimson-red. As he stood in this quiet room, Luo Yunyang gradually felt the heat go up.

That's right, the room was heating up!

Given Luo Yunyang's current cultivation base, ordinary heat and cold had no effect on him at all. If this place could make him feel hot, this definitely was no ordinary heat.

"It's a Divine Flame Stone!" There was a look of surprise in Luo Yunyang's eyes as he saw the large stone table in the center of the room.

Fist-sized Divine Flame Stones cost 10 star dollars, yet there was a big piece there.

However, compared to the Divine Flame Stone, what attracted Luo Yunyang the most was a drop of crimson liquid.

The liquid, which was in a teacup-like container, looked like a burning gem. The moment he saw the Divine Flame Stone, Luo Yunyang felt a vague sensation of seeing some Origin Source Laws…

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These Origin Source Laws were intertwined, making it difficult for him to understand.

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