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421 Breaking Mountains And Rivers

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"This is not an equal match!" Wen Jingxuan exclaimed. Although he was already plastered with quite a lot of medicine, he still seemed to be lacking in strength.After all, he had consumed too much of his energy a short while earlier.

Tie Wudi, who had a newly-regenerated set of hands and legs and was currently rejuvenating his strength in a crystal gla.s.s, lamented, "If Luo Yunyang was given 100 years, he might just be able to reach the highest standards of the Great Chaotic Hole Path. If that happened, we might just achieve victory."

"There is also a possibility that he might blow himself up before that happens!" Lu Bowen chimed in with a soft chuckle.

Of course, he was only joking. He didn't mean anything by that.

Since they didn't have any expectations for this battle, the disciples from the b.l.o.o.d.y Ma.s.sacre Path were rather relaxed.

The humiliation they felt didn't go away, but the fact that they expected nothing naturally helped them calm down.

"Go ahead and make the first move!" Ke Linqi said faintly. "However, if you cannot handle this anymore, you can ask me to stop!"

Ke Linqi seemed to have great poise at this point in time. However, this was only because he felt certain of his victory.

Luo Yunyang was disgusted by Ke Linqi's att.i.tude. It seemed as though Ke Linqi disregarded him completely as a compet.i.tor.

"Thanks, the same goes for you. If you cannot handle this, you may also ask me to stop!" Luo Yunyang said. Deep inside, he felt a little annoyed. However, he remained calm and composed on the outside.

Ke Linqi stared blankly at Luo Yunyang for a moment before breaking into a faint smile. This lad was too young and immature to be saying this. Did he actually think that he would win the battle by saying a few bold words?

He found it funny that Luo Yunyang was talking big at such a crucial juncture. However, as he took note of Luo Yunyang, he sensed some sort of threat about him.

It was an instinctive threat!

This threatening sensation made Ke Linqi stay vigilant. He suddenly realized that the young man standing before him didn't seem as weak as he had imagined.

When Luo Yunyang spoke, a blade appeared in his hand. The blade, which was blood-red, had the curvature of a crescent moon.

It was a blade familiar to every single disciple of the b.l.o.o.d.y Ma.s.sacre Path. One could purchase a blade like that at only a cost of five star dollars.

"Since you are unresigned, I will just have to teach you a lesson!" Ke Linqi said as he drew a long golden blade. The blade, which was about seven feet long, had lots of adornments and slightly resembled a pike.

"The Golden Sun Blade is a treasured weapon of choice for the Great Unrivaled Sun Path that is separated into 1,000 layered waves, or an ocean that forms a world…"

The Pure Sun Ruler's face broke into a faint smile. Ke Linqi had definitely not disappointed him.

When Ke Linqi had first entered the arena, he had been worried that he would be too arrogant to allow the b.l.o.o.d.y Ma.s.sacre Path to save any face.

What they wanted was to browse through the Sky Book, not let their disciples engage in a life-and-death battle against the disciples of the b.l.o.o.d.y Ma.s.sacre Path. Furthermore, at that point in time, victory was already theirs.

Although there was still one last battle, from the Ruler's point of view, victory was in the bag.

He had already instructed Ke Linqi to be courteous during the battle. However, he never would have expected that this young lad would use the Golden Sun Blade.

That… That would be giving them too much face!

When he glanced in the direction of the Blood Sky Ruler, he saw that he was smiling in a similar fashion. Obviously, the Blood Sky Ruler knew the capabilities of the Golden Sun Blade, as well as its significance.

"Senior Brother Ke Linqi is really going overboard!" Luochuan said unhappily. "The boss has already instructed us to be polite to our compet.i.tors. Doing this would totally cause us to lose their respect!"

Zuoshu kind of disliked Luochuan. Since the battle outcome wasn't decided yet, it was useless to speak so much about it. In this case, there was no need to jump to conclusions.

However, he didn't express any of his thoughts openly. Instead, he just said, "Things are not as simple as they seem!"

"Our boss might have just met a worthy opponent."

"Ha ha ha! Are you kidding me, Zuoshu? How is that even possible? I have done a background check on that lad, and it turns out that he's just a brat who entered the Blood Spirit Sky recently."

"Even if Yang Shang was the opponent standing before us, he still would be no match for our boss!" Luochuan added disdainfully.

Zuoshu believed that it was pointless to keep reasoning with Luochuan. That chap was beyond redemption. Who was he to determine the outcome of a battle that hadn't even started yet? Furthermore, judging by his courage to step forward and fight, Luo Yunyang definitely was no simple opponent.

Fools often spoke faster than they could think. Hence, Zuoshu did not react much to anything Luochuan said.

Luochuan could tell by Zuoshu's reaction that the man disliked him. He secretly hated Zuoshu's chilly att.i.tude towards him, but dared not have a fight with Zuoshu.

"Take this!" Ke Linqi said with a wave of his blade. The large, mighty Golden Sun Blade exuded 1,000 golden rays that shot in Luo Yunyang's direction!

This was a mystic art of the Great Unrivaled Sun Path that could only be unleashed by the Golden Sun Blade. This mystic art was called 1,000 Layered Waves.

The 1,000 Layered Waves was an encompa.s.sing move. Each layered wave got increasingly powerful. Thus, most opponents who fought against Ke Linqi knew that the moment this move was used, victory was more or less guaranteed.

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Furthermore, when caught by 1,000 Layered Waves, struggling to get out was no easy task.

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