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419 Burning Blood

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"The second match will be Wen Jingxuan versus Yun Tianbei!" The deep voice sounded once again from the Blood Battle Platform.The atmosphere was drabber compared to Lu Bowen's battle. Luochuan smirked as he returned to his seat. He was about to sprout some cynical remarks when he was stopped by Ke Linqi's glare.

Luochuan feared Ke Linqi greatly. Therefore, he swallowed the words on the tip of his tongue when he saw Ke Linqi's death stare.

Wen Jingxuan, who was wearing blood-colored robes, looked quiet and easy-going. Yun Tianbei, who seemed at ease in his golden garment, appeared to shine brighter than most.

The two of them stood on the high platform, facing each other and giving off a picturesque vibe.

Neither of them said anything, yet when the two men landed, they immediately locked gazes with each other.

They did not move or take out their weapons. However, the risks involved as they just stood there were frightening.

The Blood s.p.a.ce Ruler and the Pure Sun Ruler did not speak. Although this level of compet.i.tion was like child's play to them, the intense atmosphere of this tense match excited both rulers as they waited with eager antic.i.p.ation.

Luo Yunyang also looked forward to this!

He knew that the moment Wenjing Xuan or Yun Tianbei made a move, it would definitely be an earthshaking blow.

This strike would determine the winner and the loser of the match.

It was uncommon for Star-Grade martialists to compete in terms of raw power or control over Origin Source Laws.

This sort of battle might seem shocking and thrilling, but comparing people of the same level would actually only look aesthetically pleasing.

What they were competing over was their control and use of their cultivation paths. This kind of compet.i.tion would usually end with a single blow.

Time ticked slowly, yet n.o.body, not the two compet.i.tors or the spectators, showed any sign of annoyance.

In fact, no one even showed any form of impatience.

Lu Bowen coughed softy before quickly covering his mouth.

What he needed right now was to find a place to rest. However, he refused and firmly insisted on watching from the stands.

Time continued to pa.s.s slowly. From his position, Luo Yunyang was able to clearly see that beads of sweat had started to form on Wen Jingxuan's brow.

However, Wen Jingxuan was still as unmoving as a rock.

Although Yun Tianbei hadn't started to perspire yet, he had also started to look anxious.

"Kill!" Yun Tianbei spat out before his hands moved, conjuring countless flaming spots that looked like stars in the sky and bored towards Wen Jingxuan.

Every flaming spot was very small. However, as they fused together, they appeared like an entire constellation of stars.

Luo Yunyang didn't dare look down on these flaming spots, as every single one of them possessed an unimaginable amount of power.

These spots were spinning rapidly like a spiraling galaxy in the universe that was solely under Yun Tianbei's control.

They were everywhere! There was no place to hide or evade them!

Wen Jingxuan did not move. He seemed stunned as he stood in place, oblivious to the blazing ball of fire heading towards him.

Some blood disciples watching the match felt as if they were on the battlefield themselves. They couldn't help but cry out in alarm as they watched Wen Jingxuan remain motionless.

These exclamations didn't seem to affect Wen Jingxuan or Yun Tianbei as the flaming spots hovered in the void like stars in the sky.

The atmosphere seemed to stand still at the moment.

However, when the first speck of flaming star nicked Wen Jingxuan's clothes, he suddenly moved!

The sword in his hands went straight for the concentration of flaming stars.

"Great move!" The first person to say something wasn't from the b.l.o.o.d.y Ma.s.sacre Path. It was Ke Linqi from the Fiery Sun Path.

The golden-robed Ke Linqi was shining like a blazing sun in approval. There was no sarcasm in his words whatsoever.

Wen Jingxuan stabbed his long sword right into the flaming star. The star wasn't too big, yet when it came into contact with Wenjing Xuan's long sword, a large amount of energy erupted from it.

The flaming star cracked a little during this collision with the long sword. As little cracks appeared on it, the flaming star that was about to consume Wen Junxuan seemed to stop in its track as it hovered in mid-air.

Suddenly, everyone understood that Wen Jingxuan's sword had tackled the heart of the problem.

His sword had already located the nucleus of Yun Tianbei's flaming star. Once the star was broken, he would win the fight!

Countless fists clenched tightly for a moment.

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Luo Yunyang's fists were also clenched. He didn't know what would happen next. Right now, he only felt his heart beat faster as he awaited eagerly the upcoming victory.

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