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415 The Fiery Sun Signals The Start Of The Battle For The Sky Book

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The Fiery Sun Path Disciples could get to comprehend the Sky Book's fifth volume? This query arose in Luo Yunyang's heart when he heard what the golden-robed man said.Badebu wasn't by his side, so there wasn't anyone there to explain this to Luo Yunyang.

However, as Luo Yunyang was puzzled, the Blood s.p.a.ce Ruler suddenly grinned. "Brother Pure Sun, are you sure you want to have this bet?"

"Sure I do!" the golden-robed old man replied.

Suddenly, a voice said in Luo Yunyang's ears, "Yunyang, although each path possesses one of the Sky Book's nine volumes, the founders of the various paths have set down a rule. The young disciples of each path, especially those who are at the Star-Grade Realm, can refer to the Sky Book that each path holds."

"However, this access to the Sky Book comes with certain conditions. The person in question has to be an outstanding, talented genius that all the other talented individuals," said a tall, large man. Luo Yunyang had viewed the information on the top 15, so he knew that this person was Blood Disciple Wuka, who ranked 10th!

"The various paths slowly came up with a rule. If any path feels that their youngest generation is capable of demonstrating overwhelming superiority, they can request to consult the Sky Books of the other eight paths."

Wuka hesitated before adding, "Usually, the path that issues this request has to put forth five elite disciples that will partic.i.p.ate in a match with the five disciples put forward by the other paths."

Luo Yunyang had never imagined that there would actually be such a thing. It looked like the Fiery Sun Path was very confident about getting the opportunity to refer to the other volumes of the Sky Book.

"Best out of five?" Luo Yunyang asked Wuka quietly.

"No, it's four victories out of five!" Wuka said. "If the challenging team only obtains three victories, it is still considered a loss!"

"If the challenging team loses, it will have to allow the disciples that were challenged to comprehend the Sky Book they possess for an entire month!"

Four victories out of five? This sort of challenge was really difficult. Plus, the cost of losing was also tremendous.

The challenger's intention was to be able to peruse the Sky Book their opponent controlled. However, the moment they lost, their opponents would get to study the Sky Book in their hands for a month.

"Have there been a lot of challenges like this in the past?" Luo Yunyang glanced at Wuka as he spoke in a low voice.

Wuka, who seemed a little listless, eventually said hoa.r.s.ely, "In the past, it was really rare. It happened maybe once in 10,000 years. However, we encounter this quite a lot nowadays."

Quite a lot? Luo Yunyang found these words a little peculiar.

However, when he studied Wuka's expression, he immediately understood. Being challenged a lot meant that the new generation of b.l.o.o.d.y Ma.s.sacre Path was getting weaker.

Meanwhile, the successful challenges of the other paths also increased.

Suddenly, Luo Yunyang noticed a faint flicker of rage on the Blood s.p.a.ce Ruler's face. "Alright, let me choose the partic.i.p.ants for this match."

"Yun Dongyang, Yun Dongyang, Tie Wudi, Wen Jingxuan, Lu Bowen!"

The people whose names had been called by the Blood s.p.a.ce Ruler all stood up slowly, cupped their hands and bowed in the Blood s.p.a.ce Ruler's direction.

Luo Yunyang felt slightly disappointed deep down when he didn't hear his name get called out.

Deep down he was really p.i.s.sed at that Luochuan fellow. He just wanted to fight with him in a match.

Luo Yunyang, who had already sensed his own strength during the match with the Eldest Senior Brother, was rather confident in himself.

However, the Blood s.p.a.ce Ruler hadn't picked him!

Although he felt regretful inside, Luo Yunyang couldn't say that the Blood s.p.a.ce Ruler's choice was wrong.

After all, he hadn't yet shown his true ability during the Grand Showdown.

"He he… Your name is Luo Yunyang, right? I thought you would be impressive. I didn't expect that you wouldn't even make the top five. How disgraceful!" Luochuan stared provocatively at Luo Yunyang with a look of disdain.

As Luo Yunyang studied Luochuan, his mind went to work. A moment later, he chuckled. "Based on the way you look, you probably rank fifth among the Fiery Sun Path elites."

Luochuan snorted haughtily but didn't say anything else.

Luo Yunyang gave laughed casually. "I was wondering something. How old are you?"

Luochuan stared at the snickering Luo Yunyang as he said haughtily, "I might not be that young. I'm already past 100 years old."

Judging by the geniuses that existed in the entire galaxy, being able to reach Luochuan's level at his age was not too bad.

His cultivation base was also decent. Some whose cultivation bases would start out at the Planet-Grade would find it difficult to cross over.

Achieving this by Luochuan's age was indeed impressive. Besides, this was something that Luochuan was immensely proud of.

"What? 100? That won't do. A soft-sh.e.l.led turtle at 10 is still a turtle at 100. You have lived for a century, so you could already be considered a turtle. However, your robust physique could make a 30-year-old young fellow like me blush with shame!"

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As Luo Yunyang spoke with a deadpan expression, Luochuan's face turned red. When he saw Luo Yunyang's innocent-looking face, Luochuan really felt like giving this fellow a beating.

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