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387 The Seven Divine Realms Of A Star

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Luo Yunyang was sitting in a lotus position amidst the roiling lightning fires. Right now, he wasn't the least bit bothered by what was going on around him.Ηe was following the cultivation techniques that had entered his head and incorporating the Fundamental Planetary Source into his body.

In the vast cosmos, one truly entered the threshold of an export only by reaching the Star-Grade. Only martialists who reached the Star-Grade were regarded with respect.

Progressing from the Planet-Grade to the Star-Grade was extremely difficult, as there was not a mere gulf between these two realms, but a qualitative leap.

This was indeed a qualitative leap. Hence, it was an extremely huge leap.

Even if one's cultivation base was at the Planet-Grade, one would still have to absorb power from the sky and earth before using any powers. However, the moment the Star-Grade was reached, whatever power was unleashed was their own.

This meant that a Star-Grade martialist could still survive, even if they were at a dark part of the universe where no stars were shining. The martialist could still cultivate without any restrictions.

These benefits couldn't be made clear orally right away.

Ever since he had received the Jade Ridge Star Lord's imparted knowledge, Luo Yunyang had learned about breaking through to the Star-Grade and started to conduct relative research.

Reaching the Star-Grade Realm required a cultivation base, as well as integrating powerful treasures. This way, the source star created would be even more powerful.

According to the Jade Ridge Star Lord's memories, the best material was naturally the origin source power of certain powerful Sky Divine Beasts.

For example, extracting the origin source power of mature True Dragons and Divine Phoenixes and a.s.similating it within one's planet star core would allow a Planet-Grade martialist to experience a ma.s.sive change.

However, mature True Dragons, Divine Phoenixes and other divine beasts were really powerful. Given Luo Yunyang's current cultivation base, this was impossible. Even the Jade Ridge Star Lord hadn't considered this.

Another alternative were some precious treasures, such as ancient metals, everlasting flames, and precious divine waters that had existed for eternity…

There were all sorts of treasured items. As Luo Yunyang slowly went down the list, he discovered various ordinary treasures that could be refined into a Star Entering Pill by a refining master.

However, the Star Entering Pill was basic and extremely weak. Creating a galaxy within the body was very difficult, as it required a star as a base. If the foundation of the Star-Grade Realm wasn't firm and solid enough, then breaking through to the NebulGrade would be basically impossible.

In the boundless universe, the Star-Grade Realm could basically be divided into nine levels and three ranks.

Levels one, two and three, which const.i.tuted the first rank, would illuminate 90,000 miles. Basically half of the people who achieved this could become NebulGrade ent.i.ties.

Levels four, five and six, which const.i.tuted the second rank, would create a Star-Grade Realm that could illuminate 30,000 miles.

Although this was a big difference compared to the first rank, it wasn't impossible to reach the NebulGrade this way.

Unfortunately, the second rank of the Star-Grade only had a 10 percent chance of reaching the NebulGrade.

Furthermore, ent.i.ties that reached the NebulGrade by force could not progress any further or turn their power into a galaxy.

Levels seven, eight and nine, which const.i.tuted the third rank, were also considered Star-Grade martialists. However, their possibility of reaching the NebulGrade was practically zero.

Furthermore, the power that these Star-Grade ent.i.ties possessed was a very long way from levels one, two and three.

Even the Jade Ridge Star Lord had never heard of using a Fundamental Planetary Source to ascend to the Star-Grade Realm, so how could Luo Yunyang have known?

According to the Jade Ridge Star Lord, being able to use Dragon souls, Phoenix blood and other divine beast essences to ascend to the Star-Grade was already outstanding enough. Anything else was unheard of.

Luo Yunyang believed that using this cultivation technique and a.s.similating the Fundamental Planetary Source into his body step by step would be extremely painful, even though the fire-system planet within his body had already reached level nine, which meant everything must have gone smoothly.

However, the power contained within the Fundamental Planetary Source was too majestic. As the Fundamental Planetary Source was a.s.similated by his body, Luo Yunyang felt as though he had swallowed a ma.s.sive sun.

In the process of swallowing this boundless sun, Luo Yunyang felt like his own soul was crumbling. Meanwhile, the sky lightning and earthly fires kept entering his body and flowing into the fire-system planet within it.

Actually, they were heading straight to the planet, which was evolving into a star!

"Persevere! The longer you endure this, the more effective the absorption of the Fundamental Planetary Source will be!" a serene voice said next to Luo Yunyang's ear.

Absorbing the whole Fundamental Planetary Source was a ma.s.sive opportunity for most people. However, taking advantage of this opportunity also depended on how compatible a person was with the Fundamental Planetary Source.

The higher their compatibility, the greater their success.

Luo Yunyang didn't utter a word when he heard this voice. Instead, he quickly adjusted his Mind Attribute.

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The only thing on his mind right now was to endure. He had entered the Blood Battle helplessly and thoroughly reached the realization that the most important thing in the world was power.

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