Supreme Uprising

Jewelcat - 宝石猫

375 In The Space Of 30 Finger Snaps

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Crown Prince Nanshan had never once thought that he would be on the main planet of the Blue Rain Empire. However, an attempt was currently in full force. That demi-human that he'd looked down on was heading straight at him!

Although he had yet to reach the Star-Grade level, Crown Prince Nanshan had always been very proud of his cultivation. Even if this person was an array formation genius or otherwise extraordinary in certain aspects, could he really him while he was surrounded by a group of subordinates?

Plus, Crown Prince Nanshan was no weakling himself either!

As these thoughts flashed through Crown Prince Nanshan's mind, a Planet 9-Grade subordinate swung his sword right at Luo Yunyang.

The speed of the sword was very fast, and a tremendous force followed the cleaving movement.

In order to become a subordinate of Crown Prince Nanshan, one had to be the best among the elites of the Blue Rain Empire. Although they wouldn't definitely be able to enter the Star-Grade, they were still miles ahead in terms of strength compared to the average Planet-Grade martialist.

The cleaving motion fell like a blazing sun devouring the earth!

Luo Yunyang knew very well that if this had been a normal, usual battle, his best choice of action would have been to avoid this type of monstrous blow. However, under the circ.u.mstances, he would not allow himself to retreat.

He had to Crown Prince Nanshan in the duration of 30 finger snaps.

After these 30 finger snaps, the Star-Grade powerhouses guarding the Imperial Capital would appear and make it impossible to hurt Crown Prince Nanshan.

This wasn't just limited to the Blue Rain Empire. Even in that wide expanse of s.p.a.ce, the gap between the Star-Grade and Planet-Grade level was as wide as the biggest river that existed.

Therefore, besides choosing not to hide, Luo Yunyang also adjusted his attributes to their limits.

Most of his Mind and True Intent points were converted to Power and Fire. In an instant, the Yang energy filled the Raging Sun Heavenly Finger he had gained from the Jade Ridge Star Lord and unleashed it.

With just a faint pointing motion of his finger, heaven and earth seemed to be set ablaze.

Compared to the sun, his finger might have seemed a little insignificant. The subordinate who swung the sword even had a hint of disdain in his eyes.

Although he was just a subordinate of Crown Prince Nanshan, he had also been crowned the proud son of his family with the highest chance of attaining the Star-Grade. If this person wanted to kill Crown Prince Nanshan, he would have to…

Just as his mind was filled with the notion of accomplishing something, he felt a formidable force rush right up to him.

This immense force didn't even give him enough time to escape. His forehead was directly penetrated by it.

In a split second, his body crashed to the ground.

Describing what had happened exactly would take a while. Everything, from Luo Yunyang's execution to the point when the body fell to the ground, had happened in a flash. The rest of the subordinates turned pale with fright.

Although they had followed Crown Prince Nanshan and didn't have a definitive ranking, deep down they were aware of their individual strength.

The subordinate who had struck with the sword ranked among the top three of this group of subordinates, yet he had perished without even withstanding a blow. This made the rest of them understand how frightening Luo Yunyang's strike was.

Although they wanted to live a life of wealth and honor, they didn't want to exchange their lives for it.

Crown Prince Nanshan's expression turned ugly. He had never expected that Luo Yunyang's cultivation base would be that powerful.

With just one move, he had killed one of his Planet 9-Grade bodyguards. That dazzling, blazing finger made Crown Prince Nanshan feel afraid.

Despite the fact that he was much stronger than his subordinate, he was still unsure of whether he could take a strike from that finger.

So what if he could withstand such a strike, though? He was Crown Prince Nanshan, the high and mighty Crown Prince. How could he lower himself to the level of a person who was about to be sent to his death?

As these thoughts filled his mind, he brought up his palms. Scarlet fist marks formed immediately and blasted towards Luo Yunyang. Meanwhile, he shouted, "This is the Imperial Capital! The guards on patrol will come! Anyone who captures him will be rewarded with 50 planets!"

Instigated by Crown Prince Nanshan, the subordinates who had been retreating came to a halt. They were initially reluctant, as they had witnessed their comrade perish in an instant. However, upon hearing what Crown Prince Nanshan had said, their reluctance vanished right away.

After weighing the reward for Luo Yunyang's capture and the consequences of retreating, while also considering that a dozen of them had left and more reinforcements were arriving, they sprung into action and almost simultaneously swarmed Luo Yunyang.

Crown Prince Nanshan's fist was full of might and power. It was at least a few levels stronger than the sword strike of his dead subordinate.

Unfortunately, even though his offensive stance was strong, Luo Yunyang's Raging Sun Heavenly Finger was much more brutal. Just as these people were ready to surround him, Luo Yunyang suddenly transferred his Power Attribute Points to his Mind Attribute.

Dozens of lotus seals flew forth from his mind and grew in size, smashing the subordinates who had been trying to stop Luo Yunyang.

"Arghh!" A subordinate's mind power cultivation was lacking, so when the lotus seal came into contact with it, his mind crumbled and he turned to jelly and fell to the ground.

Meanwhile, the other subordinates found themselves stuck on the same spot, unable to even take a step.

10 finger snaps had pa.s.sed. Crown Prince Nanshan, who had been watching Luo Yunyang rush towards him like a demon, suddenly turned and ran.

Yes, he was trying to escape!

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If someone had said that Crown Prince Nanshan would try to flee from an of the same level, Crown Prince Nanshan wouldn't have believed it himself.

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