Supreme Uprising

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359 The Supreme One

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A group of people were rapidly making their way up the Great Snow Mountain.Right at the front of this party was Lu Qubing, and following closely behind him were the highest-level big shots of the entire Da Alliance.

Just the appearance of one of these people was enough to shock many regions.

However, all of them were silent right now. Even the way they moved showed their effort to create as little disturbance as possible.

After a short while, a figure appeared at the top of the mountain and walked towards them. It was Master Xin Yuan, who had already returned to the Great Snow Mountain to take charge of matters there. He bowed respectfully in Lu Qubing's way before he said, "Greetings, Chairman."

"There is no need for formalities, Master Xin Yuan." Lu Qubing waved his hands dismissively. "You've been an old friend for many years, so you can just call me Qubing or Old Lu. It's more pleasant to hear."

Master Xin Yuan smiled, but didn't decline. "Have you come here today for the Supreme One, Qubing?"

"Yes, I have some issues, so I wish to see Mr. Luo." Lu Qubing's voice had a slight trace of apprehension. "I wonder if he has the time to meet me now?"

Master Xin Yuan pointed at a mountain peak in the distance and said, "The Supreme One is still in seclusion."

Lu Qubing hesitated a bit. "It… It has already been six months. How come he's still in seclusion?"

"You must know that, for people with the Supreme One's cultivation base, 10 years, let alone six months, last as long as the snap of one's fingers."

Then, Master Xin Yuan said with admiration, "The Supreme One hasn't shown any intention of coming out of his seclusion yet. However, whether our master chooses to meet you or not is not in my hands. I can only suggest that you do not disturb the Supreme One's cultivation."

Lu Qubing hesitated for a bit before ultimately nodding."I apologize, but I shall be troubling the masters of the Great Snow Mountain for a few days."

Although Master Xin Yuan didn't like that Lu Qubing had come over to disturb them, Lu Qubing was no ordinary man. Thus, Xin Yuan couldn't decline. He could only invite Lu Qubing and the others to have some tea and chat inside the hall.

Lu Qubing and Master Xin Yuan talked about the changes of the entire Da Alliance. Regardless of the changes the Da Alliance experienced, the Great Snow Mountain's status would never be affected.

After all, as long as Luo Yunyang was guarding it, n.o.body would be able to shake the Great Snow Mountain.

"Is the master's family doing well?" Xin Yuan asked Lu Qubing as he held a cup of piping hot tea.

Lu Qubing forced a smile. "Very well. The little girl has already angered three teachers into quitting. I reckon that the new one I found won't last long either."

Lu Qubing shook his head before he added, "Ever since she entered the ranks of martialists, the little girl has been progressing at lightning speed!"

Master Xin Yuan snickered inwardly. This was the master's younger sister they were talking about. She would become a martial master in no time.

As he was about to say something, his expression became slightly solemn.

"Invite your entourage to the side hall, Qubing."

Master Xin Yuan's words made a few bodyguards near Lu Qubing freeze up. Some of them even placed their hands on the weapons they carried with them.

If Lu Qubing ordered them, they would immediately attack Master Xin Yuan. However, Master Xin Yuan didn't take this to heart. His expression was as calm as ever.

Naturally, Lu Qubing didn't believe that Master Xin Yuan would hurt him. Thus, he waved his hands dismissively. "The Flame Emperor and the Eagle King should stay. The rest of you just follow Master Xin Yuan's instructions and leave for the time being."

"But your safety…" a loyal bodyguard said.

"Do you still not trust Master Xin Yuan? Don't make me repeat myself." Lu Qubing waved his hands once again as he spoke in an unquestionable tone.

His subordinates hesitated a little. However, when they saw Lu Qubing's staunch expression, they ultimately went into the side hall.

"Perhaps you could now reveal what you wanted to say, Master Xin Yuan?" Lu Qubing asked after his subordinates left.

However, Master Xin Yuan didn't say anything. Instead, he stood up from his seat and bowed respectfully. "Greetings, Supreme One."

Lu Qubing froze. He knew that only one person was called the Supreme One on the Great Snow Mountain and the entire Da Alliance.

Many people actually believed that this man could no longer be considered a person. He was more like a G.o.d that walked among humans!

Luo Yunyang was there?

As Lu Qubing wondered about this silently, a figure appeared before him. No, a few small specks actually appeared from the void and slowly converged to form a figure.

The figure's green clothes seemed very natural, yet in Lu Qubing's eyes, this person appeared hazy.

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If Lu Qubing were to describe Luo Yunyang right now, he would say that he looked like a floating supernatural ent.i.ty that had appeared out of nowhere.

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