Supreme Uprising

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Chapter 340

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Chapter 340

Based on the conversations between Yunxi and the others, Luo Yunyang determined the status of Crown Prince Nanshan and everyone else . They were all descendants of n.o.ble families from the Blue Rain Empire that seemed even stronger than Yunxi .

Although the 10 great Heaven-Grade source beasts didn't speak, their expressions showed that they were already aware that the person they were following seemed to be the weakest .

However, they had no other choice right now .

"A NebulGrade powerhouse was buried there!" Crown Prince Nanshan's hands were clasped behind his back as he paced leisurely . "I never imagined that a NebulGrade powerhouse would actually be hidden away in such a trashy place . If it wasn't for the signs of the stars and the old ancestor's extrapolations, no one would have guessed!"

Yunxi didn't really pay much heed to Crown Prince Nanshan's histrionics . The others didn't really speak to Yunxi, so time pa.s.sed quickly in silence .

"Yes, the time has arrived!" When the sun had risen high up, a jade tablet appeared in the hands of Crown Prince Nanshan . "The empire has bestowed this destiny upon us . We mustn't fail to live up to its expectations . Ha ha!"

The lady in the red dress, Yunxi, and the three other young men also produced a jade tablet each .

When the six jade tablets were gathered, Crown Prince Nanshan said, "Little cousin Yunxi, my past proposal still holds . If you give your jade tablet to me, I can give you a star nine-grade weapon . "

"He he… The crown prince is still rather affectionate to Little Sister Yunxi . If you had treated me this way earlier, perhaps I would have already become your imperial concubine . "

The lady in red looked captivating .

Meanwhile, Crown Prince Nanshan appeared slightly bewitched . His hands were shaking like a rattle-drum as he said, "Please don't scare me, Miss Qingyun . Ha ha ha… I can't afford to offend you . "

"You have a devious heart, but no guts . How can you still be considered a man?" Qingyun flashed a smile that seemed to nibble at one's soul .

Crown Prince Nanshan and the others were slightly better off, but their followers could not resist her charm . They had all fallen head over heels with her . Some of them even stood rooted to the spot with their mouths wide open .

Even the 10 great Heaven-Grade source beasts had started to stare at her blankly .

Luo Yunyang felt a wave of power rush straight into his soul . His mind power immediately congealed and took shape .

This was an extreme mind attack . The instant Luo Yunyang made a decision and quickly raised his Mind Attribute to over 500 points by using the attribute regulator, Qingyun's charm vanished completely .

Although she was a beauty that could cause the downfall of a country, in Luo Yunyang's eyes, she was slightly more good-looking than average .

Qingyun had always had great confidence in her charm . When she'd flashed that smile, she had actually used a technique she had spent many years cultivating .

She had done this to discover who was stronger among Crown Prince Nanshan and the other four individuals .

Li Qingyun was rather satisfied with the results of her experiment . Even though Crown Prince Nanshan and the others had sobered themselves up rather quickly, that momentarily blank stare had sufficiently proven her strength .

As for the others…

A faint mocking smile appeared on Li Qingyun's face when she saw their followers staring blankly at her . How could these people even hope to beat her?

Just as Li Qingyun was feeling some delight, she suddenly saw a calm, smiling face that wasn't in a daze . Li Qingyun felt astonished when she saw that tranquil face .

It was the demi-human!

This fellow actually hadn't felt anything about her despite her charm . He was standing there as cool as a cuc.u.mber, as if he hadn't been affected at all .

Could he really be able to withstand her technique? That couldn't be right . Even a powerful ent.i.ty like Crown Prince Nanshan had been affected by her charm . How could this young man turn a blind eye to it?

At this point, there was only one explanation: The demi-human's sensory organs had degenerated .

Yunxi, who was the least affected by this, felt some disdain for Crown Prince Nanshan and everyone else's performance .

There was a vague sense of disappointment in her heart .

However, she had also noticed Luo Yunyang's performance . As she was admiring it, she started to wonder the same thing Li Qingyun was .

Could the demi-human's senses really be…

Unfortunately, when she saw the expression of the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow, she felt slightly dejected . She wondered whether her decision had been the right one .

"The scarlet sun rises into the sky for only three short intervals . According to the words of the old ancestors, if we miss it, it will occur again in 300 years!" said a young man with a sincere expression . He held out a jade tablet as he added, "Everyone should hurry up . "

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Even Crown Prince Nanshan did not object . Li Qingyun flashed a smile, as if she was endorsing the man's words .

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