Supreme Uprising

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Chapter 325

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Chapter 325

When the pike descended, a faint look of worry appeared in Martial G.o.d Luo Kai's eyes .

Right now, he really wanted to pierce Luo Yunyang with the pike and end this battle, even though his intuition told him that it was only a matter of time .

No, it would just take him a few moments!

However, the impatience in his heart caused the Martial G.o.d to feel slightly uncomfortable . His heart told him that something was amiss .

This worry meant that he was now afraid of Luo Yunyang .

How could he actually be afraid of him?

The corner of Luo Kai's lips curled up in a mocking, sardonic smile .

Everything was coming to an end!

When the pike collided with Luo Yunyang's fist, Luo Kai felt like Luo Yunyang was too close to him for comfort .

The pike penetrated Luo Yunyang's body . After this battle, he would use Luo Yunyang's blood to improve his reputation and establish himself as an unparalleled ent.i.ty in the whole world .

However, as these thoughts flowed into the Martial G.o.d's mind, Luo Kai felt a great power bombarding him . This ferocious force felt like torrential rivers and waves pounding away at him .

His body backed off frantically against this ma.s.sive power . No, his body actually flew back violently .

Then, he fell heavily on the ground . The half-body created by converging the force of the earth was instantly broken .

Even his remaining good arm fell noiselessly to the ground . The vast earth might have been able to give him seemingly infinite strength, but the Martial G.o.d's heart was trembling . He suddenly felt a deep fear .

Luo Yunyang was too powerful!

The Martial G.o.d felt like the strength of this force exceeded the power he had harnessed from the stars .

How was this possible?

According to his estimation, he did not think that there was any power within these stars that could rival his . However, this clash with Luo Yunyang had severely shattered the power he had been so proud of .

How could this be? How could there be a stronger power than his in these stars?

Unless… Unless Luo Yunyang's power surpa.s.sed Planet-Grade Power .

Perhaps this fellow could act very well . He hadn't shown anything on the surface, but like the Martial G.o.d himself, he had acquired Planet-Grade Power .

Just as all these thoughts flashed through the Martial G.o.d's mind, Luo Yunyang arrived eerily before him . The Martial G.o.d's heart trembled when he saw Luo Yunyang's faint smile .

He wanted to resist, but his body couldn't take another attack . Still, he absolutely wouldn't wait there for his death!

"Luo Yunyang, this time…"

As the Martial G.o.d was about to speak, Luo Yunyang's fist struck him hard .

His fist contained ice and fire powers, so the instant it hit the Martial G.o.d, the Martial G.o.d's body shattered .

A yellowish light rushed out of his body and moved towards the earth .

This was the Martial G.o.d's will . As long as the Martial G.o.d could rush into the earth, he would still have a chance of surviving .

He had cultivated the Heart of the Earth after all . Even though his body was broken, he could use the inexhaustible power of the Earth to re-shape it .

Anything else would have to wait till later!

However, Luo Yunyang couldn't let the Martial G.o.d escape at this critical moment . The moment this mind power rushed out, his own mind power encircled it .

The Martial G.o.d had refined the Heart of the Earth, so his mind power wasn't that much inferior to Luo Yunyang's . As the two were stuck in a deadlock, Luo Yunyang's fists pounded down on the yellow glow .

"I am the son of the earth, Luo Yunyang . You can't kill me . If you kill me, the whole earth will crumble…"

Although the Martial G.o.d's soul was in danger, there was still a trace of calmness in his voice .

He acted as if everything was under his control!

Luo Yunyang had never heard that the earth would crumble if the Heart of the Earth was shattered . Even if what the Martial G.o.d said was true, it still didn't stop Luo Yunyang's hands .

Another heavy blow followed!

As this strike descended, the yellow glow of the Martial G.o.d broke and turned into a yellow mist .

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The moment the Martial G.o.d's yellow glow was shattered, Luo Yunyang's mind power condensed into a sun and flames that enveloped the yellow glow .

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