Supreme Uprising

Jewelcat - 宝石猫

Chapter 32: The Howling-Ape Roaring-Dragon Technique

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Different people would give different answers when asked how much 5 kilos of meat were worth. However, all these answers would probably fall within a set range.

Luo Yunyang was somewhat flabbergasted as he stared at the plate of meat in front of him.

It was Steel-Scaled Python Meat that cost 3,000 points per 0.5 kilos, but thanks to his Newcomer King privileges, he had only spent 9,000 points for 5 kilos!

"Is this 5 kilos of Steel-Scaled Python Meat?" Luo Yunyang asked, pointing at the walnut-sized piece of meat on the plate.

The waitress working at the Clean Elegant Food House seemed young and sweet. She blinked her lively eyes, which looked as if they could speak. "That's right. This is 5 kilos of Steel-Scaled Python Meat. The quality of Steel-Scaled Python Meat is substantial. This meat is worth its weight in gold!" the server said gently. "We still wouldn't suggest that you eat this yet."

Luo Yunyang grabbed his chopsticks and picked up the walnut-sized chunk of meat. He suddenly noticed that his chopsticks were being weighed down by it.

He now understood what the waitress was talking about.

"Do you know how big a Steel-Scaled Python is?" When Luo Yunyang placed the piece of meat in his mouth, he felt a delicious tenderness. He chewed a few times before swallowing the piece of meat entirely.

"Sir, the… The way you eat..." The waitress couldn't suppress her smile when she saw Luo Yunyang's table manners.

"Ha ha ha! You should get a laxative when you go home, brother! This is not how you eat Steel-Scaled Python Meat!" A dark-skinned man in military attire beamed at Luo Yunyang. Then, he used a small knife to cut a piece of meat about the size of a green bean and proceeded to examine it slowly.

On his plate was also a piece of Steel-Scaled Python Meat.

"Sir, a Steel-Scaled Python's body has an average radius of about 1 to 1.5 meters and is about 20-meters long!" the waitress said softly as she fought back a smile.

As the piece of Steel-Scaled Python entered his stomach, Luo Yunyang felt his stomach become heavier. This was different than the heat he had experienced when he had eaten Golden Deer Meat. Steel-Scaled Python Meat felt like a lump of steel.

"Sir, there is a drugstore in the area. Just turn left at the exit!" the young waitress told Luo Yunyang kindly as he left.

Luo Yunyang thought that his Const.i.tution was decent, but he still felt a little ill on the way back. His cultivation base had already reached martialist standards, and his internal organs felt like steel.

However, he still couldn't seem to digest the Steel-Scaled Python Meat.

Should he purchase some laxatives?

Luo Yunyang returned to his residence and started cultivating the Ape-Dragon Blueprint right away. Although his one-bedroom apartment was quite s.p.a.cious, when he used it to cultivate, the s.p.a.ce seemed rather tight.

Luo Yunyang had to put up with this, though.

He immediately performed the Earth-Splitting Devil Ape Move, the Coiling Dragon Formation, the Tail-Swaying Storm Dragon Move, the Sky-Ripping Violent Ape Move, and the Dragon-Ape Combination Strike!

Luo Yunyang used these techniques, which he was already proficient at, in quick succession. Every time he used one of them, he felt a surging heat in his stomach.

Warmth flowed through his five viscera, muscles, bones, skin and flesh.

After this influx of heat, Luo Yunyang felt that, even though he hadn't strengthened his skin, flesh, muscles and bones in the past few days, his strength had still improved significantly.

However, the Steel-Scaled Python Meat in his stomach still felt like a lump. It didn't seem to have undergone any changes.

This couldn't carry on. If it did, he didn't know how long he would be able to keep cultivating for.

Luo Yunyang's gaze fell on the Ape-Dragon Blueprint he had just bought. When he turned over the cover, he was greeted by these solemn words written in blood-red ink: "Only for grade Const.i.tution and above!"

Were there Const.i.tution grades?

Luo Yunyang didn't understand this, but according to the Da Alliance's rules, grade was the best. Who knew how many more privileges rank elites had compared to B-rank elites?

Did he have an grade Const.i.tution? His Const.i.tution was already at 10, but if that wasn't enough, he could still make some adjustments.

He could raise his Const.i.tution even higher.

Luo Yunyang flipped to the next page, where a diagram was displayed. Even though it wasn't big, the ape and the dragon on it were extremely distinct.

The ape was howling, while the dragon was roaring softly.

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"The ape howls nine times as the dragon roars soundlessly. The ape and the dragon roar in sync. The moon trembles, and the sun collapses..."

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