Supreme Uprising

Jewelcat - 宝石猫

Chapter 306

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Published at 21st of March 2019 10:55:11 PM

Chapter 306

Luo Yunyang had actually expected Murat's defeat .

Although Murat was very strong, the Sea G.o.d Rider was even stronger . Furthermore, Murat didn't have an advantage out on the vast ocean .

In fact, her defeat was perfectly normal .

Sea G.o.d Rider Qiongsi's attack was like a sea of dreadful waves that was difficult to withstand . The instant that azure pike shot forth to kill, it was as boundless and vast as the ocean .

Evading this sort of omnipresent attack was simply impossible . Trying to dodge it now would practically be suicide .

Murat clambered up to her feet on the ocean's surface with great difficulty . Her five viscera hurt, and she felt a burning sensation within her body .

Her source core had ruptured!

This rarely ever happened during a battle, yet it had happened to her . Murat suddenly felt dejected .

Would Luo Yunyang be able to take this strike?

As Qiongsi charged, a strange glow flashed through Luo Yunyang's eyes . It was the Great Divine Elemental Eye!

The Great Divine Elemental Eye made Qiongsi's speed stagnate for a moment . Although this moment was short, for top experts like them, it was actually a very long period .

As Qiongsi was suppressed by the Great Divine Elemental Eye, Luo Yunyang's fists collided hard with the azure pike .


Qiongsi was pushed back . The raging ocean waves that were like a row of mountains frantically receded along with this strike .

"Good technique!" Qiongsi calmed the azure steed he was riding . There was a trace of heartfelt praise in his voice as he spoke to Luo Yunyang .

Similarly, Luo Yunyang felt really surprised that Qiongsi had been able to break free of the Great Divine Elemental Eye's binds that quickly .

He had reckoned that his Great Divine Elemental Eye would at least be able to restrain Qiongsi for three seconds . However, the moment Qiongsi was affected by this restricting power, a special power emanated from his body .

This suffocating power broke through the restraints of the Great Divine Elemental Eye and allowed Qiongsi to retaliate quickly .

"You are very strong . If you could keep unleashing this sort of techniques, then you wouldn't be any weaker than me . However, if the humans only have one expert like you, then I have to advise you to turn back!"

Suddenly, Qiongsi said calmly, "I could let the two of you join us and become members of Atlantis . "

Luo Yunyang's communication device suddenly rang . "Yunyang, it's me, Lu Qubing . We really are lacking the power to hold off the Atlanteans during this negotiation! Their display of strength has been spectacular . We do not have the power to suppress them, but we do have the strength to make them apprehensive . For example, we could fight the sea waters surrounding our cities!"

Lu Qubing didn't mask his voice at all, so the Sea G.o.d Rider Qiongsi could also hear him very clearly .

Qiongsi flashed Luo Yunyang a faint smile . "What your comrade says is right . However, what you can do is limited to what you just did . I could take responsibility for this and say that you have already done your best . My comrades are currently rushing over, so I think that the two of you shouldn't struggle anymore . "

Murat glared at Qiongsi with burning, maniacal eyes . Meanwhile, a black glow started to emanate from her body .

Any G.o.d-grade powerhouse who was familiar with Murat could understand what she was trying to do .

She was striving her hardest, ready to give this fight her all .

The look on Luo Yunyang's face suddenly changed . As he stared at Qiongsi, who was standing a short distance away, understanding flooded his heart .

Luo Yunyang believed that perhaps he might be able to defeat Qiongsi by doing his best and using various techniques and abilities . However, the outcome would eventually still be a wretched victory .

Luo Yunyang did not want this by any means . He had moved with Murat for the sake of giving the Da Alliance a chance to negotiate on equal terms, not so that they would become the sheep the so-called G.o.d saw them as .

"I want a tour of Atlantis, and you can't stop me from getting it!" Luo Yunyang said calmly as he stared at Qiongsi confidently .

Although Qiongsi's face was shielded by a helmet, he could still project his own thoughts .

"Ha ha ha! Are you saying that you can enter Atlantis? I can already tell you that you have no chance . Forget about the defense within Atlantis, you won't even be able to break free from me . "

As he spoke, he patted the azure steed he was on and said calmly, "This is one of the Sea G.o.d Riders' steeds, the Ocean Pegasus . It can cover 1,000 miles in an instant! No matter how quick you are, you can't beat the Ocean Pegasus!"

As if aware of its master's praise, the huge pegasus raised its neck proudly .

Ocean Pegasus? Luo Yunyang stared disdainfully at the ma.s.sive horse that seemed to ripple with power .

Then, he stopped chattering with Qiongsi and opened his attribute regulator .

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Power: 20 (Fire: 8, Ice: 8, Wood: 0 . 601)

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