Supreme Uprising

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Chapter 298

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Chapter 298

Could an influential clan be just like an ancient martial family?

This was the first thought that sprang in Luo Yunyang's mind . When he thought about the ancient martial families, a faint smile formed on his face .

He had become the Blood Strike Guard Commissar, so he had surpa.s.sed the ancient martial families by far . Furthermore, ever since he had become a G.o.d-grade powerhouse, all the large ancient martial families trembled before his might .

Based on what he remembered, he had originally thought that his father had been an ordinary man who had drifted from place to place .

However, Luo Jinlong's expression and that iron tile changed the impression Luo Yunyang had had about his father .

"I'm counting on that . " Although most people considered Luo Jinlong's pride a form of provocation, Luo Yunyang didn't really care .

He also didn't sense any hostility from Luo Jinlong .

Luo Jinlong's response to Luo Yunyang was very unexpected . Everyone knew that young people had a very strong sense of pride .

This young man was either really broad-minded or really good at not showing anger or delight after a small provocation .

Whatever the case, it signified that he had boundless prospects .

"Ha ha… Perhaps you could become as strong as the Martial G.o.d of our clan, young man . "

Was he talking about Martial G.o.d Luo Kai?

Luo Yunyang was extremely sensitive about this name, because that man's reputation was really great .

"Is the Martial G.o.d also a member of our clan?" Luo Yunyang asked softly .

"Exactly! Don't tell me you didn't know this? The Martial G.o.d is the head of the Luo Family!" Luo Jinlong said with respect and admiration in his eyes .

Martial G.o.d Luo Kai was the head of the Luo Family?

Ever since Luo Yunyang had arrived, n.o.body else had come to the Listening Tide Platform . Luo Yunyang and the others waited for two hours before a helicopter descended from the sky .

Two middle-aged men got off the helicopter . They both had a st.u.r.dy physique and an extraordinary manner . When Luo Yunyang studied them, he realized that they were actually first-grade martial masters .

First-grade martial masters were valuable a.s.sets of the Da Alliance, so every first-grade martial master was considered a top-cla.s.s elite .

Why had two first-grade martial masters been dispatched to pick up a few young people?

"Nice to see you again, Brother," Luo Jinlong said excitedly as he rushed over to a middle-aged man .

The middle-aged man paused for a bit before he replied in surprise, "You are…"

"I am Xiao Long!" Luo Jinlong exclaimed . "The man that's always lived behind your home . "

"Oh, Xiao Long! You have grown old!" The man nodded his head as he said indifferently, "This must be your child . I will take him and groom him properly . "

Although there was nothing wrong with his words, his indifference was obvious . Based on the first-grade martial master's tone, Luo Yunyang could tell that he felt a sense of superiority .

"Take out all your tiles," the other middle-aged man said . "You should all know the clan's regulations . Trying to get a couple of children to make up the numbers is wishful thinking . If the vein testing becomes problematic, you can't blame the clan for any punishment you receive . "

The killing intent in those words made most people's hearts tremble . However, it didn't have an effect on Luo Yunyang .

There weren't many people gathered, so soon it was his turn . Luo Yunyang flashed the tile in his hand .

The first-grade martial master in charge of collecting the tiles shook his head gently when he saw it . In his opinion, the closer the blood, the greater the chance of an awakening . However, letting Luo Yunyang, who possessed only sub-branch blood, take the test would be a waste .

"It's the Purple Dragon Vein!" The other martial master's voice trembled when he saw the tile in Luo Yunyang's hand .

When the first martial master heard his words, his expression changed . He immediately reached out and took Luo Yunyang's tile with a solemn look on his face .

"Where did you get this tile, young man? Tell me…" one of the middle-aged men told Luo Yunyang gravely .

Luo Yunyang was aware of the peculiarity in the man's voice, However, he now was even more resolved to discover his ident.i.ty and family background .

Luo Yunyang, who had been under the impression that his father had been an ordinary man, could sense the importance these two first-grade martial masters placed on this small iron tile . There was definitely something strange about this whole situation .

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However, the truth would be revealed if he kept acting vulnerable .

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