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Chapter 287

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Published at 19th of March 2019 09:36:00 PM

Chapter 287

150 kilometers away from Mei'ya was a manor with a landscape straight out of a painting . Deer strolled leisurely and swans soared in the sky, making the place exude an elegant grace .

Many top luxury models of Rapid Gem Automobiles were lined up neatly in the parking lot . Attendants in standardized uniforms guided honored guests in a courteous fashion as they walked into the large manor .

This place was called the Divine Shelter, and every person that entered the manor felt as though they were making a pilgrimage .

The owner of this place was Unrivaled Warrior Johann, the G.o.dly ent.i.ty that stood side by side with Murat in the 17 Western Cities .

Although Johann wasn't planning a lavish celebration, the people who wanted to leave a lasting impression on him found this opportunity too good to pa.s.s up . Thus, they brought along all sorts of gifts and came on their own, even if they weren't invited .

Unrivaled Warrior Johann didn't make an appearance to welcome the guests . The person who accompanied everyone and chatted with them was the housekeeper of the manor, an old man with refined features .

Although the old man wasn't very tall, he gave off a refreshing vibe . Even though the people he sat with were city leaders, people on the Divine List and other impressive individuals, he was neither overbearing nor servile . He also didn't seem to be the slightest bit in awe .

His calm, composed demeanor actually seemed to exceed his status .

Even Lu Tini, who ranked near the top of the Divine List, put on a meek smile as he glanced at him .

The guests were people at the apex of the Da Alliance, so they were well-informed and able to talk freely about anything .

"Jin Zaitian should really be taught a lesson . How dare he even think about trying to s.n.a.t.c.h away something the venerable Unrivaled Warrior needs just because of a subordinate . I believe that we should adopt a tougher stance against them," a proud middle-aged man said with indignant righteousness .

His splendid opinion was met immediately with resonating cries of approval from everyone . Some people even hooted and demanded that the ignorant 13 Eastern Cities be taught a good lesson .

The housekeeper smiled mildly, whereas Lu Tini, who was sitting aside, had an aloof grin on his face .

The communication device of an emissary from the consulate of Mei'ya suddenly started ringing . The jarring ringing sound seemed a little rude amidst the warm, peaceful atmosphere of this gathering .

The man had a slightly unsightly expression on his face . However, when he saw the name displayed on the communication device, he accepted the call .

"What is it?" he asked gruffly . There was some displeasure in his voice .

"Sir, the Chairman has asked us to get ready to defend Mei'ya City . Luo Yunyang… Luo Yunyang is coming!" The voice on the other end of the line was shaking .

When Luo Yunyang's name was heard, everyone present turned extremely grave .

The first time they had heard his name, they had all thought that Luo Yunyang was a young man that could be nurtured into an extraordinary individual . However, when they heard his name now, it had a completely different meaning .

Luo Yunyang was a G.o.d-grade powerhouse that was publicly considered an ultimate powerhouse . When he had entered the dimensional fracture and never returned, they had all mourned a talented man who had died too early . However, they had secretly been delighted .

They had just been speaking with a.s.surance and pa.s.sing judgment on everything, when this young man had suddenly reappeared . Everyone now felt their hearts rise up in their throats .

Lu Tini didn't look too good either . However, he didn't regret stealing the Ascending Nine-Orifice Sky Lotus .

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After the fall of the Sky Scar Stronghold, he had needed to find someone that could give him a suitable shelter .

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