Supreme Uprising

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Chapter 271

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Published at 19th of March 2019 09:36:25 PM

Chapter 271

All G.o.d-grade powerhouses existed within the same tier . However, there were only three ultimate powerhouses widely known to the public .

The Martial G.o.d, Murat, and Unrivalled Warrior Johann…

Freedom Saint Luxi, who ranked fourth, was a telekinesis user who guarded the Free Cities . The Thundering Wizard G.o.d, who oversaw Nan'w.a.n.g City and ranked fifth, was an ultimate powerhouse adept in both forms of cultivation, just like Luo Yunyang .

They each guarded one of the five large intersections and fought the top Dark-Grade source beasts inside the intersections . Thus, it was usually very difficult for any of them to leave their domain for long periods of time .

When Zhuge Yi turned on the screen, he saw a gigantic tail at least 300 meters long rapidly strike the sky .

The tail belonged to a ferocious black tiger as tall as a mountain . Murat was waving her axe below the gigantic tail frantically .

Practically each time the axe struck, a b.l.o.o.d.y trace was left on the tail of the black tiger . However, each time the giant tail descended again, those b.l.o.o.d.y traces had vanished .

This was a top Dark-Grade source beast called a Divine Black Sky Tiger!

Although the battle between the two seemed ruthless, Jin Zaitian and the others could actually infer that the Divine Black Sky Tiger had only one objective—stalling Murat .

An intersection was more important than a dimensional fracture, so the moment a problem appeared at an intersection, the number of dire beasts and source beasts that came rushing in would be way bigger .

At the Free Cities intersection, which was 500 kilometers away from the Free Cities, Saint Luxi was controlling a huge sword while battling a huge ape .

Although they were seperated by the intersection, their battle was as crazy as wildfire . Every single strike seemed to make the sky shudder .

"That's a Sky-Ripping Divine Ape!"

The scene cut to the Thundering Wizard G.o.d, who was also in battle . The Thundering Wizard G.o.d's entire body seemed to be dyed black . Meanwhile, he clutched a white skull staff in one hand and a jet black spear in the other . His opponent was a ma.s.sive body hidden at the other side of the intersection . It was a gigantic golden eagle able to create whirlwinds by flapping its wings .

Although it didn't seem like they were locked in a deadly battle, they still…

Finally, the screen cut to the intersection Johann was guarding . Even though Johann wasn't currently locked in battle, a colossal ant shining with a golden l.u.s.ter was staring fixedly at him through the s.p.a.ce barrier .

When Jin Zaitian finished viewing all these scenes, he seemed even more downcast . He immediately turned his doubtful gaze to Zhuge Yi .

"Vice-Chairman, the ant standing off against Juhann is a top Yellow-Grade source beast . According to our deduction, the Golden Queen Ant has already reached the top Dark Garde and is currently going through its sp.a.w.ning period," Zhuge Yi, who understood what Jin Zaitian meant, said .

As Jin Zaitian pondered this for a bit, the screen cut to the scene outside Jin'fu City once again . Countless dire beasts covered both the sky and the land . Although the forces of the eight armies gathered there were unleashing all their firepower, they were simply unable to stop the tide .

"We have to rush, Brothers . We need an hour so that the women and children behind us can safely escape from Jin'fu City!" a martialist with a resolute expression roared loudly as he brandished his blades .

The over 100 martialists looked just like daggers charging against the tide of dire beasts . They gathered as one in their maniacal charge and sliced apart dire beast after dire beast with their swords and blades .

However, in the end, those valiant heroes were drowned by the powerful flood of dire beasts .

"We must think of a way to seal the crack at the Sky Scar Stronghold, Vice-Chairman . Otherwise, as an influx of dire beasts is added to the dire beasts already around, our satellite cities will be overrun and the consequences will be unimaginable…"

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Although Zhuge Yi stopped speaking, he believed that Jin Zaitian would understand what he was suggesting .

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