Supreme Uprising

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Chapter 261

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Published at 19th of March 2019 09:36:39 PM

Chapter 261

A long motorcade had formed outside Dinghai City . Rising Army Dragon soldiers toting weapons were barking out instructions to pave the way .

"Listen up! Let the children and the elderly up first!"

"Hey, don't cheat! I'm talking to you . Are you a child or a lady? Then move to the back!"

"Hurry up! Move a little faster!"

All sorts of noisy sounds could be heard, including some grumbling people .

"d.a.m.n it, it's all Luo Yunyang's fault . We were all living fine in Dinghai City until he went crazy…"

"Don't say this, Old Lu . We can't blame Commissar Luo for this . The Unrivalled Fleet has been running amuck for years . If no one had defied them, they would have just climbed all over our heads and become even more savage!"

Everyone around nodded their heads when they heard this . However, they still felt worried .

"Where is Luo Yunyang? Why hasn't a G.o.d-grade powerhouse like him appeared yet? Even… Even if he can't beat the Unrivalled Fleet, he at least has to…"

"He wouldn't choose to run away at such a time, right?" the man known as Old Lu said rather mockingly .

When the Rising Dragon Army soldiers pa.s.sing by heard Old Lu grumble, they got angry .

The iron-blooded Rising Dragon Army firmly believed that compromising and being obedient would only show others that you were weak . The weak were liable to get bullied, so it was alright to get all bruised and battered if one could live to their heart's content .

Luo Yunyang wasn't wrong . If they were in his place, they would have done the same thing!

Bang! A big man b.u.mped into Old Lu, who landed on the ground in surprise .

"What… What are you trying to do?" The battered Old Lu cursed as he struggled to get up .

"I'm not trying to do anything . I'm sorry . The floor was a little smooth, so I slipped and knocked into you . How about I pay for your medical fees?" the frank man said happily as he slapped Old Lu hard on the shoulder .

Old Lu touched his, which felt like he had been struck by a huge wooden club . He had just gotten up, when the big man slapped him ferociously . He suddenly felt pain course through his shoulder . It seemed as if there were needles p.r.i.c.king it .

"I think you are doing this intentionally . You are hitting me as a form of retaliation . I… I want to issue a complaint!"

"Alright, alright… I have yet to receive a complaint this week . Go and tell the fellows in charge of the martial law . I am Old Tie . Report me if you can!"

The big man seemed very confident that people would side with him . He actually hopped around as if he was boxing, intentionally making fun of Old Lu . Old Lu's face turned red from rage . He believed that this world was filled with malicious intent .

"Listen carefully . The Commissar isn't someone you can insult as you please!" the big man said before he swaggered off .

Old Lu's face was beet red . Although he wanted to hurl a round of verbal abuse at that fellow, he lacked the confidence to do it .

"Quick, take a look at the Sky Vision!" someone shouted suddenly .

Old Lu was considered an elite individual in Dinghai City, so his communication device was the latest model of technology . He quickly took out his communication device and saw a line of words displayed on it .

Luo Yunyang had appeared outside Dinghai City!

Luo Yunyang's hands were clasped behind his back as he stood outside Dinghai City . Endless waves were flowing beneath his feet, making him look like a sea G.o.d that had risen into the air .

150 kilometers away, Lakiren was staring at the floating Luo Yunyang with a provocative expression .

"We didn't slay that G.o.d completely, kids . This time, he has delivered himself to our doorstep, so we can't let him run away!"

Lakiren's guard, a blond young man standing next to him, answered confidently, "I have already gotten our men to activate the intercepting system . As long as he appears on the ocean, he will become our target . "

"I believe that he is probably thinking of using himself as bait to attract our taboo weapons . This G.o.d-grade ent.i.ty is great indeed!"

These mocking words instigated hearty laughter . As everyone was laughing, they suddenly saw Luo Yunyang take a step forward .

This step would probably have been very short for an ordinary person, but it was a few kilometers long for a G.o.d-grade powerhouse .

Lakiren and the others, who had already been prepared for this, issued orders quickly .

However, the instant that step was made, Luo Yunyang vanished from the apparatus they were using to watch him .

Yes, vanished . A vast area of the ocean that spanned several miles was under their surveillance, yet there was currently no trace of Luo Yunyang .

It was as if he had never existed .

How was this possible?

Lakiren immediately wondered whether his eyesight had gotten worse with age . How could a human just vanish from his vision without reason? Even if Luo Yunyang had been able to fly faster than a bird, he would still have left some kind of trace . How could he defy logic?

"Raise the radar settings to the max . I want to know his current position!" Lakiren snarled .

"Admiral, the radar doesn't show any signs of Luo Yunyang either!" a general said in disbelief .

Lakiren was dumbfounded . He had suddenly discovered Luo Yunyang once again . Luo Yunyang had appeared in the air like a G.o.d .

A young man with his hands clasped behind his back had descended like a celestial being on the roiling sea .

"Fire the cannons!" Lakiren was well aware of the severity of the situation . However, before he could finish his words, Luo Yunyang smiled faintly in his direction and disappeared once more .

"Admiral, Luo Yunyang has disappeared without a trace . Our comprehensive defence system can't target him!" someone reported anxiously .

Lakiren felt as if he had just encountered his biggest inconvenience ever . A disappearing person who couldn't be tracked by a comprehensive defence system was an ill-matched bane for the Unrivalled Fleet .

"This… This…"

As Lakiren forced himself to calm down, Luo Yunyang's silhouette appeared once again on the ocean's surface . He seemed to be strolling leisurely, yet with every step he took he crossed a huge distance .

"Admiral, Luo Yunyang is currently using a strange speeding technique to advance towards us . According to our estimations, he will reach us in one minute max . If that happens…"

The urgent reports from the command center made Lakiren's last bit of pride vanish completely . He mulled the situation over for a second before waving his arm . "Retreat! Everyone retreat! We are leaving Dinghai's waters and the 13 Eastern Cities' territory!"

The Unrivalled Fleet was retreating!

The various military powerhouses of Dinghai City were all extremely astonished as they watched the Unrivalled Fleet flee anxiously .

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The Unrivalled Fleet, which had been running rampant for many years, had actually been scared away by Luo Yunyang . From that day on, its prestige would sink to the bottom of the ocean, just like that splashing ocean spray .

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