Supreme Uprising

Jewelcat - 宝石猫

Chapter 225

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Chapter 225

The Guardian Deity wished his crushing power would sweep aside everything and make his opponent cry in despair .

In his opinion, this scenario shouldn't be too hard to realize, as he was currently forming a Deity Mark by converging his own ultimate source .

According to the Great Snow Mountain's martial teachings, the intensity and ferocity of the Deity Mark could only be described as terrifying .

Furthermore, he was using his own ultimate source to fuel the Deity Mark .

Thanks to this immense might, the Guardian Deity blasted the mark at the paG.o.da of Buddha Disks that hovered above Luo Yunyang .

Although the Buddha Disks had formed a paG.o.da below a suspended sun and moon, the Guardian Deity's strike came flying over, causing the entire paG.o.da to start revolving rapidly as a whole .

The gold and silver radiance quickly harmonized in the air, ultimately forming a silvery-white glow that shot out towards the Guardian Deity .

As the two forces were about to clash, the Da Alliance's top bra.s.s remained completely silent . Practically everyone was restlessly awaiting the imminent collision .

The life and death of two powerhouses were on the line .

Although no one had imagined that Luo Yunyang would stand side by side with the Guardian Deity, the two of them were currently being compared to each other .

"What exactly are those disks? Why aren't they afraid of the Guardian Deity's Domain?" the Sanyanxu Family Head asked in a trembling voice .

Although he had taken his son's death to heart, as the head of a large clan, he needed to be able to deduce and a.n.a.lyze things with a clear mind, no matter how much hatred and resentment he felt . This was really important after all .

If more people possessed these strange disks, then they would pose a threat that they didn't wish to face .

All the family heads stared fixedly at the Buddha Disks . Some members of the family clans who were not G.o.d-grade ent.i.ties had already started making silent plans on how to obtain this treasure .

A peculiar expression had appeared on the face of the Yan Family Head, who said uncertainly, "If my guess is correct, this must be a type of divine artifact . Any weapon refined an entire lifetime by a G.o.d-grade powerhouse has the power to resist a G.o.d's Domain . "

The Yan Family Head's words were vague, but he wasn't able to explain this in detail because he wasn't an expert .

The person who knew the most about Buddha Disks in the Da Alliance had to be Lu Qubing . However, when he saw that huge paG.o.da, he was just as astonished as everyone else .

He knew that these Buddha Disks weren't ordinary, yet he had never expected that they would go through such a powerful transformation .

"If I remember correctly, these Buddha Disks must have been a part of your collection," the gentle-looking lady said ruefully .

Although Lu Qubing didn't bat an eyelid, his heart felt like a big mess . When he heard the lady's words, he replied nonchalantly, "Sure, I collected them, but I didn't use them . Leaving them here would have been a waste . Now, their dazzling glory has blossomed in the hands of their true owner . "

Countless snowflakes started appearing on the huge electronic display . Their snow-white radiance made it difficult for anyone to see what exactly was going on .

Countless snowflakes started appearing on the huge electronic display . Their snow-white radiance made it difficult for anyone to see what exactly was going on .

Everyone was watching the proceedings on a screen, so it was inevitable that such a thing would occur at some point .

However, this natural interference had occurred at the most critical moment!

It felt like a freight train had rumbled across and blocked the tantalizing sight of a belle stepping out of the shower . What the h.e.l.l was this?

Who had won? Who had lost?

Before this fight had even started, most people had a.s.sumed that the victor and the loser had already been decided . However, n.o.body dared say for certain that the Guardian Deity would win anymore .

Two streaks of light, one gold and one silver, seemed to rip through the sky amid that flurry of snowflakes . The gentle-looking lady had a bad premonition when she saw them .

Although the two fighters didn't have the slightest connection to her, she still silently supported the Guardian Deity .

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After all, it was because of the Guardian Deity that they had kept Lu Qubing in this house .

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