Supreme Uprising

Jewelcat - 宝石猫

Chapter 224

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Chapter 224

Although he wasn't actually powerless, the power within Luo Yunyang's two source cores had already been exhausted after that sky-shattering spear strike .

He still had a green source core, but that source core's combat strength was too weak . Although absorbing the power of an ordinary person would be fine, it wouldn't be able to offer much within the domain of a G.o.d-grade powerhouse like the Guardian Deity .

The Buddha Disks!

As Luo Yunyang thought about them, the Buddha Disks rose up . His Mind Attribute had already surpa.s.sed 3,000 attribute points, so he was extremely adept at controlling them .

The 72 Buddha Disks flew with a flicker towards the huge frost dragon that was charging at Luo Yunyang .

Countless light gleams cut at the frost dragon as the air filled with metallic ringing sounds .

The Guardian Deity threw his head back and roared with laughter when he saw the flying disks . He immediately flew over like a streak of lightning .

"What can a telekinesis grandmaster even do?"

As he spoke, the Guardian Deity reached the midst of the Buddha Disks . Luo Yunyang suddenly felt the Buddha Disks, which had felt as light as feathers while he was controlling them, become as heavy as boulders .

Although they were still under his control, their speed had been reduced greatly .

The Guardian Deity didn't even pay attention to a Buddha Disk that was flying towards him . Whenever a Buddha Disk got close to him, it just fell to the ground .

The power of Luo Yunyang's Buddha Disks was only 30% effective .

This was the domain of a G.o.d-grade powerhouse, also known as a supreme G.o.d's Domain .

Back in Shen'du, a faint smirk flashed across the gentle lady's face . Although she wiped it off immediately, her brows remained furrowed . This did not go unnoticed by Lu Qubing, who stared at her with a hint of loathing in his eyes .

Although he was glaring icily at her, he remained silent .

"This young man has quite a few tricks up his sleeves, but he doesn't know his own limits . A telekinesis grandmaster is no more than a joke in a G.o.d-grade domain! That's all there is to it! Any attacks are ineffective before a G.o.d-grade powerhouse . "

Lu Qubing didn't say anything . The lady had said the truth . Although Luo Yunyang was a very powerful telekinesis grandmaster, facing a G.o.d-grade domain would be really . . .

However, even though that was the truth, he still didn't want to hear her . Did she think that he didn't know that? Did she think he wanted to hear her noisy clamoring?

As Lu Qubing cursed silently, even more light discs flew out from behind Luo Yunyang .

A total of 36 such light disks rushed quickly into the Guardian Deity's Domain . As the 36 disks entered, the Buddha Disks that had already drowned inside the G.o.d's Domain seemed to come back to life .

They all gathered to form a glittering, resplendent three-storied paG.o.da . The light disks revolved frantically as they moved about rapidly in the paG.o.da .

They all gathered to form a glittering, resplendent three-storied paG.o.da . The light disks revolved frantically as they moved about rapidly in the paG.o.da .

However, even though their positions interchanged, the paG.o.da's form and shape never changed .

A huge vajra suddenly appeared in the Guardian Deity's hand . As he wielded it, it gave off the impression that it possessed unparalleled might .

Practically any Buddha Disk that collided against that huge vajra was sent flying .

However, there were just too many Buddha Disks, each one with a special form of attractive force . Although they were sent flying away, they all returned to their positions quickly .

Once, twice, thrice . . .

The originally unperturbed Guardian Deity gradually grew impatient . His G.o.d's Domain was ineffective against these strange Buddha Disks .

Although the sharp Buddha Disks weren't a big threat to his life, they still made him feel restless .

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A sharp ringing sound was heard as the Guardian Deity's top was cut by a Buddha Disk at the lapel while he wasn't paying attention .

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