Supreme Uprising

Jewelcat - 宝石猫

Chapter 195: Lovers

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Nie Tianyi was kneeling solemnly on the ground of a utopilike valley. To be precise, he was kneeling outside a bamboo door.

The bamboo door was shut, and there were no traces of life anywhere around.

After an indefinite amount of time, the bamboo door was opened slowly and a child around the age of 13 stepped out.

"Uncle, my teacher requests that you go back and view the Sky List before you decide whether to come back or not!" the child said softly as it glanced at Nie Tianyi.

Nie Tianyi stared at the child. He had never expected that, after he had kneeled sincerely for so long, his senior would actually give him such an answer.

View the Sky List... But why?

Although Nie Tianyi didn't understand, he didn't dare ask any more questions. His senior would definitely have his reasons for saying this. Shooting his mouth off and pressing the matter would only be a naive reaction. Thus, he slowly got up and left. He wanted to visit the Sky Vision's secret website as soon as possible.

No ordinary person knew about this secret website.

Of course, no ordinary person would pay any heed to it either. The Divine, Sky and Earth Lists were out of the average person's league after all.

However, martialists like Nie Tianyi were extremely familiar with them. Nie Tianyi could actually even remember the names of the people who were ahead of him on each list.

In the past, every time the Sky List was updated, he would immediately check out his own ranking. However. this time he went straight to the top.

The Eldest Brother's words had made him sense that there was something wrong with the Sky List. If there was a problem, it would probably be at the top.

Kou Hangkong was 4th on the list!

Nie Tianyi's expression changed when he saw this. Although being among the top three or top four didn't make much of a difference to him, for a person such as the Eldest Brother, there was a considerable difference between the 3rd and 4th place.

The top three people on the Sky List had always been considered reserves of the Divine List. Actually, the people who had narrowly made the Divine List sometimes were not even a match for the Sky List's top three powerhouses.

However, his own Eldest Brother had actually fallen below the Sky List's top three.

Could the Eldest Brother be preparing to properly cultivate in seclusion so that he could reclaim his spot among the top three as soon as his cultivation base advanced?

Nie Tianyi had just thought about this, when he noticed the name occupying the second spot on the Sky List—Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang actually ranked 2nd on the Sky List. How was this possible?

How could he rank 2nd on the Sky List? Compared to the other powerhouses on the list, he...

When Nie Tianyi recalled Luo Yunyang's outstanding recent successes, he suddenly felt dejected. Although his desire for revenge hadn't changed, he now saw his enemy as an immovable pillar.

When he compared himself to this pillar, he realized that there was a really wide gap between them.

Although he was the disciple of a Martial G.o.d, his master had more than 10 disciples. Plus, Nie Tianyi wasn't among his favorites. How could the Martial G.o.d lower himself for Nie Tianyi's sake just to mingle with a martial grandmaster? That would be simply unimaginable!

If his master didn't take action though, how would...

Nie Tianyi leaned back helplessly. His breathing had suddenly become hurried.

The updated Sky List was a huge shock for the entire world. This sort of thing only happened among a few top powerhouses. The Sky List was just a legend for ordinary martialists.

Regardless of the rank of a martial grandmaster, there were just some people one couldn't offend.

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Back at Chang'an, Luo Yunyang was sitting quietly in a small building at the Rising Dragon Army's General Headquarters. Beside him, his sister Luo Dong'er was holding on to her toys. Her chiming laughter could be heard from time to time.

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