Supreme Uprising

Jewelcat - 宝石猫

Chapter 168: A Mind Sword Leaves No Trace

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"Yunyang, the Viceroy has killed off the Ice Frost Fort's Seven Chiefs and returned victorious. The entire Ice Frost Fort has been destroyed!" the Flame Emperor said animatedly as he entered Luo Yunyang's room.

Although this battle hadn't hurt the Nie Family directly, the destruction of the Ice Frost Fort was also a huge loss for them.

Even though it was a serious blow, the Nie Family didn't dare object under the circ.u.mstances.

When he'd heard the news, the Flame Emperor had been very pleased. Whatever the case, at least some of their pent-up anger had been released now.

The Flame Emperor had wanted to inform Luo Yunyang as fast as possible, so he had personally ran over to tell him. However, Luo Yunyang's room was completely empty.

"I'll be heading out to get some training and experience!" This message was written on a note Luo Yunyang had left behind. A trace of worry appeared on the Flame Emperor's face when he read it.

He immediately reported this news to Lu Qubing, who was on his way back. Lu Qubing wasn't shocked to hear this. He actually told the Flame Emperor that letting Luo Yunyang out to gain some experience might be a good thing.

Although his cultivation base was strong enough, his techniques and fighting skills were still a little deficient.

The Flame Emperor tried to locate Luo Yunyang's whereabouts through the Rising Dragon Army's information network.

Unfortunately, it seemed like Luo Yunyang had disappeared. An entire month of searching didn't yield any information.

To the Rising Dragon Army personnel who were trying to keep tabs on Luo Yunyang, no news was good news. They believed that Luo Yunyang would perhaps be hiding somewhere and training hard.

His training would probably be a process of growth.

Shanling, which was thousands of meters high, covered a very big area. Although it was one of the most important mountain ranges of the 13 Eastern Cities, ever since the first apocalypse, it had become a dire beast paradise.

There also seemed to be all sorts of powerful source beasts in the collapsible voids all around Shanling. In a photograph of the area, which had been taken at an undetermined time, one could see a huge scarlet bird over 1,000 feet wide beating its wings and raining down blazes.

The bird filled the sky with fiery rain and, although it hadn't landed on Shanling, the sky above the area had turned a blazing scarlet color.

Some people a.s.serted that the moment the s.p.a.ce barrier was breached, Shanling would become a disaster zone.

Although this inference had no solid foundation, there were still a lot of people who believed it. Besides, formidable dire beasts could be found everywhere in the deep recesses of Shanling.

Although the apocalypse had caused a big number of living organisms to die, the animals and plants that had survived now overflowed with vitality.

Ordinary trees were a good example of this. Shanling was teeming with ma.s.sive trees, which were a rare sight in other places.

One could also hear bird cries and b.e.s.t.i.a.l roars in the area. The only thing missing was any traces of humanity.

A series of frenzied howls resounded throughout the Shanling Mountain Range. All the beasts and birds in the area fled frantically the instant they heard these cries.

They were no strangers to these howls. They knew that they belonged to the tyrannical king of this mountain ridge, the Black-Winged Ash Ape!

The Black-Winged Ash Ape was over 10 meters tall and had a pair of wings that enabled it to soar. It could also throw raging flames from its mouth. Humanity's strongest martial grandmasters tried to surround the S-Grade dire beast whenever they visited this place.

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The tyrannical king of this mountain range was currently going berserk as it attacked a young man.

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