Supreme Uprising

Jewelcat - 宝石猫

Chapter 159: 18 Lines Of Buddha Disks

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The Dragon Elephant's Two Venerables and the Golden Clock's Two Elders were considered ent.i.ties with a significant status among martial grandmasters. In their opinion, coming to kill Luo Yunyang was akin to slaughtering a chicken with a battle axe. It was a big fuss over a minor issue.

This was what the Golden Clock's Two Elders believed. The reason the two of them were there was just to prevent the Rising Dragon Army and the Da Alliance's experts from a.s.sisting Luo Yunyang.

However, they had never imagined that this son of a b*tch would be so troublesome that they would have to take action and support the Dragon Elephant's Two Venerables in restraining him.

Actually, judging by Luo Yunyang's tone, it sounded like they were the ones being targeted.

How could that even be possible?

They were all seasoned warriors after all. When Luo Yunyang threatened them, the four of them exchanged looks. At practically the same moment, the Dragon Elephant's Two Venerables struck out at him.

A shadow of a dragon and an elephant made out of surging source power flew over at Luo Yunyang. The instant the two men brandished their fists, the Buddha Disk that had been in Luo Yunyang's leather pouch flew out and floated above his head.

The Buddha Disk, which was enveloped in Luo Yunyang's mind power, radiated with a strange glint. As the shadows of the dragon and the elephant surged towards Luo Yunyang, layers of light erupted from the Buddha Disk, forming two lines that flew out and intercepted the attack of the Dragon Elephant's Two Venerables.

Their attack was the Heaven-Shaking Dragon Elephant Technique. Before the apocalypse, this type of technique had only increased one's strength. However, ever since the emergence of the sixth factor and the source cores, the source power that generated from their fists could form a dragon and an elephant in the sky. This attack felt just like being chased down by a real dragon and elephant.

However, as they were about to take advantage of this opening to seize Luo Yunyang, several beams of light came rushing forward.

The eruption of these flickering light beams caused the khaki elephant to bear the brunt of the attack and get shredded to pieces by the frenzied light rays. Although the green dragon took a hit a small while later, it was also destroyed quickly.

This was a totally unforeseen situation for the Dragon Elephant's Two Venerables, whose faces fell immediately. That was only the beginning, though. The light rays that had cut through their attacks kept flying towards them like a whirlwind.

It was only at this point that they managed to see clearly what was attacking them.

Those were light disks!

Light disks as bright as the moon and possibly infused with a majestic might!

"He's a telekinesis grandmaster!" the Dragon Venerable wailed loudly. "You... You are a telekinesis grandmaster!"

Luo Yunyang didn't respond. As a thought flashed through his mind, nine light disks circled around like a net, trying to envelop the Dragon Venerable.

The Elephant Venerable and the Dragon Venerable, who were surrounded by the nine light disks, brandished their fists relentlessly against the shimmering disks. Bursts of source power formed several dragons and elephants that tried to intercept the light disks.

However, the Buddha Disks, which were infused with Luo Yunyang's mind power, could not be blocked by their congealed source power.

In an instant, all the dragon and elephant shadows were destroyed.

"Open!" the Dragon Venerable bellowed as he waved his arms around. Nine dragon shadows burst from his palms frantically and rushed towards the nine gleaming Buddha Disks.

The instant he used this attack, the Dragon Venerable's body was pushed back. Meanwhile, the Elephant Venerable also roared out a technique, causing his source power to form an earthen wall in the sky and block nine more light disks that had been attacking him.

He was using this opportunity in an effort to retreat.

The two men retreated until they were beside the Golden Clock's Two Elders. Then, they stopped and stared at Luo Yunyang as though he was a demon.

He was both a martial grandmaster and a telekinesis grandmaster!

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This fellow was young. No, he was actually ridiculously young. He had only been a top-notch martial master sometime ago, back when he had been in Mei'ya City. Even though he had killed a brand new martial grandmaster, they still hadn't thought that he was worth their attention.

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