Supreme Uprising

Jewelcat - 宝石猫

Chapter 144: Warrior

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"A warrior must advance courageously!" Lu Qubing met Luo Yunyang's gaze before he said in an extremely tranquil tone, "This might sound easy, but it's difficult to do! That's why you shouldn't have any psychological barriers!"

Luo Yunyang nodded. "My wood-based life source core can now reverse vitality. I already absorbed most of Nie Xin's vital energy. I only left a little. I reckoned that he's already at death's doorstep, so he won't live long!"

Although Lu Qubing had already speculated that Luo Yunyang had reached an exceptional stage, when he heard Luo Yunyang's words, he turned pale and nearly stepped on his own foot.

"Is that why you didn't kill him right away?"

"Partly. Another reason was because I felt that, although killing someone openly is extremely valiant, doing so might cause you and the Rising Dragon Army quite a bit of trouble. I used this vitality-reversing method to make things simpler!"

Lu Qubing unconsciously turned his head and glanced at Luo Yunyang. Any killing intent on his face had already disappeared completely. He no longer had a sinister expression. He was actually even smiling back. Lu Qubing sighed inwardly. This ever-smiling fellow was really frightening. He appeared overcautious on the outside, but he always thought things through over and over. When he made a decision to kill someone, he was firm and decisive.

Although he was very young, the way he had handled this matter reminded Lu Qubing of a scheming killer hiding quietly and suddenly appearing with a killing knife!

"Yes, very good. Although a leader needs to know when to show grat.i.tude and take revenge, he also needs to be mature. Come on, let's go to my house and chat."

Being invited to Lu Qubing's home was a great honor among the Rising Dragon Army. The people who had been granted this honor could be counted on one person's fingers.

Lu Qubing was the Rising Dragon Army's Viceroy, so Luo Yunyang thought that his residence would be very s.p.a.cious. However, it was in fact pretty ordinary.

Lu Qubing's house was actually similar to Luo Yunyang's previous house.

There was only a room and a hall, both of them very out-fashioned.

There was just a shabby old table and a few chairs in the room. The only thing that betrayed Lu Qubing's status was the neat Viceroy uniform hanging on a hanger.

"Disappointed?" Lu Qubing asked, as though he could read Luo Yunyang's mind. Then, he laughed at himself. "Or are you disappointed that this old fogey doesn't have a pretty daughter or granddaughter?"

Ever since Luo Yunyang had met Viceroy Lu Qubing, he had found him very grave and solemn. He had never imagined that he would say such self-mocking words.

"The apocalypse was too long ago for young people like you." Lu Qubing's voice was extremely tranquil. "This house was my home before the apocalypse. It is still my home now."

Luo Yunyang tactfully decided not to ask anything else. If someone stayed at the same place and refused to move away, this meant that this place had a significant meaning to them. If that place was related to the apocalypse, then its significance would surely be even bigger.

"Actually, quite a number of people wanted me to demolish this house and turn it into a small district for Rising Dragon Army dependents. People are really straightforward when it comes to using one's power to bully others!"

A pot of wine and a plate of peanuts were placed on the table. Lu Qubing poured two cups as he said earnestly, "The first cup will be a toast to your victory at this compet.i.tion."

When Lu Qubing gulped the wine down, a red flush appeared immediately on his face.

"Don't think that this is something trivial. It is actually something ma.s.sive. Your victory will put food on the table of countless kids and improve the living standards of the entire 13 Eastern Cities."

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Lu Qubing refilled the cups to the brim before he added, "The second cup will be a toast to the Ravenous Wolf's death. You now rank 10th on the Earth List!"

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