Supreme Uprising

Jewelcat - 宝石猫

Chapter 113: Kiting

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When Luo Yunyang had completed the adjustment, he strode forward and charged at Simon. Although his speed wasn't slow, Simon didn't think much of it.

He had already formed a layer of armor with source power, so he was standing on the spot with a relaxed smile, as if he was enjoying a spring breeze.

He had already figured out that, if Luo Yunyang used his normal strength, he wouldn't be able to break through his source armor and hurt him.

If Luo Yunyang used his source power, then perhaps being struck a couple of times might even prove beneficial for Simon's cultivation base.

Thus, when Luo Yunyang raised his fist, Simon's expression was calm. He actually didn't even move an inch.


Luo Yunyang's fist struck his front. When this force made contact with his body, Simon felt as if an entire mountain had crashed into him.

He wanted to steady himself, but the pressure of that gigantic force made him feel like a leather ball that had been kicked forcefully and sent flying away.

Back at Base 7, Chief Instructor Lu exclaimed practically the moment that Luo Yunyang struck out, "It's the Sixth Mountain-Cleaving Strike!"

It was the Sixth Mountain-Cleaving Strike of the Eight Mountain-Splitting Techniques!

Those days, Luo Yunyang mostly cultivated the Eight Mountain-Splitting Techniques. In fact, he had already cultivated the Sixth Mountain-Cleaving Strike.

Each of the Eight Mountain-Splitting Techniques was a layer of concealed force. Each layer of concealed force essentially doubled Luo Yunyang's force. The Eight Mountain-Splitting Techniques had always been one of the most difficult cultivation techniques to master.

Chief Instructor Lu sighed silently as he watched Luo Yunyang unleash the Sixth Mountain-Cleaving Strike.

If only Luo Yunyang had awakened a combat source core... How great would that be?

As he was thinking about this regretfully, something startling happened. He suddenly saw Simon fly away like a kicked ball and smash heavily into the roof of the stadium until he could no longer be seen.

The power of one's physical body started to become insignificant when their source power was awakened. When the quality of one's physical power was compared to their source power, the difference was just too great.

However, when the two converged, even the lowest quality of power could be earth-shattering. This was also the case with Luo Yunyang's current strength.

10,000 kilos of force amplified by using the Eight Mountain-Splitting Techniques had converged on that fist and...

"What happened?" Fat Xue shot up from his seat and stared at the hole in the ceiling of the stadium rather foolishly.

He needed to take a second look!

Wei Zhongxing's jaw dropped, and his heart flooded with complex feelings. He had no words to describe how he felt right now.

How was this possible? Everything had indeed… This matter just seemed unreal!

Ling Yubing covered her mouth with her hand. Although she was also gifted, this sort of strength was too excessive.

It looked like a ball being hit. This was just too sick!

A charming smile appeared on Chu Yuan's bright, beautiful face. A feeling of elation washed over her as she watched Luo Yunyang stand proudly in the arena.

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Back at the Quan'cheng Rising Dragon Army General Headquarters, the Eagle King was reprimanding an errant subordinate. Although the subordinate hadn't made that big of a mistake, the Eagle King wasn't in a good mood, so he rained a torrent of abuse down on him.

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