Supreme Uprising

Jewelcat - 宝石猫

Chapter 11: Chang'an! Chang'an!

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Boom! Boom! Boom!

Booming, thunder-like sounds rang out continuously in the void. During this rumbling commotion, a 10-meter long, 45-meter wide vehicle appeared in front of Luo Yunyang.

An ear-splitting screech was heard as its four huge, rough tires came to a stop.

"The car is here. Let's go!" A rich-looking family of three standing next to Luo Yunyang was impatient to open the carriage door and get inside.

When the vehicle stopped outside Donglu Town, there were about 12 pa.s.sengers waiting. Luo Yunyang and Zhu Yan were among them, but they didn't stand out too much.

Luo Yunyang had already changed clothes. Shen Yunying had bought the best materials in Donglu Town and made an outfit for him. However, his clothes still seemed too cheap when he stood next to rich people.

Zhu Yan was dressed even more casually.

"Hey, you! Please wait!" The carriage door opened slowly. A beautiful, elegant lady wearing a red standard uniform extended her hands gracefully and prevented the family of three from getting on board.

The skinny woman who walked forward had an unpleasant expression on her face. She waved the silver tickets in her hands around and argued loudly, "We have VIP seats! We paid 10,000 dayuan per ticket! Why can't we just board the carriage? Shouldn't everyone else wait and board it after us? We are VIPs after all! VIPs! Do you understand?"

The skinny woman, who was throwing her weight around, made many people frown. The young pa.s.sengers standing in the back were especially disgusted by her.

"Sorry, madam. Your VIP tickets have been canceled. Elite martialists from the Rising Dragon Army will be using this service instead. We are really sorry, but there aren't enough VIP tickets for everyone."

The lady in the red uniform was speaking calmly, but her stance was clear. Her answer was a blow to the skinny woman's ego.

The woman was exasperated. She wanted to open her mouth and scold someone, but she was held back by the man standing next to her, who shot her a serious look.

Meanwhile, the graceful lady in the red uniform had already turned to Zhu Yan and Luo Yunyang.

"Mr. Zhu Yan, Mr. Luo Yunyang. You may board the carriage."

Zhu Yan had already gotten used to this sort of treatment, but this was the first time Luo Yunyang was experiencing it. This was also the first time he would be leaving Donglu Town.

The two of them hopped aboard the enormous vehicle and walked into a s.p.a.ce the size of a small room.

Inside it were two exceptionally cozy chairs one could sit or lay on and a huge liquid crystal screen.

An exquisitely-arranged plate of fruit had been placed between the two chairs. On the plate were all sorts of fruit that Luo Yunyang could not name.

Zhu Yan sat down on a chair at random and told the lady who had guided them in, "Two cups of grade-one Longjing tea."

When the lady, who had been courteous ever since they had entered, heard Zhu Yan's instructions, she coquettishly placed an arm on his shoulder and squeezed it. "You devil. You are ever the good actor. You can't afford to have grade-one Longjing tea. You can have some drinks later for free!"

Luo Yunyang was a little taken aback by her change of att.i.tude. Zhu Yan gave her an embarra.s.sed smile before he said, "Alright, Qianqian. Knock it off. There is a young kid present!"

Then, he looked at Luo Yunyang and introduced them. "Yunyang, this is my girlfriend, Gu Qianqian. She works for the Heaven Pa.s.s Corporation.

Luo Yunyang had never heard of the Heaven Pa.s.s Corporation, but he thought the company's name made it sound great.

"Luo Yunyang is from Donglu Town. He will be getting his D-rank elite verification soon and becoming a member of the Rising Dragon Army."

"How promising! Becoming a member of the elite cla.s.s is really hard..."

Gu Qianqian's huge, gentle eyes scanned Luo Yunyang carefully, as though she was looking at a piece of treasure.

Luo Yunyang's entire body felt uneasy under her gaze.

He had some experience with girls, but this was the first time he'd come into contact with such a mature woman.

Luo Yunyang was too embarra.s.sed to meet her gaze.

"His face has turned red! Zhu Yan is good at everything, except making introductions. He is just too playful! You must help me keep an eye on him, Yunyang!"

"You are so young... You don't have a girlfriend, do you? Let me introduce you to a few girls. They are all younger sisters that have just been recruited. They are all pure, adorable and very attractive!"

Luo Yunyang aspired to reach the summit of a martialist's path, so he politely turned down Gu Qianqian's offer.

"Thank you, Sister Qianqian, but I would like to focus on cultivation."

"Alright. If you change your mind, just let me know." When Gu Qianqian was done speaking, she shot Zhu Yan a meaningful look and walked out slowly.

Zhu Yan watched her lovingly as she left. Then, he turned his head around and joked, "This woman has gotten in my head. You should steel yourself in the future. Don't make the same mistakes I did!"

Luo Yunyang snickered in his hands. Zhu Yan had already fallen for a woman, yet he was giving him advice.

"We will travel to Chang'an City today. The a.s.sessment will probably take place in the afternoon. You have to score over 95 points to be able to enter the Rising Dragon Army's elite cla.s.s."

As he changed the topic, Zhu Yan's tone became serious. "The people in the Rising Dragon Army are separated into the strong and the weak. This opportunity is very important. If you fall a step behind, you will get different results and have access to different resources. Do you understand?"

Luo Yunyang, who knew that Zhu Yan was giving him priceless advice, nodded solemnly. "I get it, Brother Zhu."


Zhu Yan was about to speak again, when an earth-shaking roar was suddenly heard. Luo Yunyang, who was caught off guard, felt his own body tremble.

The roar sounded very far away, but when he heard it, he felt like his entire body was about to crumble.

Zhu Yan appeared very calm, but his trembling body showed Luo Yunyang that he felt the same sense of dread.

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"It's alright. It's too far away."

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