Supreme Uprising

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Chapter 107: The Warmest Welcome

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"Everyone, the quinquennial 37-City Exchange Meet is once again upon us. I believe that everyone will be keeping a close eye on the compet.i.tion. It concerns all our lives after all."

"As the host of this program, I, Hubble, would like to tell everyone to sit back and relax. Everything will be fine."

"Just moments ago, the five representatives of the 13 Eastern Cities arrived in the ancient city of Mei'ya. I have all their information right here."

A bald middle-aged man had appeared on the screen. It went without saying that his words and expressions during the broadcast were vivid and colorful.

As the bald man was speaking, little bubbles popped up continuously on the screen.

"Stop wasting time, Old Hubble! Just hurry up and reveal all that juicy information!"

"I am not worried about the representatives of the Eastern Cities. I am more concerned about the beast-like warriors from Hao'w.a.n.g City!"

"I heard that there is someone among them who can stop an elephant with just one finger!"

Luo Yunyang watched the pop-up windows and Hubble at the same time. He was a little puzzled as he asked, "Although I haven't seen much of Mei'ya City yet, it seems like its residents are way more advanced than we are."

"Science and technology are readily available here, and people receive even more materials and resources. Besides aiding defence, this also improves the residents' lives."

Fat Xue clenched his fists. "This time, I must definitely win a portion of resources. Just one extra portion would improve the living standards of the 13 Eastern Cities and give people who lack proper medical care an extra hope of surviving."

"The 13 Eastern Cities are currently lacking manpower. The young man called Luo Yunyang is only a third-grade martial master."

"He he… How can this sort of martialist be called a legend? Oh, no. No, we better not use this word wrong. I think it's best that we call them the way they are addressed: state scholars!" Hubble chortled heartily.

"Ha ha… A state scholar with no equal. I know the meaning behind these words in the East."

"Can this sort of person be called a state scholar with no equal? I must be drunk!"

"It seems like we should change the rules. The 13 Eastern Cities have reached a new low. They aren't fit to get so many resources."

The contents of the pop-up windows flashed by even more furiously. Apparently, there was an increasing number of people that paid attention to Hubble's views and joined the discussion.

When Fat Xue returned to his room, Luo Yunyang stopped watching the so-called Sky Vision. Instead, he stood by the window of his high-floor hotel room and gazed down at the throngs of people below.

His communication device suddenly beeped with the following message. "Head to the G.o.ddess of Wisdom Manor and attend the dinner banquet."

Luo Yunyang deleted the message and shut his eyes to contemplate the set of Mountain-Shifting Sword Art Techniques. Although he had gone through the mysteries of that sword manual on the plane and simulated it, he still felt that there were certain areas that weren't right.

Luo Yunyang didn't know how much stronger the Mountain-Shifting Sword Art was compared to the Five Tiger-Breaking Knife Techniques quality-wise, but if he were facing an enemy, he would still prefer to use the Five Tiger-Breaking Knife Techniques.

When he received another notification on his communication device, Luo Yunyang changed his clothes quickly and headed to the lobby.

"You are here at last, Luo Yunyang. We have been waiting for you!" Fat Xue rushed up to him impatiently to welcome him.

Even though Fat Xue was wearing a suit, he didn't seem to have an air of elegance. On the contrary, when people looked at him, they thought to themselves, Please don't move around abruptly. You might tear your clothes, if you aren't careful!

Luo Yunyang didn't know exactly what this Divine Bloodline that he had awakened was.

Ling Yubing was wearing a pink dress that showcased her graceful figure and snow-white skin. She really had the air of a G.o.ddess.

However, she was unfortunate enough to have Chu Yuan standing next to her. Even though Chu Yuan was wearing a rather ordinary cyan dress that hid her best features, she still looked amazing.

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A silver Rapid Gem limousine was already waiting at the entrance of the hotel. A hotel attendant opened the car door respectfully and helped everyone enter the vehicle.

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