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Twelve Winged Dark Burning Angel - 十二翼黑暗炽天使

Chapter 2965 - Destroyed or Not?

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Chapter 2965 Destroyed or Not?Han Sen looked at the G.o.d palaces in s.p.a.ce. The whole complex of G.o.d palaces was ma.s.sive. Every G.o.d temple was beautiful. They were like the s.p.a.ce in a system.Perhaps it was because the big macaque had been destroyed by the G.o.d Spirit, but no other creature sought to go into s.p.a.ce and battle the G.o.d Spirit.

The G.o.d palaces were quiet as they hung in s.p.a.ce. It seemed as if it was between a real presence and a dream. It was such a big G.o.d palace, but it did not take over the real system.

Aside from the thunder G.o.d earlier, the doors to the G.o.d temples around were closed shut, as was the door to the geno hall high above. It was unknown if G.o.d Spirits existed there.

“It is hard to escape chaos. The s.p.a.ce barrier has finally been opened by Sacred Leader, but now Sacred Leader is not here. If there is to be a G.o.d fight, who can stop the G.o.d Spirits from descending?” Sky Palace’s first seat sighed.

Han Sen looked at Sky Palace’s first seat and asked, “What is that supposed to mean?”

Sky Palace’s first seat said, “The G.o.d palace is here. They are limited by the rules of the universe, thus they are all trapped in their G.o.d temples. They cannot leave their G.o.d temples to go kill in the universe.”

“Isn’t that a good thing?” Han Sen asked.

Sky Palace’s first seat shook his head. “It might not be a good thing. Ordinary creatures can pull out the flags and become G.o.ds. They can replace the current G.o.d Spirits, which can possess the creatures that enter the G.o.d temple. That way, they can go throughout the universe and kill. Right now, a sky full of G.o.d Spirits have closed their temples. If more creatures attempt to challenge them and incite their ire, and if they possess the creatures of the universe to enter the universe, there will be chaos.”

“Back in the day, Sacred forced the G.o.d palaces to reveal themselves. Many scary elites queued up to slay the G.o.d Spirits, so the G.o.d Spirits had to fight back. A sky full of G.o.d Spirits possesses people when they descended. That was how they broke Sacred. They turned it into the big barren system you now know. Luckily, back then, Sacred was very strong. The G.o.d Spirits that possessed people were killed. They saved the universe. Now, Sacred Leader is no more. In this universe, no faction is as strong as Sacred used to be. If a sky full of G.o.d Spirits descends, who can stop them? The universe will surely be doomed.”

The demon lady forced her body to crawl up off the ground. She casually said, “You are all talking c.r.a.p. Stop the G.o.d palaces appearing and stop killing G.o.d Spirits? Then, how can I be unbound from the universe’s laws? Only by killing these G.o.d Spirits and getting a G.o.d Spirit personality armament to make ourselves stronger can we achieve our freedom. We will not be bound to the whims of the G.o.d Spirits. We just need to get stronger. We do not have to be afraid of those G.o.d Spirits. People say they are afraid of the G.o.d Spirits descending to destroy the world, but that is just an excuse made by the scared and useless people.”

Sky Palace’s first seat harshly said, “The world has rules. The universe needs rules so everyone can operate and function normally. If you break those rules, the universe’s rules will fall apart. Then, things will descend into chaos.”

“If we do not break it, nothing will change,” Old Vulture said. “We need to break rules to make our own rules. We should be able to control our own fate.”

The two of them shared a different opinion, and neither could convince the other to see things their way.

Nine Thousand King brought the goldfish family with him and ran over to join everyone. He politely bowed before Han Sen. “Mister.”

Han Sen pointed at the heavily injured demon lady, Old Vulture, eyeless beast, and Red Ghost. “Tie them all up and take them away. Old Cat can trade their lives for my son.”

“There is no need to go to such trouble, Mister,” the demon lady said with a smile. “If you were chosen by the master of yore, we will help you with all our might. We will do whatever it takes to destroy the sky full of G.o.d Spirits and accomplish your mission. Our lives now belong to you. If you wish to see us dead, all you have to do is say the word.”

After pausing, the demon lady went on to say, “If it is not like that, I must still say that taking us as hostages is pointless. Old Cat would be willing to sacrifice anything for Littleflower. He will not give up Little Master for our lives. Mister, you do not have to worry. With Sacred Leader’s word, Old Cat will give Little Master back to you.”

Sky Palace’s first seat suddenly stopped the demon lady from speaking. He said to Han Sen, “If you can use Under the Sky Knife skills, you must be a.s.sociated with Sky Palace. There is something we used to say. I hope you consider it. The universe’s rules cannot be broken. The G.o.d palace cannot be destroyed. Otherwise, there will be chaos in the universe.”

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“Mister, do not listen to his nonsense,” the demon lady immediately said. “When you kill the sky full of G.o.d Spirits that come raining down on the universe, you will be the one to conduct the rules of this universe. Who would dare mess that up?”

Han Sen thought, “It is no wonder Qin Xiu was the best of his generation. Even though he died, so many top-cla.s.s creatures died due to his words. That guy’s charms are unfathomable.”

Han Sen planned on returning to s.p.a.ce Garden to think about these matters because he now understood a great deal more. He still did not know what the origin was. There was still a lot he had yet to figure out. He did not want to make any rash decisions just yet.

With Qin Xiu’s power, living forever was too easy for him. If one were discussing freedom, as long as he did not do anything stupid, the sky full of G.o.d Spirits would not go and annoy him.

Qin Xiu had decided to fight the G.o.d Spirits, and there had to be a reason for that.

Han Sen thought Sky Palace’s first seat’s speech had been nonsense. If there were no rules, nothing would be complete. Before he figured out if he could break the rules and what the consequences would be for doing that, he was not willing to fight blindly.

“G.o.d, what is that supposed to mean?” Han Sen looked at the G.o.d palace’s highest geno hall. He thought about the G.o.d Wan’er had been possessed by.

Han Sen was unable to understand what that G.o.d did.

Suddenly, Han Sen’s eyes turned bright. In the geno hall’s G.o.d temple plaza, he saw a golden statue.

No, it was more like a golden statue, but it was not a statue. It was Golden Growler, who had previously entered the geno hall.

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