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Twelve Winged Dark Burning Angel - 十二翼黑暗炽天使

Chapter 2964 - God Palace Lands

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Chapter 2964 G.o.d Palace LandsThere were many creatures in the universe. They were all shocked as they looked at the mysterious, old buildings that showed up in s.p.a.ce.Many creatures recognized the geno hall, but it was different from when the geno hall showed up before. This time, the geno hall that appeared was part of the other buildings.

There were still many temples of all kinds of styles under the geno hall.

In the past, when the geno hall appeared, it looked like the moon and flowers in a mirror. Although one was able to see it clearly, it gave people the impression that it could not be real. The geno hall and many temples that appeared now gave people a real feeling. It was like those palaces and temples were going to fall from the sky at any second.

“Sky Armor Temple… Sky Vine Radish Temple… Empty Temple…” The elites of many races saw the words appear above the doors of those temples.

All those buildings were like a giant pyramid. There were many temples at the bottom. At the very top was the geno hall, which a sky full of races knew.

Sky Palace Leader said, “It has been so many years, but the s.p.a.ce barrier is now finally broken. The era of G.o.d fights has come. Is what happened to Sacred going to happen again?” He was standing atop his cloud palace. He looked at the old and mysterious geno hall. His expression looked very complicated.

“The s.p.a.ce barrier is broken. Our time has come.” In the dark abyss, some scary creatures were madly roaring.

“Whatever should come has finally come.” On the streets of a small, broken planet, a fortune-teller was holding a flag. He sighed as he looked at the geno hall.

“Finally, we have waited for this day. Sacred Leader did not disappoint me after all. He did have a way. He broke the s.p.a.ce barrier.” In a palace on a red dwarf planet, a weirdly pretty man was sitting atop a throne reserved for kings. He was looking at what was going on with sublime interest.

Lou Lie bowed and said, “Leader, the s.p.a.ce barrier is broken. The G.o.d hall has landed. This is our best chance. Please, leader, let me fight. I can take a G.o.d temple for Blood Legion.”

The other two Blood Legion members kneeled as they shared their desire for combat. “Please, leader, let us fight.”

“There is no rush. There will be other people in more of a rush than us.” Blood Legion leader looked at the G.o.d palace in s.p.a.ce. His eyes made it look like he was smiling.

The sound of a bird spread across s.p.a.ce. It was staring at all the creatures looking at the geno hall. The black-feathered, giant, strange bird with nine heads ripped s.p.a.ce as it flew. It carried an incredibly powerful and scary power as it flew toward a palace.

“Ghost Car…” Han Sen recognized what it was. The Ghost Car looked like the Ghost Car Han Sen had brought back with him, but it was not a stone element. This was the real Ghost Car.

Ghost Car was called Nine Phoenix. The legends said it was a deformity of the phoenixes. It should have been nine different babies. For some reason, nine of the baby fetuses combined and created that deformed nine-headed phoenix.

Ghost Car had a different element to the phoenix. It did not have magical nirvana phoenix flames. Its body was full of black smoke. It did not look fiery at all.

As the sky full of races looked on, Ghost Car traveled through s.p.a.ce and came before a G.o.d palace. It was headed for the lowest layer of temples. It landed on a plaza.

“You small and insignificant creature. How dare you come to me at my G.o.d temple.” A G.o.d voice came out of the temple like thunder.

As the G.o.d voice sounded, Ghost Car’s nine heads were strangely laughed. One of the heads said, “The s.p.a.ce barrier is broken. G.o.ds are no longer G.o.ds. Today, I, the holy, am going to swallow your G.o.d personality. I will pull down your flag and occupy your G.o.d palace.”

After that, Ghost Car’s bird wings flapped. One of the heads was going to bite the thunder G.o.d flag inside the temple.

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“How dare you!” The G.o.d voice sounded angry. It was as loud as thunder. The temple doors opened. A giant was inside. The G.o.d Spirit was surrounded by thunder. It came out from the G.o.d temple and turned into 10,000 lightning strikes that hit Ghost Car.

In the G.o.d palace, at the top level of the geno hall, there was a familiar voice. “You beat thunder G.o.d. You only need to bring the G.o.d flag down to replace it as a new G.o.d Spirit. You can have immortal life. Are you willing to have that?”

Han Sen still remembered when Golden Growler attacked the geno hall. It was that voice.

“I go across the universe and eat whoever I want to eat. I destroy whoever I want to destroy. I will not be a measly watchdog. Today, I am full. I will be back another day for more.” Ghost Car laughed and flapped its bird wings. It turned into a cloud of black smoke and flew out of the G.o.d temple. It disappeared to someplace in s.p.a.ce.

After seeing this, all of the creatures were frozen. Ordinary creatures did not know about Ghost Car before this. It shocked them all to see it eat a G.o.d Spirit with such ease.

Suddenly, a big beast that looked like a macaque came forth. It was headed for the G.o.d temple that Ghost Car had flown away from. It made its way before it with its giant claws moving to grab the giant G.o.d flag inside the temple.

The giant macaque said, “It might not want to be a G.o.d, but I do! Let me be an immortal G.o.d Spirit.” It was full of burning desire. Its hand was going to touch the G.o.d flag, but it suddenly heard the G.o.d temple’s door open. A G.o.d Spirit came out from the G.o.d temple. Its body danced with thunder. It flew out and turned the big macaque into dust.

All the creatures saw the G.o.d Spirit come out from the G.o.d temple. It looked the same as the G.o.d Spirit that was eaten by Ghost Car. They were all shocked. “Is that really an undying G.o.d Spirit?”

Han Sen had known about all this a long time ago. G.o.d Spirits in G.o.d temples were immortal and could not die permanently. He was not surprised.

“Qin Xiu! Qin Xiu! I suppose I lost this round.” Han Sen looked at the crystal disc and jade statue that had become a pillar of light. He had a wry smile as he put out the five lanterns and picked up the stone lanterns that no longer had a light.

He was planning on breaking Sacred Leader’s plan, hoping to let Littleflower be away from Sacred Leader’s game. Who knew he had fallen right into what Sacred Leader always had planned? He helped Sacred Leader break the s.p.a.ce barrier. He had become a chess piece that helped the G.o.d palaces show up.

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