Super Detective in the Fictional World

冰原三雅 - Icy Plain's Three Elegance

Chapter 1121 - Forgiveness, and So Dark Yellow It's Almost Black

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Chapter 1121: Forgiveness, and So Dark Yellow It’s Almost Black

Without his inventory, Luke could only pick the lock to get into the safe house.

After examining the bald commander for a moment and seeing that he was about to wake up, Luke took out an anesthetic syringe from his backpack.

Carol had put Lorna down on the bed, and she watched Luke uneasily from the bedroom door. She was amazed by how professional he was!

Luke gestured for her to sit down before he said to her in a low voice, “This place won’t draw any attention, but it’s not very safe. You and Lorna have to be careful. Don’t answer the door. The residents here aren’t familiar with each other. There’s enough food in the fridge. Stay here for two days, and I’ll come get you after that.”

As he spoke, he took out a t.i.tanium phone. “Don’t call anyone. If anything happens, use the website to leave a message. There’s an explanation for how to do that on the phone. See for yourself.”

Carol accepted the phone that Luke gave her. Watching him pick up the bald commander again, she couldn’t help but ask, “Are you going to kill him?”

Luke chuckled. “No, he’s more useful in one piece. This is nothing for you to worry about. When you have time, think about what you want your life to be like in the future. Your partner should do the same. A beautiful new life is waiting for you.”

Carol nodded blankly. “Oh.” Was this that new life? She had almost been captured just now!

After he left, Luke entered the sewers again and walked a few rounds before he came out on one side of an old warehouse. He brought the bald commander inside and used various abilities along with the inducer to try and dig out information on Sentinel Services from the guy.

Compared with saving Carol, this was his real reward for the night.

According to Carol, Sentinel Services had more than one research base for experimenting on superhumans.

As long as he found one of these research bases, he would make a fortune!

Listening to the intelligence that the bald commander gave him, Luke was delighted.

The next few days were peaceful.

It wasn’t just New York; there wasn’t any activity in New Jersey either.

That bunch from Sentinel Services were taken away as quietly as they had arrived; the local police had no idea.

After an hour of interrogation, Luke dropped the bald commander off at the supermarket in New Jersey.

Wearing nothing but his underwear, the bald commander was taken away by a patrol car. The officers thought that he was some unlucky b*stard who had been robbed and left with nothing but the clothes on his back.

A bunch of suspicious-looking people then started skulking around this supermarket in New Jersey.

However, Luke had already used his ability to make the two waitresses in the fast food restaurant overlook the memory of him chatting with Carol and Lorna, so their investigation turned up nothing.

The next night, Luke went to the safe house in his typical gray hoodie.

This time, Lorna, who had almost been caught, had a much better temper. It could be because she had gotten a fright, or because of the might of “10 million” as a rescue fee.

Without much hesitation, she decided to follow Carol and live a “beautiful new life.”

After casually asking for their opinions, Luke chose two “new” faces for them.

Carol didn’t ask for much with the new face. At the very least, she felt that it was much more beautiful than the original, and she could totally accept it.

Lorna was slightly conflicted; her new face was much worse than her actual appearance.

Few women wanted to be ugly.

In response, Luke told her that she couldn’t be too pretty if she wanted to hide, or she would draw attention wherever she went, increasing the chance of an accident happening.

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After being caught just once, Lorna, who still had lingering fear, accepted this reality.

There were three types: Good, Neutral, and Evil.

Good was green, neutral was yellow, and evil was red. Each color was also further split into three shades.

After mulling for a moment, Luke started pestering the system.

As if familiar with his character by now, the system quickly sent out a new panel to display the new information.

The new panels were still divided into Good, Neutral and Evil, with colors ranging from dark to light.

Luke took a look and saw that Selina’s name was a dark green.

Was forgiveness part of being Good? But Knee Breaker wasn’t exactly a magnanimous person.

Well, it was true that she hadn’t killed many people. With most of them, she just broke a few bones before “forgiving” them, which was much better than Luke.

Thinking that, he couldn’t help but pester the system. What color am I?

He was just being cheeky; he actually knew that his name wasn’t on the list.

However, the system responded, and it instantly flashed back to the character panel. The name “Luke” glowed with a dark golden light.

His mouth dropped open. “Is this… yellow? Or some mutant color?”

Naturally, the system didn’t react to his nonsense.

However, Luke had the faint feeling that the dark gold color wasn’t neutral yellow, but had some other meaning.

But he didn’t waste time dwelling on it. He had to take things step by step; he could figure out later why his name was so dark yellow it was almost black.

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