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冰原三雅 - Icy Plain's Three Elegance

Chapter 1120 - You're Very Valuable

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Chapter 1120: You’re Very Valuable

On the helicopter, Carol, who had gradually recovered, looked at Luke nervously. She finally couldn’t help but ask, “Why did you save us?”

Luke said, “For money.”

Carol was confused. “Huh?”

Luke said, “Someone coughed up 10 million dollars to help sort out protection for you in the future. That’s not bad.”

Carol was petrified. “10, 10 million?”

Of course, Luke couldn’t waste the story he had made up.

He continued, “What, you think it’s too little?”

Before Carol could shake her head and deny it, he said, “It’s indeed too little. Your ability is very valuable to some people, and your partner’s ability might be even rarer. Based on those fifty soldiers alone, I think the mission is worth 100 million.”

Carol was dumbfounded. “100 million?”

She did all sorts of odd jobs and would be lucky if she could make 20,000 dollars a year, but this masked man in front of her actually said that she and Lorna were worth a hundred million. Was she that valuable now?

Shocked beyond anything, she got out of the helicopter and followed Luke for another kilometer before getting into a car.

After the car was some distance away, she remembered something. She looked at Lorna and the bald commander in the backseat through the rearview mirror, and hesitated.

Knowing what she was thinking, Luke said, “Your friend is fine. She’ll be alright after a nap.”

Carol asked, “And, and the guy?”

Luke asked, “The baldie? I need information from him. I need to know who’s after you before I can thoroughly make sure you’re no longer hunted.”

Carol murmured, “They… they’re probably from Sentinel Services.”

Luke nodded and said, “Now that we have time, tell me everything you know. If it’s a small organization, it’ll be easy.”

Carol was stumped. “Huh? Easy?”

Luke said, “If it doesn’t have a lot of people, we can destroy everything, and they won’t be able to make trouble for you in the next few months.”

Carol was dumbstruck once again; she had never expected such an answer.

This was Sentinel Services, a terrifying department that specialized in dealing with people with superpowers. It was said that the American government was behind it.

Thinking that, she told him everything she knew.

Sentinel Services was probably a secret organization for dealing with people with superpowers who were threats.

Of course, Luke felt that this was just a surface excuse to fob off the people at the top.

Carol told him more about the superhumans whom she had rescued from Sentinel Services. She said that they had been locked up in a secret research base and used as test subjects.

Also, Sentinel Services had captured a lot of superhumans, and very few were able to reappear after that.

Carol had only learned all this after she and Lorna broke into the research base and saved some superhumans.

After that incident, she and Lorna were targeted.

The people whom they had rescued either left on their own or were caught one after another. Now, Carol and Lorna were the only ones still on the run.

Luke could only sigh at what they had done.

This was a matter of life and death; how could they just do as they pleased?

They had to prepare beforehand, and have contingency plans for how to attack, retreat and cover their whereabouts.

They had to make even more arrangements in the aftermath.

At the very least, they should have considered how to hide and avoid capture as well as how to safeguard everyone in the future.

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Clearly, Lorna and her companions hadn’t considered these questions clearly before they attacked.

Sentinel Services didn’t dare put the research base under the military or government, or they would have to report their losses as per standard procedure.

At that time, it wouldn’t be the people who would make trouble for them first, but the military and the government.

The big shots who supported Sentinel Services would very easily be caught and held against them.

Thus, Luke wasn’t scared of p.i.s.sing off the real authorities at all.

If everybody was playing dirty, then it was a matter of who had more money.

But Luke’s goal was destruction, not research.

Destroying the organization would cost far less.

When things blew up, the other party would definitely suffer more than he did.

Luke had never been pa.s.sive when it came to protecting people.

By protecting these superhumans, he could obtain more abilities more quickly. Secondly, Sentinel Services itself was a huge amount of experience and credit points.

As long as Luke was willing, this organization would be visited one after another by superhumans who loved peace.

Superheroes like Batman, V, Daredevil and Big Dipper would definitely come knocking.

With the care and concern of these peace-loving heroes, the question was how long Sentinel Services could last.

As they chatted and pondered, Luke’s car returned to Manhattan.

After parking the car, Carol carried Lorna on her back, and Luke carried the bald commander as they entered a dark alley. He then opened a manhole cover and went down.

Carol couldn’t quite take the smell of the sewers, but Luke had already taken out a spray can from his backpack to eliminate the smell.

Carrying the other two on their backs, they walked through the sewers for another twenty minutes before they returned to the surface. After eliminating the smell with the spray again, they entered an apartment building on the side.

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