Summoning The Holy Sword

Rare Cat - 西贝猫

Chapter 853

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Chapter 853: The Start of the Agony

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 The young lady's minty scent exuded, merging with the dampness in the room. She revealed a crazy smile while sitting on Rhode and touching his chest softly. She squinted and a glint of danger flashed in her eyes. Not only that, but she also slowly ground her smooth, round rear against his lower body. Perhaps one would view this as a s.e.xual scene, but it was an entirely different matter to Rhode.

It wasn't comfortable at all being bound by the steel chains. Besides, although the young lady showed her entirety, it made him uncomfortable instead. Even though her beautiful face plastered with a crazy smile and a youthful body was somewhat alluring, the steel chains that punctured her shoulders were bewildering.

 He wasn't too mindful when she was clothed, but after looking at the pitch-black steel chains penetrating through her dewy skin and into her flesh, the ghastly wounds were too jarring. Not only that, but he also saw her bones through the two 'b.l.o.o.d.y holes'…

 Besides, it seemed like s.h.i.+ra didn't feel any pain at all. Every time the steel chains swayed, she merely trembled a little and this was entirely instinctive and had nothing to do with her overcoming the pain.

 However, s.h.i.+ra seemed to enjoy the pain. At this moment, she narrowed her eyes and licked her lips as though indulging in his body. She positioned her left hand between his legs and grabbed his rock-hard 'holy sword'.

 “Hahaha… I hope you can satisfy me, Master… I really do hope so…”

 s.h.i.+ra lowered her voice as though a lover confessing her love to her partner. But at this moment, she slid her right hand up his chest and stopped at his neck. Although her touches were soft and cold, Rhode was sure that his neck would break if she used just a little more force.

 How amusing.

 But instead of feeling frantic, Rhode felt somewhat excited at the sight of danger. Frankly speaking, this was the first time he met with such a situation. Although he admitted that he wasn't a m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.t, this was his first experience in making love at the brink of death. Yes… He tried all sorts of styles which most ordinary people on Earth couldn't enjoy and now, it seemed like he had to enjoy being forced. It seemed like men were undoubtedly creatures who thought using their lower bodies… As Rhode indulged in the comfort of his shaft pus.h.i.+ng against her soft rear, he antic.i.p.ated what was next. Although he could restore her into the card, he knew clearly that this was also a test for him. If he couldn't pa.s.s this test calmly, he wouldn't be able to lift his head proudly in the future as her master.

 However, compared to those little details, it was most important to accept this s.e.xual welfare, wasn't it?


 s.h.i.+ra let out a satisfied groan while rotating her hips continuously. Then, she revealed a wild, excited smile before plunging down in an instant, where Rhode instantly penetrated her and sensed an obstruction. Suddenly, s.h.i.+ra raised her head and widened her mouth in delight.

 “Ah…. Yes, it is this… this… is what I… always wanted…!”

 At this moment, Rhode broke her final layer of defense.


 She screamed, straightened her back and clenched her right fist. Not only that, but Rhode also grit his teeth at the pain. Normally, while attending to an inexperienced young lady like her, he would have shown tender care to make her ready and lessen the pain. However, s.h.i.+ra was apparently uninterested in this idea as she violently sat on his rock-hard 'little brother'. Although as a man, Rhode couldn't understand her pain, it was obvious from her painfully twisted expression and s.h.i.+vering body that it wasn't tolerable by ordinary humans.

 “Argh… haaa…. ah… argh…”

 After letting out an ear-piercing screech, she rolled her eyes, leaned back, and supported herself with her hands. Crystal-clear tears flowed down the corners of her eyes and she was as though a fish on the sh.o.r.e gasping for air.

 People who aren't aware of the situation may think that I've raped her… It should be the other way around, shouldn't it?

 “Ha… ah… ah… Haha… Hahaha… Hahahaha…”

 But shortly after, the tremendous pain turned into a twisted, blissful burst of laughter.

 “It's so painful… so painful… Hehe… the sensation is so strong… that I feel my organs burning… Ahhh… My body hurts… My legs are numb already… Hahaha… It's so painful… This is the way! This should be the way! I want more pain! Give it to me! More!”

 The young lady's shrunken pupils glinted in insanity. Shortly after, she shuddered and this time, the steel chains that filled the room fluttered while the ones bound on Rhode's wrist were released completely. Then, she threw herself on his chest and raised her head slowly with tears and saliva flowing down her face. The immense pain had entirely seized control over her body. But even so, she continued to crave for more.

 “Please… Master… Give me more…”

 Of course, Rhode was willing to serve her.

 “Haa… Ah… Ah…”

 Under the radiance of the flares, their merged shadows flickered on the wall. The naked young lady rode on him while he held onto her slender waist, thrusting into her pet.i.te figure continuously. However, the distressing gasps and moans resounded in the room and her clenched fists were as though she was being tortured.

 “… No… It's so painful… so painful…”

 s.h.i.+ra kicked her legs and struggled instinctively to flee from the torment. But whenever she lifted her waist, Rhode would mercilessly hold her down. At this moment, she seemed to have reached her limit. Although her voice turned faint, Rhode took it up a notch.

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 Will she be fine?

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