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Chapter 432 - I Won't Give in Easily

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Chapter 432 I Won’t Give in Easily

Everybody on the scene wondered why Qin Sheng had been so bold, daring to act in such a manner, except for Qu Fan. After all, more than two months back, Qin Sheng had been driven to a dead end by his enemies, as if he were a homeless dog, not even having a place to stay. More than two months later, Qin Sheng showed up in front of the family members of the Lin Family as if he were an angel, getting back at the Lin Family unscrupulously.

At that moment, both Nan Gong and Chang Baji were by Qin Sheng’s side. Lin Su’s Senior Mom had finally dared to run to her son’s side; he hugged him and cried as she said, “Lin Changting, your son was beaten by others in your family house. Aren’t you going to defend him and ask for an explanation?”

It was the first time for the brothers Lin Changting and Lin Changhe to encounter an issue like this. They were completely caught off guard by everything that happened all of a sudden.

At that moment, Lin Songhao, whose face was covered in blood because of Nan Gong’s beating, was closely staring at Qin Sheng. The look in his eyes was filled with an intent to kill, which indicated he wanted to cut Qin Sheng into pieces. After that, he asked emphatically, “Young man, do you know who I am?”

It was clear that Lin Songhao had not admitted defeat that easily. He thought that the reason why Qin Sheng had treated him that way was because he was unaware of his ident.i.ty. If it were the case, Qin Sheng would kneel and beg for his forgiveness once he found out. However, in Lin Songhao’s opinion, he would not let things go. He would unquestionably take Qin Sheng’s life away, even if the Lin Family tried to let him go. Otherwise, he would have no other way to resolve his current sense of grievance.

Qin Sheng found his question somewhat funny, not knowing whether to laugh or cry, knowing well that this Third Master Lin was still in the dark. Consequently, Qin Sheng gently let go of Lin Su and said, “Don’t worry, I will take care of the rest. Rest a.s.sured that I know how to act properly.”

Lin Su nodded silently. Even though Lin Su didn’t know why Qin Sheng was so confident and bold. She believed that since Qin Sheng had dared to visit the Lin Family house, it was clear that he had been fully prepared in advance.

Qin Sheng squatted down and stared at Lin Songhao smilingly as he said, “How come I don’t know who you are, Third Master Lin?” Qin Sheng thought, “Originally, it was none of your business. However, you insisted on standing up for the Lin Family. In that case, don’t blame me for what I am going to do to you, Third Master Lin.”

Even though Lin Songhao was somewhat surprised, he said with a tough tone, “Since you know who I am, aren’t you afraid that you won’t be able to leave Ningbo?”

Originally, Qin Sheng had intended to pat Lin Songhao on his bloodied and horrifying face to sober him up. However, in the end, he gave up. After all, touching a person like Third Master Lin would only soil his hands. Consequently, Qin Sheng replied, “Third Master Lin, I wonder how you’ve achieved your current social status. If I didn’t know who you were, how come I dared to beat you to such an extent? Are you threatening me? Do you still consider me as the previous Qin Sheng? As for whether I can leave Ningbo or not, you can try to stop me. However, I’m afraid that you might not be able to bear the consequences.”

Lin Songhao said no more. What Qin Sheng had said crushed his defense line. He regretted acting moments before. At least, he would stop being arrogant from then on if he could not leave that room.

Lin Changting witnessed the whole process while he stood not far from Qin Sheng. He stared at that young man closely, a man whom he had always disliked to an abnormal degree. His face was as white as a sheet. It seemed that he was on the edge of losing his senses, trying to keep himself sober with the remaining calmness.

Lin Changting clenched his fists, gritted his teeth and asked, “Give me an explanation.” It didn’t occur to him that such a young man would break into the Lin Family house all of a sudden and brazen act in front of him. He wondered how contemptuously Qin Sheng had held the Lin Family and him.

Qin Sheng walked forward several steps slowly. It wasn’t until he was a meter away from Lin Changting that he stopped and sneered. He said, “Explanation? Uncle Lin, what kind of explanation do you want?”

All the family members of the Lin Family had been alarmed by the great noise coming from the main building. At that moment, Uncle Fu from the Lin Family made it in the end with six to seven bodyguards. Many of them felt confident after that, including Lin Changting.

Yu Hong exclaimed eagerly, “Uncle Fu. Beat him heavily and kill him.”

Instead of paying attention to the vicious woman, Qin Sheng yelled at Lin Changting directly and said, “I advise you to keep her mouth shut, because I hate her too much. Otherwise, I’ll make her shut up my way. As for these bodyguards of your Lin Family, oh, as well as Uncle Fu, my acquaintance, if you want to launch an attack, feel free to do it. Of course, the reason why I was so bold that I broke into the Lin Family house along with only two helpers is that I am fully confident.”

Uncle Fu and his group of bodyguards were eager to attack. It didn’t occur to Uncle Fu that it would be Qin Sheng again, breaking into the Lin Family house and making a scene. Lin Changting glared at Qin Sheng directly and said, “How come you are ent.i.tled to give me an order? Do you know where you are now?”

Qin Sheng let out a long, helplessly sigh, wondering why Lin Changting was more stupid than Lin Songhao, and thought, “No wonder the Lin Family ended up like this today.” He had no choice but to smile bitterly as he said, “Uncle Lin, Uncle Lin, I like to deal with smart persons. That’s because it saves me a lot of trouble. Unfortunately, you’re not smart enough. You’re more stupid than Second Uncle Lin. The reason why the Lin Family is in the current situation is n.o.body else’s fault but yours. You are simply too incapable.”

What Qin Sheng said was a naked insult to his future father-in-law. Without those issues happening previously, Qin Sheng would have sat down with them and drunk happily after meeting again. Qin Sheng would have tried his best to help them with the current issues of the Lin Family since it was his family who had been the troublemaker.

Unfortunately, Lin Changting’s insight was too poor. Never would he think of the possibility that the young man, who had been useless in front of Yan Chaozong at that time, would come from a family, whose power prevailed over that of Yan Chaozong. As the saying goes, G.o.d is good at making fun of people.

Lin Changting, who couldn’t put up with what Qin Sheng was saying any more, trembled and cursed at Qin Sheng in rage as he said, “Qin Sheng, what on f**king earth do you plan to do?”

At the time, Lin Changting didn’t act like a landlord of the Lin Family at all.

On the contrary, Lin Changhe, who had been by Lin Changting’s side, did not say anything at all. Instead, he sheltered his wife behind him and reminded her at the same time that she should not b.u.t.t in. Lin Changhe was smart. Since he had communicated with Qin Sheng more and knew this young man better, he knew at least that the young man had valid reasons to act improperly. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have broken into the Lin Family house with only two helpers. That was because if Qin Sheng had done so, he would only get himself killed in the end.

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The more agitated Lin Changting was, the calmer Qin Sheng was. He replied with great concern, “What do I want to do? Nothing at all. I am here just to reason with your family.”

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