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Chapter 307 - A Disturbance Arose

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Chapter 307 A Disturbance Arose

Since three consecutive generations of the Qin family had taken great efforts to build up the current foundation, of course, Qin Changan hoped that the Qin family could carry on with the foundation. He would like to have the Qin family ride the tide of the times rather than be a pa.s.ser-by, which was also a common wish of every grand family. However, he only had a son. Though he still had Qin Ran, the way he saw it, after all, Qin Ran was his daughter, who would end up getting married to an outsider. Of course, he, who held traditional thoughts in his mind, would not hand over his family property to an outsider unless his son disappointed him completely, who was not appealing at all. If so, he might hand over the family property to the outsider temporarily and train his grandson well for the rest of his life so that his grandson could be the successor at that time.

However, if he made such an arrangement, he would take a great risk. While facing any benefit and interest, which was beyond human nature, most of the people would rush into danger. There were so many examples like this in society. Though Qin Changan did not fear that others would dare to try any plots under his nose when he was alive, he did fear that after he died, his son, who was simply a scoundrel, could not deal with these relatives on his sister’s side. In that case, it would be more impossible for him to pa.s.s his family property to his grandson. Consequently, Qin Changan had to find other ways out. Here was how his plan would go: after he confirmed if Qin Sheng was capable enough to be his successor, he needed to take precautions and pave the way for what would happen 20 or 30 later.

But, no matter how prepared he was, life was full of unexpected and twist events. Even so, this was the best he could do from his side. He didn’t need to do so if his son was promising and would not disappoint him.

Qin Changan was at ease finally since what Qin Sheng had done today made him feel that he could hand over the Qin family’s business to Qin Sheng without any concern. Under such a circ.u.mstance, Qin Sheng actually had dared to challenge two strong opponents, which indicated that Qin Sheng had cut his own route of retreat and intended to break and stand back.

This was the last test he had set up for Qin Sheng…

However, Qin Sheng had done one thing that Qin Changan really disapproved of, which was that Qin Sheng actually had offended such powerful opponents for the sake of a woman. In his opinion, an ambitious person should not do that. But, upon thinking back, he had done the same during that time, right? The Old Master had done the same in his days. All the men in the Qin family fell for beauties.

Qin Changan laughed out loud as he said, “Gongsun, open a bottle of wine for me. I will have a good drinking session today.”

Gongsun smiled happily as he said, “I will go to get it done now. However, Master, based on the current situation, won’t the Young Master be in danger? Yan Chaozong and the Qu family definitely will not let go of Young Master. Should we be prepared for that?”

Qin Changan said thoughtfully, “Gongsun, this is my last test for him. However miserably he will lose this time, we could not help him anyway. That is also the main reason why I have arranged for Qin Ran to be in Europe. You watch over Qin Ran in case she will act on her own. Once the issue is solved this time, I will let him go back to Sijiu City. At that time, he needs to solve his own issues.”

Gongsun still thought Qin Sheng would not be safe and said in a deep voice, “Master, I am afraid that the issue from last time will take place again.”

Qin Changan laughed happily as he said, “Of course, I have thought about that. I have asked Nan Gong to leave Hainan and go to Hangzhou. With Zhuang Zhou and Nan Gong by his side, I doubt anyone can threaten him. However, they will not stand up for him unless there is no other way.”

Upon hearing what Qin Changan had said, Gongsun was at ease finally. Nan Gong could be counted as Qin Changan’s Foster Daughter, more or less. As one of the Qin family’s most loyal guards, she had been trained and cultivated since her childhood.

In Yuerong Manor, which was located in Xixi, Hangzhou…

The group of people including Qin Sheng were all taken away. Since they had made a somewhat big scene this time and had almost broken down the banquet hall of Yuerong Manor, they had caused a somewhat pernicious impact. At the same time, the police also took away the relevant footage.

Yang Deng was also arrested. When Qin Sheng had pa.s.sed by Yang Deng, he smiled bitterly as he said, “You should not get yourself involved.”

Yang Deng got Qin Sheng’s point and said straightforwardly, “You are my friend and I have few friends. I am afraid that I can’t stand by and watch you being besieged and mauled.”

Qin Sheng chuckled as he said, “Thanks a lot.” More complicated words and sentences could not beat this simple sentence. Yang Deng did amaze Qin Sheng, who was such a weirdo. In the beginning, they had been enemies of each other and he had almost gotten Yang Deng killed. In addition, he had scarred Yang Deng’s leg. However, surprisingly, they had actually become good friends after going back to Hangzhou. Honestly speaking, he was always on guard against Yang Deng. But what Yang Deng had done and said today made Qin Sheng feel ashamed since he had judged him unfairly with his own despicable mind. Yang Deng was a genuine man.

The farce came to an end. However, it started to turn sour. Most of the people were trying to guess who Qin Sheng was. After all, not everybody would be as courageous as him. However, they definitely would be greatly disappointed by the result. There was a huge gap between Qin Sheng and Qu Huanxi. It was the same when it came to Qin Sheng and Yan Chaozong.

Qin Sheng’s group members were all detained in the bureau. The group of people including Yan Chaozong and Qu Huanxi were also taken away. However, the undercurrent outside started to emerge.

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The Qu family and the Yan family got the news one after another. After that, they started to put pressure on the public security bureau. After staying there for only half a day, Qu Huanxi and Yan Chaozong were released. Though they had been the leading players, they had not engaged in the fighting and brawling, consequently, they were free after citing a random excuse. Qu Huanxi was called back home by the Old Monk. Yan Chaozong had gotten a call from the Yan family in Shanghai before he was released. After that, he directly went back to Shanghai. It was said that both Old Master Yan and his uncle were agitated, who were both vexed at what Yan Chaozong had done.

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