Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon

Emperor Song

Chapter 515: Extra 04: The River and the Sea are Peaceful, The Mountains and Rivers Live Forever (End)

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Chapter 515: Extra 04: The River and the Sea are Peaceful, The Mountains and Rivers Live Forever (End)

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Last night, Song Ci received a call from Han Zhan in the middle of the night. When she heard that Junjun, Xu Qian, and the rest had returned with their granddaughter, she immediately woke up.

Song Ci saw her granddaughter, Pangui on the video call and was so happy that she couldn’t fall asleep. Song Ci got up and went downstairs to wake Butler Cai and the helpers at home. She got them to clean up the room that Han Jun used to stay in overnight and change into a clean bed to welcome the master’s return.

Song Ci placed her granddaughter’s room beside her grandson Li Yuanzhi’s room, just below Han Jun and Han Miao’s room.

Knowing that Second Miss was coming back, the older helpers were so agitated that they nearly cried. The new helpers had only heard of Second Miss’s name and only seen her photo in the family photo. They had never seen Second Miss in person.

That night, the lights at the Imperial Dragon Villa were on for the entire night.

At dawn, Song Ci called Han Miao and her youngest son, Han Zheng, informing them that they must rush home for dinner to meet Han Jun and Xu Qian’s daughter.

Knowing that Han Jun was coming back, Han Miao and Han Zheng were both overjoyed. They hurriedly abandoned everything in their hands and hurried back to w.a.n.gdong City.

At 1.50pm, Han Zhan’s flight arrived at w.a.n.gshan Airport nearly 40 minutes late.

Han Zhan brought Qu Pangui out of the VIP pa.s.sageway and saw his family standing at the arrival gate. They stood in a neat row and were all looking forward to it.

Song Ci stood in the middle of the group. On her left were Han Miao and Li Ao, and beside them was their son, Li Yuanzhi. On Song Ci’s right was Han Zheng and his wife, Zhou Wei.

The group of people stared at the entrance of the tunnel. Seeing Han Zhan walk out with a young girl, Song Ci and the rest stopped talking. Everyone’s eyes tacitly pa.s.sed Han Zhan and landed on the little girl beside him.

The 11-year-old girl was very tall, almost reaching Han Zhan’s chest. She was about 1.5 meters tall.

The girl was wearing a loose purple down jacket paired with a pair of black pants and a pair of white father shoes. She was carrying a transparent jelly bag that was filled with colorful sweets.

She was wearing a coffee-colored beret on her head that covered her curly black hair. Her face was very exquisite under the hat, her nose bridge was quite sharp, and her pink lips were like spread wings. Her lips were exquisite, and there was a bead of lip between them.

She was already born with bright eyes and white teeth at such a young age. When she grew up, she would definitely be a devastatingly beautiful woman.

Song Ci looked at the little girl’s gray-blue eyes that were very similar to Han Zhan’s. Her eyes were covered in a layer of mist, and when she spoke, her voice was choked. “Little Pangui, come to Grandma.”

Qu Pangui looked up at his grandfather.

Han Zhan nodded at her and said, “That’s your grandmother. The one beside her is your aunt. The other is your uncle and auntie.”

Qu Pangui acknowledged and walked towards Song Ci.

The way the young girl walked was not demure at all. Instead, she had a domineering aura, making people inexplicably think of those young masters who became famous in martial arts novels.

Qu Pangui stood in front of Song Ci and looked up at her with a bright smile. “Grandma, I finally see you!”

Song Ci hugged Pan Gui and stroked his hair with trembling fingers. “Child, I haven’t been so happy in so many years.”

Pangui said, “Then every day from now on will be as happy as today!”

“Good child!”

How sweet!

Han Miao and Han Zheng walked over and hugged Song Ci and Qu Pangui. Qu Pangui noticed his aunt Zhou Wei standing beside Han Zheng. She blinked at Zhou Wei and said, “Uncle, don’t neglect my aunt!”


Only then did the family part and get into the car to go home.

The Han Family used the Manchu Han Imperial Feast to welcome Qu Pangui’s arrival.

The eating habits of the Aosheng Continent were completely different from those of Earth. Everything that Qu Banggui ate was new.

She ate for two hours. After finishing the twenty dishes on the table, she tilted her head and asked Song Ci, “Grandma, is there more?”

Song Ci stared at her granddaughter’s flat stomach with a strange expression. She thought to herself, This is strange. Where did all the dishes she ate go? Not only was Song Ci curious, even Han Zhan, Han Miao, and the rest had strange expressions.

Han Zhan was the most patient. He patted Qu Pinggui’s shoulder and told her, “Grandpa doesn’t have anything but money. We have everything that Pangui wants to eat!”

Qu Pangui bit down on a crab leg in his hand and said, “Give me a few more plates then!”


The servants served another six to seven plates of food. The chef in the kitchen continued cooking.

The meal lasted from 3pm to 6pm. When Qu Pan was full, the chef’s arms were all sore.

Li Yuanzhi secretly whispered to his mother, “Mother, is Cousin a rice bucket? How can she eat so much?”

Qu Pangui had sharp ears and heard Li Yuanzhi’s words. She slapped the table and shouted at him like a little tyrant. “Little guy! Who are you calling a good-for-nothing1 !”

Li Yuanzhi’s expression froze, but he was not afraid of trouble. He pointed at the leftovers on the table and started mocking. “Look at how much you can eat. Are you a pig!”

Qu Pangui blinked at Han Zhan and asked blankly, “Grandpa, what is a pig?” There were no pigs in Proud Victory Continent.

Han Zhan lied without blushing. “It’s a very cute animal.”

Song Ci’s mouth twitched as she glanced at Han Zhan meaningfully. In order to coax your granddaughter, your lying skills had improved.

Qu Pangui looked at Li Yuanzhi differently.

No one had ever said that I am cute.

Everyone in the Ice Domain Continent was very afraid of her. They called her “Little Demoness” in private because she was born with strong magic power and vicious means. Apart from Eldest Senior Brother Yan Qingxiu, no one dared to play with her.

This was the first time someone praised her for being cute, and Qu Pinggui actually blushed.

She walked over and hugged Li Yuanzhi’s shoulder. She patted her chest and said, “Little guy, seeing that you have such good taste, I will protect you in the future!” She patted Li Yuanzhi’s shoulder hard and said, “Follow me and live a good life!”

Li Yuanzhi’s shoulder bones were about to shatter from her pat.

This is really a little monster.


It was not easy for Li Yuanzhi to escape from Qu Pangui’s clutches. He secretly hid in the backyard and pulled open the clothes on his shoulders. Seeing that his shoulders had been patted purple by Qu Pangui, he swore to never provoke his cousin in the future!

Cousin is fierce!

Qu Pangui’s arrival added a lot of life to the Han Family. The cold winter seemed to have become warmer.

But Han Jun and Xu Qian had yet to return. Although Han Zhan comforted Qu Banggui and said that Xu Qian and Han Jun were very capable and would be fine, he was still very worried about them.

On the night of the 28th of December, someone knocked on the Han Family Manor’s door late at night. The guard opened the door and saw a young man and woman standing at the door. Recognizing that these two people were the son-in-law of the Second Miss and the Han Family, his lips trembled in excitement.

“Second... Second Miss!” “Second Miss is back!”

The guard’s exclamation alerted the guards patrolling nearby.

It was 12.30am at that time and Han Zhan and Song Ci were already asleep. He heard someone shouting for Second Miss to come back downstairs and was so shocked that he sat up straight.

Han Zhan woke Song Ci up and said, “Junjun and the rest seem to be back!”

Song Ci was immediately jolted awake.

It was snowing outside. The two of them took the lift down from the bedroom and rushed into the cold snow without even taking their umbrellas. They ran towards the main entrance of the manor.

There was a layer of snow on the stone pavement and no one cleaned it in the middle of the night. Han Zhan was wearing indoor slippers and slipped when he stepped on the stone pavement. He fell to the ground and felt a sharp pain in his spine.

When one was old, they were not as young as when they were young. They were also not like children who were a few years old who could take a fall. An old man’s occasional fall was fatal.

Han Zhan fell to the ground and half of his b.u.t.t was about to lose feeling.

Song Ci hurriedly stopped and reached out to help him up. “Old Han, can you still get up?”

Old people couldn’t be casually supported after wrestling. Song Ci knew this, so she didn’t dare to pull Han Zhan forcefully.

Han Zhan placed a hand on Song Ci’s palm and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll do it myself.” He sat on the ground for a while and waited for the pain to subside before slowly standing up.

Before Han Zhan could steady himself, he realized that two black shadows were looming over him. He stopped getting up and slowly looked up at the young man in front of him.

After Han Jun arrived on Earth, she changed back to her original appearance.

Han Zhan stared at Han Jun’s face.

Ten years had pa.s.sed and his daughter was still as young and beautiful as he remembered. She was wearing a long black down jacket and standing beside Xu Qian as if she had never left.

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It was as if these 10 years of separation were just an illusion.

Yan Jiang was recording the Spring Festival Gala in the capital yesterday, so he and Song Fei were the last to reach the Han Family.

There were more than 20 people in this family. Luckily, Han Zhan’s restaurant was big enough. It didn’t feel crowded even if there were 20 people sitting at two tables.

Han Zhan was really happy and drank a lot during the meal. After the reunion dinner, Han Zhan was also drunk.

After dinner, Li Ao and his wife brought Li Yuanzhi back to the villa. They still had to accompany Li Li and Su Beibei for the reunion dinner. Han Rang and Nan Yanyan also returned to the orphanage to spend the new year with those children.

Qu Pangui wanted to set off fireworks, but Han Zhan was drunk and couldn’t accompany Qu Pangui to play, so he got Yan Jiang, Song Fei, and the rest to bring Qu Pangui to set off fireworks.

The Han Family purchased many environmental fireworks. Qu Pangui arranged those fireworks in a row and boldly lit them with Yan Jiang and the rest.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

That night, the fireworks on Imperial Dragon Mountain rang midnight.

Han Zhan woke up and sat on the bench beside the pool. He was wrapped in his military coat and blowing on the cold wind. He held a thermos flask in his hand and his beloved woman sat beside him.

Han Zhan gazed warmly at his descendants in the courtyard. He grabbed Song Ci’s hand and patted it on his thigh. He sighed. “Baby Ci!”

After getting old, Han Zhan rarely called Song Ci that.

Song Ci was 10 years younger than Han Zhan and 58 years old this year. It was no longer appropriate for Han Zhan to call her Baby Ci. Calling her old woman would make her look too old. Calling the child mother didn’t feel intimate and most of the time, he called her Song Song.

Hearing this, Song Ci looked up and stared at Han Zhan calmly. “Why are you suddenly so mushy?”

Han Zhan seemed to have a million things to say, but he didn’t know where to start. In the end, he just placed Song Ci’s hand to his lips and kissed it. He said with some emotion, “Thinking back carefully, everything in my life seems to have changed astonishingly since I met you.”

“I don’t even dare to imagine what my life would be like without you.”

Song Ci rarely thought about her previous life anymore. She knew how Han Zhan would have lived without her.

He would be alone forever.

Song Ci lied. “Then you will probably meet another girl who suits your taste. You will marry her and have children with her.”

Han Zhan shook his head.

“No.” His gray-blue eyes were slightly old, but his gaze as he stared at Song Ci was very affectionate. Han Zhan leaned his forehead against Song Ci’s and said, “You are me, the person who will chase after me no matter what. Without you, I will never be happy.”

Song Ci felt a tinge of sweetness.

She looked at the fireworks blooming above her head and leaned against the shoulder of the man beside her. She said, “Han Zhan, work hard to live for another 20 years. I will accompany you to explore the mountains and rivers of China. When you can’t walk anymore and want to stop and rest, I will also accompany you.”

She wanted to accompany Han Zhan to sleep every night, and also wanted to accompany him to his grave.

Han Zhan understood Song Ci’s hint. He grabbed her hand and promised. “Okay!”

“Grandpa! Do you want to come with Grandma to release Kong Ming Lanterns?” Qu Pangui held an electronic Kong Ming Lantern and stood afar, calling them to release Kong Ming Lanterns together.

Han Zhan pulled Song Ci up. “Let’s go and release Kong Ming Lanterns.”

“Grandpa, you must make a wish to release Kong Ming Lanterns!”

“I know!”

Everyone picked up their pens and wrote their wishes on paper. They hid them in Kong Ming Lanterns and released them one by one.

The Kong Ming Lanterns that had ascended into the sky were like stars, guiding the homeless souls in China to find their way home.

Qu Pangui asked Han Zhan, “Grandpa, what did you write?”

Han Zhan pondered for a moment before saying, “The river is clear and the sea is calm. Mountains and rivers exist forever.”

This was his grandfather’s greatest wish and Han Zhan’s greatest wish.

Han Zhan patted his granddaughter’s braid and asked her, “What about you?”

Pangui pursed her lips and smiled. She raised her fist and said, “Climb the highest mountain, get drunk and flirt with the most handsome little brother!”


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