Spirit Vessel

Jiu Dang Jia - 九当家

Chapter 942: You Killed Xiao Tianyue?

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Chapter 942: You Killed Xiao Tianyue?

Feng Feiyun returned to Crimson Leaf and immediately headed for the half-demon camp.

He shocked the guard by requesting an audience with Lord Qing Ji. The latter personally came to see him.

She was a big shot in this camp and was well-respected in Crimson Leaf by the half-demons.

“Commander, I, Feng Feiyun, a member of the elite camp, has returned after three years on the battlefield.” He stood on top of a floating mansion and stared at a fiery lotus.

Lord Qing Ji stood on the lotus; her figure was as incredible as always. She gazed at Feiyun and nodded approvingly: “Yes, the fourth level. Such quick improvement is impeccable.”

Feiyun only needed three years to go from the first to the fourth level. This speed shocked Lord Qing Ji; she wasn’t close to being as fast back then.

“I have also gained enough points and became a war monarch.” Feiyun said without gloating.

“War monarch!” She found it difficult to remain calm and stared at him as if he were a monster.

He removed the badge from his waist. It floated over and landed on her palm.

“War monarch indeed, haha! We have two war monarchs now in Crimson Leaf, let’s see what those geezers will say!” She landed in front of Feiyun and gave him back the badge.

He put it back then said: “People had a problem with Lord Kong Hou?”

“Just the geezers from the other territories. You don’t need to worry about them. There will always be criticism but we just need to prove ourselves with power.” She smiled.

Her face suddenly became serious for the next topic: “Did you kill the young lord of Firmament Immortal City?”

It’s finally time! Feiyun didn’t need to think at all: “Yes, I killed him.”

“What about the twelve descendants of the domain lords?”

“I didn’t kill them but it was definitely because of me.” He responded.

She stood there in rumination for a moment before suddenly bursting out in laughter: “Well done, brat, that was perfect to take them down a notch.”

He heaved a sigh of relief. There was a real possibility of the alliance punis.h.i.+ng him from being pressured by Firmament City.

“Is the alliance not afraid of Firmament’s retribution?” He asked.

“Why should we be? It was a contest of the young generation, Xiao Tianyue died because he was incapable and not worthy of being their representative. If seniors from there dare to come to find you, experts from the main branch will be coming to the city. Remember that we are the largest alliance, we are not afraid of anyone as long as reason is on our side. Of course, this would have been a different story if he was killed by older members. We would be facing enemies from all sides right now.” She explained.

“I understand. If they want revenge, they have to send out geniuses from my generation. Otherwise, they risk our alliance going wild.” He nodded.

“Yes. But you still need to be careful. They won’t let this go easily. They might not do anything in public but will still be scheming against you because your cultivation improved too quickly. Stay here for a bit and consolidate your cultivation.” She said.

“Can I still go to the shops in Crimson Leaf to buy a few things?”

“That should be fine. Crimson Leaf belongs to the territory lord with his army patrolling. Firmament City won’t dare to offend him. Plus, you’re a war monarch now, no one dares to be too blatant against you. Do keep in mind that although the big shots won’t do anything, they might still send their juniors. It’s best to be careful.”

He understood this and bid her goodbye before leaving this seventh-ranked mansion.

“I should be able to sell the treasures from the grave for a high price, then I’ll buy more beast souls to strengthen my domain. Nothing is more important than power right now.” He wanted to go to Glacial Market, the closest one to the alliance.

However, a ma.s.sive figure appeared before him. It was none other than the beast hybrid named s.h.i.+ Dakai.

He was also a first-generation half-demon like Feiyun. Moreover, his master was a Heaven’s Emergence cultivator so he was highly groomed by the alliance, being at peak second-level currently.

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“Brother, you’ve really done it, even killing the young lord of Firmament. Many brothers want to follow your example.” s.h.i.+ Dakai laughed.

“As if you could kill him.” She spoke before releasing violet energy. She turned into a phantom and unleashed a palm strike towards him.

Flames took over the area as he unleashed a palm strike as well.

“Boom!” The two exchanged more than ten moves in the blink of an eye before backing off.

“Three years and so different.” Liu Suzi still didn’t have a single speck of dust on her.

“Your cultivation also caught me by surprise.” Feiyun smiled after returning to the same spot.

“I believe you a bit more now, but don’t be so quick to gloat. Your enemies are aware of your return and have sent out geniuses to kill you. You might not be able to handle them.” She said.

“They’re stronger than Xiao Tianyue?” He didn't buy it.

“Do you think you’re stronger than him right now? I’ve never fought Xiao Tianyue but since he was one of the six geniuses, you definitely aren’t as strong. I don’t know how you killed him but just know that these new geniuses won’t be that much weaker than Xiao Tianyue. You should know your chances.” She said, capable of seeing everything clearly.

There were three reasons for his victory. Firstly, Xiao Tianyue’s spirit energy was being sealed inside that hall.

Secondly, he was grievously wounded.

Thirdly, he was also trapped by the red ice.

Thus, Feiyun’s victory could be construed as pure luck. All the right circ.u.mstances happened.

Of course, he was no longer the same as before. He wasn’t afraid of Xiao Tianyue in his peak condition due to having five domains now.

He only used thirty percent of his power against her earlier.

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