Special Agent's Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess Of Quick Transmigration


Chapter 167

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Ye Shaohua didn't speak, just stood by the door.

Elder brother ye, those people who have been busy all night are busy. They are not in a good mood and have no plans to talk to Ye Shaohua.

“What's your name?” Elder brother Ye takes a look at Ye Shaohua.

Ye Shaohua said it diligently.

“Shaohua? Three talents are soil water gold, which can have great achievements. There are many five patterns of mathematical bad luck. It's doomed to hit with all kinds of obstacles, but it can eventually become a big event, “brother ye said coolly.” for the Fengshui family, it's already the best fate, which shows your parents' expectation for you. “

After that, elder brother Ye is ready to go. When he reaches the door of the stairs, he takes a look at Ye Shaohua. “It's a pity that the name is on your head.”

The implication is that Ye Shaohua doesn't deserve such a good name at all.

They have been busy for most of the night, but Ye Shaohua accidentally interrupts them. Rao is that elder brother Ye has a better upbringing in ordinary days, and he is also unavoidably angry.

“Big brother……” Ye Shaohua opened his mouth, and wanted to say that it was in her mirror.

Unexpectedly, she opened her mouth and called for elder brother. Elder brother Ye replied that she was just a figure behind her.

When the second sister of Ye family pa.s.sed by, she showed a cold and extreme ridicule to her, “tomorrow you can't do us any worse, it's not so good.”

Ye Shaohua doesn't shake m either. She has never done such a big thing.

Since the Ye family were like this, she didn't tell the ghost in the bride's clothes.

Not to mention the educated elder brother Ye and the second elder sister with bad temper. Even though they had some sympathy for uncle Lin at the beginning, they are very indifferent to Ye Shaohua at present.

“Get up tomorrow and talk to Mr. Fu.” Elder brother ye took a deep breath.

Uncle Lin cleaned up the situation downstairs, so he went upstairs and listened to brother Ye.

“By the way, what's the matter with Ye Shaohua?” Elder brother Ye remembered that he had already made half of the plan tonight, and his face became solemn. “When you brought her back, did you check her background?”

There are many people coveting the things left by Ye's ancestors. Elder brother Ye has to guard against it. Will Ye Shaohua have any conscience?.

After all, this evening's event came out of the blue.

“I've had this checked for a long time,” Uncle Ye shook his head. “There's no problem with her ident.i.ty.”

“Then how…”

“You don't know something, young master,” Uncle Ye recalled. “When I went to find Miss three, she was the only one in her family. Do you know where she lives?”

Uncle Ye didn't want brother Ye to answer either. He immediately added, “it's the coffin room. Living in this room will have a great impact on her own air transportation. If there is no magic weapon left by her parents, she will die in that room for two months.”

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He said that he was very clear about what elder brother Ye wanted to express. It seems that Ye Shaohua doesn't know Fengshui at all, and she didn't mean it.

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