Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist?

Kogitsune Maru - 小狐丸

Chapter 33

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One second to remember [Brushstroke Pavilion] [Free of charge, read the wonderful novel!]Chapter 811 - Mysteries

He ran like the wind, lifting up the leaves on the ground and causing them to fly into the air like b.u.t.terflies.

Feng Xinglang's face had been in a condensed state the entire time, and a wave of undispersed hostility gathered between his brows.

At the entrance of Mount Pan, the overrun activated the trigger. No roadblocks were set up, but the people in the villa were aware of the uninvited guests who were trespa.s.sing.

Wei Kang was also with Cong Gang that night. Because there was going to be a major event in the future, Cong Gang needed more people.

"Boss, Feng Xinglang is here!"

Wei Kang notified Cong Gang right away.

The brush in Cong Gang's hands stopped at the design, he guessed that he was probably researching the feasibility of the plan.

"So early? It seems a little early! "

There was a profound meaning to Cong Gang's words that could not be fathomed.

"Boss, could it be that Feng Xinglang is doing this for Yan Bang … Why don't you come and ask us for forgiveness? "

Wei Kang felt that Feng Xinglang did not come with good intentions tonight.

"Even if he wants to denounce us, he will look for the Hetun first!"

Cong Gang truly felt that Feng Xinglang had come for a request tonight.

"If Hetun shows his cards to Feng Xinglang, then we will be under big suspicion!"

It was as if Wei Kang didn't want to become enemies with Feng Xinglang at all. It wasn't just because Feng Xinglang wasn't an easy opponent to deal with.

"Don't worry, before we make our move, even if Feng Xinglang thinks about Yan Bang, we won't be able to find anything!"

Pausing slightly, Cong Gang looked at Wei Kang with a sidelong glance, "Be smarter, don't say too much in front of Feng Xinglang!"

"Alright. "Then when he comes, I'll just avoid him!"

The best way to deal with Feng Xinglang was to avoid direct confrontation with him.

When Feng Xinglang came in, Wei Kang had already automatically blocked himself.

Cong Gang sat in the living room filled with beautiful flowers and flowers, sipping his tea.

Looking at Cong Gang who was surrounded by all kinds of red leaves and potted plants, Feng Xinglang frowned his handsome eyebrows slightly.

"Make yourself look like an otherworldly expert who doesn't care about the world … It's quite mysterious? "

The things Feng Xinglang said in front of Cong Gang, had never been very pleasant to hear. Subconsciously, in terms of ideology, Feng Xinglang was already a level higher than Cong Gang.

In other words, Cong Gang was just a useless life that he had taken from the pool of blood on Chinatown!

Cong Gang's life should be his! But Cong Gang was so arrogant, this made Feng Xinglang very unhappy.

Perhaps, in Feng Xinglang's eyes, Yan Bang was on equal footing with him, but Cong Gang was inferior to him!

But Cong Gang just had to show off something that was one level above him, so of course Feng Xinglang wouldn't show him any face.

"At such a late hour? Don't you have to warm up your wife and children in bed at home? "

Cong Gang's mood would never get any worse because of Feng Xinglang's sarcasm and ridicule. He always had an unperturbed and calm appearance, as if he was as steady as a boulder.

In Feng Xinglang's eyes, all that was left was the word 'cheap'!

"Cong Gang, why do I want to beat you up so badly?"

Looking at Cong Gang's calm and collected expression, Feng Xinglang could not help but want to punch out the calmness on Cong Gang's face.

"You will have the chance! In the near future! "

Cong Gang's words had a profound meaning.

Feng Xinglang narrowed his eyes slightly, and asked probingly: "Hearing your words …. Did you do something wrong to me behind my back? "

"Then I won't give you a chance to beat me up!" I'll take back what I just said! "

Cong Gang's lukewarm words made everyone unhappy.

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"There is no need to wait for the near future! I can beat you up right now! "

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