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Chapter 2319 - : Are You into That Skinny Little Girl?

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Chapter 2319: Are You into That Skinny Little Girl?

So Oren was very cautious. After the third time, he made things clear with Helena.

The two of them were simply friends with benefits. Off the bed, they were just fellow students, nothing more.

After those three times, the two of them did not meet in such a manner again.

Anyway, for Oren, there were plenty of women. Helena was not the only woman out there.

No matter how pretty the woman, after trying her out, it would be all the same.

He had no interest in Helena in the first place. It was Helena who’d taken the initiative, so he might as well take her and try her out a few times.

So, even if they’d completely ended their relations.h.i.+p, Oren did not regret it at all.

Although Helena liked Oren, she could form relations.h.i.+ps with other men too at the same time.

Judging from this, Helena actually also did not like Oren that much either.

She did have a liking for him, but it was probably that she was just obsessed with him.

The more she could not get him, the more she insisted on getting him.

After getting him, she might not like him that much anymore.

But as long as she did not get him, she would surely want him.

In the end, she saw that the moment Oren came in, he went straight to Lu Man, looking all polite.

Oren was not some friendly and helpful young man.

He became famous at a young age, and he was indeed very capable.

To be able to get such achievements at such a young age, it was impossible for him not to be a little proud.

Most people who achieved such results would find it very difficult to control their self-aggrandizement.

And Oren was also not some very self-disciplined person, so he naturally would be conceited and arrogant.

So, could such a person really be so friendly and polite towards a bunch of weaklings?

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Helena had been watching Lu Man’s side. When Oren came to sit down, she then retracted her gaze and asked Oren, “Why are you wasting your breath on those people? Don’t tell me you really want to help them?”

The t-s.h.i.+rt she was wearing now, for instance, was big and loose, so it concealed her good figure.

It was also precisely because it was loose that it seemed as if she was much younger.

Although it wasn’t so bad that she looked underage, she definitely did not look like the mature type.

In the eyes of a busty and mature Westerner with a bigger frame like Helena, wasn’t that just skinny and small, like a child?

She looked absolutely tasteless. There’s barely enough to be stuffed between the cracks of her teeth.

She was like a plain, tasteless soup, unable to excite anyone’s desires at all.

But this was only Helena’s thoughts.

And her thoughts definitely involved her personal bias and emotions.

Because after seeing Oren treating Lu Man specially, Helena naturally did not like Lu Man, and she’d dislike her whatever she did.

But actually, to men—or at least, for most men, including Oren…

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