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Chapter 726 - I'm The Lanlord(2)

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Chapter 726 I’m The Lanlord(2)

The bandit called Shuan Zi became angry out of embarra.s.sment, “You thought I don’t know that? What are you waiting for? Get her and send her over to the boss. Bah, you little b.i.t.c.h, still wants to run away.”

The other bandits probably were afraid of Shuan Zi, they dared not oppose him, and caught Shi Sheng.

“Hold on.”

Someone repudiated from behind, the group of bandits immediately made way for a man dressed as a scholar, waving a chicken feather fan, to walk over.

“Military counselor.” Shuan Zi greeted, somewhat flatteringly, “What are the military counselor’s orders?”

Shi Sheng: “…” can’t believe that there’s a military counselor in a bandit den. This is epic.

The military counselor looked at Shi Sheng a few times, “Where did you catch this woman?”

“In Bai He Village.” Shuan Zi replied, “Military counselor, isn’t she beautiful? I’ve never seen such a good-looking woman.”

The military counselor nodded his head after a while, had no idea what he was pondering, “Send her to the boss.”

“Okay.” they certainly did not have the opportunity to enjoy such a good-looking woman. They will only have their share once the boss gets bored of her.

Shi Sheng waved her iron sword, bringing up a whirring sound in the air. The bandits were afraid to come forward. They only dared to surround her.

“Go on! Why are you afraid of a woman?”

“She has a weapon!” That sword looks ominous.

Shuan Zi kicked the nearest bandit in his b.u.t.t, “What’s wrong with having a weapon? There are so many of you, yet you’re still afraid of a woman, don’t make the boss wait. Hurry up.”

They could only put on a bold face and do it.

Shi Sheng looked at them coldly. As they were approaching, the iron sword was gently waved, and the closest few people were directly lifted off by the air waved out by the sword and flew out a few meters, splashing up a layer of dust.

“Ouch …”

“Ah! My hand …”

They cried out loud, and those bandits that were not sent flying looked at Shi Sheng in horror, retreating involuntarily.

Shuan Zi was also frightened by this turn of events and hid behind the military counselor.

“Military… military counselor… she… she… she…” how is she so powerful?

She wasn’t this powerful when they caught her!

Shi Sheng looked at Shuan Zi. This was the man who pinched her face just now.

Shuan Zi had gooseb.u.mps from Shi Sheng’s stare. What kind of woman has this kind of expression that can freeze people into an ice sculpture. Even cruel, merciless bandits like us don’t look like that.

The girl standing opposite them suddenly grinned, and the light around them suddenly dimmed as if they were in h.e.l.l.

Blood-curdling screeches rose amid the mountains and forests.


This … is a transmigration farming novel.

The female lead, Su Hua, was the eldest daughter of the Su Family in Bai He Village. Due to their village being in a drought every year, they could not harvest their crops. Su Hua was sold to a landlord as his mistress as her family needed to feed themselves.

Su Hua was not happy with this and hanged herself to death.

The second Su Hua opened her eyes again; she was the Shu Hua from the present era. After she understood her situation, she got rid of the landlord and started a business in the ancient period using her modern knowledge.

She turned into a fair and tender, pretty lady from a skinny and tanned skin chubby little girl.

Many men from Bai He Village changed their impression of Shu Hua and proposed marriage to her.

However, the female lead definitely did not accept any of them.

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Afterwards, the female lead met the male lead, Du Gu Xiu, who was a regent. They met when he broke into the female lead’s room while he was being chased to kill.

After that, there were several minor conflicts, one after another, with the female lead.

Their feud was thus formed.

After the female lead learned that most of the lands in Bai He Village belonged to the Ruan family, she urged the villagers to create chaos and demanded a reduction in rent.

Ruan Xiao Yang was fumed about this and went to find the female lead personally. Who knew she ran into the bandits who were robbing the village. Ruan Xiao Yang escaped from them along with the female lead and the others.

The group was blocked by the bandits. Ruan Xiao Yang and the female lead were both beautiful, the bandits had malicious intentions and wanted to take them back, but the female lead was protected by the male lead, so Ruan Xiao Yang was the unlucky one.

She was taken back to Hei Feng Gang and was defiled by the boss on the same day.

She resisted and tried to escape, even bribing with her family’s a.s.sets. The bandits pretended to agree with the terms. But after they took all of Ruan’s Family’s a.s.sets, without mentioning letting her go.

Ruan Xiao Yang waited for an opportunity to escape, but by the time the government brought people to fight the bandits, she was treated as a bandit and shot to death with arrows.

Before she died, she saw the female lead came with the government people.

She clearly saw her and knew she was not a bandit, but she did nothing to stop them and watched her die.

The original host did not have this much hatred initially.

She only wished to live her life in peace with the estates her parents left her.

Shi Sheng did not understand Ruan Xiao Yang’s thinking.

She had hatred in her heart, but it was not much. However, facing this sort of incident, it was normal if she hated her. But why is her wish to merely live a peaceful life?

To that, Shi Sheng can only say.

The human heart is complicated.

Everyone has their own desire.

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