Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

White Day

Chapter 1110 - Actually, You Only Have One Choice

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Chapter 1110: Actually, You Only Have One Choice

“What?”Lei Wanshan was shocked.

It was true that the strong were respected in Qianzhong Ridge. Many families and sects were indeed dependent on other forces. But Ling Chuxi was demanding submission. If they submitted to Sword Heart Gang, the so-called House of Blood Fiend would cease to exist in name. They would all become disciples of Sword Heart Gang. If Ling Chuxi told them to go east, they couldn’t go west. If she told them to kill chickens, they couldn’t chase dogs. They would become no different from domestic servants. Even their life and death would be indirectly controlled by Ling Chuxi.

“I guess you technically only have one choice,” said Ling Chuxi calmly. When she looked at his expression, she could already guess what he was thinking.

Gongxi Kuangdao was wiping away the blood from his blade as he stood behind Ling Chuxi. As he did so, he looked over at Lei Wanshan, especially his throat, chest, and other vital parts. Lei Wanshan’s heart started to tremble when he noticed the way Gongxi Kuangdao looked at him. It was as if his gaze was akin to his blade sweeping across his body.

Zhang Yuhong held his zither, smiling very innocently from behind Gongxi Kuangdao. But his gaze was unkind as he looked at a certain key part of Lei Wanshan’s body.

Lei Wanshan’s heart trembled even more violently as he instinctively squeezed his legs. ‘Don’t look at that pretty boy’s harmless smile.’ Lei Wanshan knew how ruthless this guy was.

Lei Wanshan looked at Ling Chuxi and suddenly noticed a figure behind her.

The proud, elegant, and indifference of the slender figure with mysterious silver hair made Lei Wanshan’s heart tremble once more.

If he remembered correctly, that person had been standing there since he arrived, unmoving as if no one, including Lei Wanshan, existed.

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The sight of Huangfu Qingjue made Lei Wanshan suddenly feel suffocated as if he was as small as an ant in front of him.

These people’s level of strength was quite good, to begin with. As long as they sincerely agree to join Sword Heart Gang, it would be a piece of cake to help them improve their strength with Golden Pill Sect’s elixirs and the cultivation treasure land with abundant spiritual energy. However, their ability to seize such an opportunity would be entirely up to them.

“Thank you for not killing us, my Lady.” Lei Wanshan led his men as they supported each other and walked away.

“Sect Leader, wouldn’t letting them go just like that be too easy for them? I know how these people are. They are vengeful and fickle. I’m afraid they won’t submit to us so easily. They might even think of ways to take revenge,” Zhou Kaitai with worry as he watched the men walk away with ease.

“That’s true. My Lady, in my opinion, we might as well poison them, just like we did last time.” Gongxi Kuangdao licked his lips as he spoke, looking very expectant. How could they be the only ones to have ‘enjoyed’ being in a state worse than death? Sharing is caring after all. Just imagining members of the House of Blood Fiend falling to the ground in pain made Gongxi Kuangdao grow excited.

Lan Xinyu was definitely not the only one who relished in the suffering of others.

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