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사도연 - Sadoyeon

Chapter 640 - Creator God (2)

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Chapter 640 - Creator G.o.d (2)

‘I’ve come pretty far, now that I look at it.’ Brahm laughed wearily at the sight before him, where rays of light descended onto an endless green horizon.

[The G.o.d ‘Odin’ has entered the instance stage ‘Garden of the G.o.ds!’]

[The G.o.d ‘Jade Emperor’ has entered the instance stage ‘Garden of the G.o.ds!’]

The Garden of the G.o.ds was a name for the temporary stage that was created for the pledges to be carried out. It was rather flashy...for a location that would disappear once everything was finished.

‘It must be because of their trifling pride.’

Two conditions were required of those who attempted to enter this garden. The first condition was that they needed to have been afflicted with Heavenly Demon Disease, and the second was that they needed to have been supreme G.o.ds or in positions at that level in their respective societies… Only those who could prove they were “kings” were able to stand here. And because they were beings at the pinnacle of all divine beings, their arrogance and confidence were towering. They believed that only they were true G.o.ds. They didn’t acknowledge the beings they ruled over as equals.

Brahm had left the heavenly world because he had detested this system, so he felt disgusted having to see it again. He believed that they were fish in a small pond who didn’t know how vast the world truly was. Although quite a lot of time had pa.s.sed since they were trapped in the Tower, they looked ever the same. It was clear they still hadn’t grasped reality.

‘I guess I can’t really say anything since I was once just like them.’ Brahm recalled the long-ago past when he was Brahma in Mount Sumeru, and smiled wryly. ‘Anyway, things will come to an end here. Is that it?’

Soon, the “real” creator G.o.d, the master of the combined system key, and Allforone’s replacement would be decided here.

‘The chosen one will be the G.o.d who represents the G.o.dly societies and takes control of the Tower, eventually standing against the Heavenly Demon.’ Brahm felt bitter as he continued to think, suddenly missing the cigarettes he had quit a long time ago. It wasn’t good for his health, but it would alleviate his annoyance and emotions of futileness.

‘No. I guess it wouldn’t matter if I smoked a few.’ The only reason why Brahm had quit was because she had said she didn’t like the smell. Then, when she left, he hadn’t even thought about touching it even after learning about Ananta’s existence. He thought she had died, but she was actually alive. Not only that, but she had schemed the current situation at hand and had played them all this time. He wondered if there was still a need for him to refrain from smoking.

Brahm opened up a subs.p.a.ce and pulled out a cigarette. His blood felt enlivened because it had been such a long while since he smelled this scent. He was just about to snap his fingers to light a fire when he remembered the young Sesha smiling at him. “… This is ridiculous.”

Perhaps because she resembled her grandmother, Sesha always nagged the tribe members who smoked. And because of that, there had been a ban on smoking in the tribe for a while. Thus, if Brahm started smoking again…he would most likely be scolded. A lot.

Brahm grinned cynically and dropped the cigarette on the ground, crushed it with his foot. “Haa!” Still, he felt his annoyance slightly dissipate after thinking of the adorable Sesha. Just then, he lifted his head at the message that suddenly popped up in front of him.

[‘Zeus’ has entered the instance stage ‘Garden of the G.o.ds.’]

‘Looks like everyone’s here.’

[Everyone who has made a pledge is here!]

[All connections to the outside are blocked.]

[It is expected that you refrain from actions that are against the rules while the pledge is being carried out.]

[If the rules are broken, it is possible the system will penalize you.]

[If anyone changed their mind, please announce it now.]

[The countdown is beginning. 10, 9, 8… 1, 0.]

[A total of zero people have announced their departure.]

[The pledge will begin.]

[The scenario quest (Birth of the One and Only G.o.d) has been created!]

[Scenario Quest / Birth of the One and Only G.o.d]

Description: In a far past that is no longer recorded, all the G.o.ds that dominated the universes and dimensions were confined to a “tower” because of a creature who suddenly appeared. The creature bound the G.o.ds from moving and put restraints on their power, stealing their freedom.

The G.o.ds searched for ways to resist and escape the “tower,” but they were met with failure every time. Still, the mighty G.o.ds did not give up, and they licked their wounds over eons, waiting for the opportunity to strike back.

And now, the opportunity has come. You have awakened with a pledge between the Sea of Time.

The Central Bureau has combined the divided twelve system keys into one and promised to give it to you. The combined systems keys have become the only master key that can approach and edit the Tower’s source code. In addition, it is an all-powerful tool that has the powers of creation, harmony, and order.

To obtain this key, you must prove you qualify. Now, verify that you are the rightful master of this master key.

Conditions for success:

1. Commence a battle royale according to the “pledge.” However, the event does not matter.

2. Eliminate the qualifications of other compet.i.tors and steal their powers.

3. Remain as the final victor of the battle royale.

Time Limit: -

Qualifications: -

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『Aha. And you decided to come here.』Odin looked Brahm up and down, then burst out laughing. He thought Brahm might have had a hidden weapon since he had entered the garden, but it seemed he had overestimated him. Brahm was more pathetic than when he had first left the heavenly world.

‘It seems he’s completely lost his spiritual body and is using an artificial body. What is it called again? Homunculus? Ha! How pathetic.’ Odin thought Brahm was only dirtying the honor of the G.o.ds and laughed coldly. He had planned on treating Brahm generously for old times’ sake, but there was no need for that anymore. To him, Brahm was now a mere insect that wasn’t even worth dealing with. ‘I should just get rid of him.’

A thought suddenly occurred to Odin.『But you were never afflicted with Heavenly Demon Disease. How did you enter this place?』

To enter the Garden of the G.o.ds, one had to make a “pledge.” But to do that, one’s data had to be infected with the source code… From what Odin knew, Brahm was the only one out of the supreme G.o.ds and creator G.o.ds to not be afflicted from Heavenly Demon Disease.

If Brahm had been sick, he would’ve been in a deep slumber like the rest of them. The only reason why they were able to escape the aftereffects of the Heavenly Demon Disease was because of the pledge they had made with the Sea of Time in their dream. If it wasn’t for that, they would’ve still been on their backs.

But a half-G.o.d who didn’t suffer from Heavenly Demon Disease or have a spiritual body was here? Something was strange. The other G.o.ds nodded as they were curious as well.

Brahm smirked as he met their gazes. It was a cynical laugh. “You’re all mistaken.”


“I also suffered from it.”

『What?』Odin’s eyes widened at the news he was hearing for the first time. The other supreme G.o.ds had the same response.

“I suppose it’s only natural you don’t know. I’ve never spoken about it anywhere. But if you get the chance, you should go ask Deva. They’ll nod their heads in agreement.”

Odin thought something was strange. That half-G.o.d was afflicted with Heavenly Demon Disease? When? Why didn’t they know? There was only one reason Odin could think of. Brahm had been cured of Heavenly Demon Disease before the other societies had learned of it, or…

‘He suffered from Heavenly Demon Disease before we were trapped in the Tower…!’ Odin’s thoughts could no longer continue past that point.

A sudden powerful aura began to spin around Brahm. It was a magic power storm that was so strong that even Odin flinched. Meanwhile, the other supreme G.o.ds waiting for the chance to hunt Brahm turned stiff.

“Ah, so no one knew. Actually, the first supreme G.o.d to be trapped in this Tower was me.”

Odin began to create sparks to deflect Brahm’s aura. His only thought was that he needed to get rid of Brahm, whose entire body was radiating.

Exuviation and transcendence… Brahm had left the heavenly world, but his divine power had been restored. He was also about to return to his past appearance. “And the first opponent of the Heavenly Demon, who you all begged for mercy from…”

Whoos.h.!.+ Dududu… Brahm, no, Brahma, the G.o.d who dealt with creation out of the three supreme G.o.ds of Deva and was in charge of the Saha world, was looking at them. He spoke in his G.o.d’s voice.

『…was me.』

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