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Chapter 603 - Heavenly Demon Disease (3)

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Chapter 603 - Heavenly Demon Disease (3)

From what Yeon-woo remembered, the Heavenly Demon was all-powerful. He was someone who trapped all the G.o.ds and demons in the tower and even locked the Black King up in emptiness. Why would such a being have to scheme? It was very improbable. Why would he go through all the trouble? If the Heavenly Demon were really scheming something, there was only one reason for it: ‘Boredom.’

It was possible he had grown bored from being locked up in the Changgong Library all this time and decided to toy with the heavenly world. But the Heavenly Demon wasn’t a child, would he really do that? The probability was… ‘Very likely.’ Yeon-woo grimaced as he thought of the Heavenly Demon. The Heavenly Demon that Yeon-woo had met in the Changgong Library was so free-spirited that it was hard to believe he had bound himself by the laws of nature on his own accord.

The Heavenly Demon was the type to ask questions later, and he did things without thinking of the consequences, as long as he thought it would be fun. fun. He was like a curious monkey. In fact, he was the leader of the monkeys. His aura was stronger than the one Yeon-woo had sensed from the Monkey King’s exuviae.

Now that Yeon-woo thought about it, the Heavenly Demon was indeed someone who would play with the heavenly world because he had nothing else to do, so he couldn’t guarantee that the Heavenly Demon wasn’t behind this.

『It’s possible with him. Yup. Definitely. He might have thought it was funnier because of the aftereffects of the Heavenly Demon Disease or whatever it is.』 Kronos nodded in agreement, thinking of the Heavenly Demon he had once seen from far away during his youth. 『But he’s from Earth? How is that possible? From my memory, he has always existed for ages… Has he completely surpa.s.sed all time and s.p.a.ce?』

As Yeon-woo silently listened to Kronos’ questions, the divine beings who were waiting for him to respond glanced at each other anxiously.

『Are you saying this incident is not related to the Heavenly Demon at all?』

Yeon-woo snapped to his senses at Michael’s question and nodded. He had considered the possibility that the Heavenly Demon might be the culprit, but he eventually changed his mind. He didn’t think the Heavenly Demon would be that foolish or shortsighted. “The Heavenly Demon has already been merciful by trapping the G.o.ds and demons on the ninety-eighth floor. Isn’t that correct?”

The G.o.ds and demons couldn’t reply. Their pride would be hurt regardless of the answer they gave.

『Then why do you think the creator G.o.ds headed for the Changgong Library?』


『That is?』 Was there something Yeon-woo knew? Michael’s eyes widened, and the other G.o.ds and demons focused on Yeon-woo as well.

[Metatron hurries player ###’s answer.]

“…something I wouldn’t know.”

[Metatron is silent.]

Michael furrowed his brows.

* * *

『I shall await the day we meet again.』 In the end, Michael’s visit ended without any gains. 『But it won’t be too long since you have part of my twin.』 Just as when he had arrived, Michael got on Yeon-woo’s nerves when he left.

“We realize business isn’t finished, but we must return as well.” Erlang Shen and Prinze Nezha also stepped out of the temple with constrained expressions. Now that their leader, the Jade Emperor, was gone, they couldn’t stay here.

“It’s a shame I can’t see how far you go with my own eyes.” Prinze Nezha seemed genuinely crestfallen. He had become a true supporter after seeing Yeon-woo’s radical acts.

“We still have the alliance. And I still need the Soulstone as well.” Yeon-woo didn’t plan on cutting off ties with the Chan Sect, so he left room for further relations in the future.

Erlang Shen and Prince Nezha nodded in satisfaction. Their business with the Seven Demon Kings wasn’t over yet. After finding the Jade Emperor, they could resume anytime. They followed behind Michael, quickly returning to the heavenly world.


“You guys should leave too.”

After receiving Yeon-woo’s permission, Ares and Hercules brightened and bowed in grat.i.tude. Even though Yeon-woo was their king, Zeus was still their father, so they couldn’t ignore his disappearance.

Hermes also bowed in grat.i.tude and ascended with all the soldiers of Olympus to the heavenly world, leaving only the minimum number of forces to protect Tartarus.

‘A society without a supreme G.o.d. That will be quite interesting too.’ It could be dangerous, like with Mother Earth, but Yeon-woo wasn’t too concerned. The relations.h.i.+ps of the allied forces were solid, and with the disappearances of the creator G.o.ds, no one would try to go after Olympus. Even if someone tried to attack Olympus, Yeon-woo could always just manifest using Athena’s body and defend it.

『But they’re leaving with their Apostles.h.i.+ps intact.』 Kronos muttered as he watched Ares and Hercules disappear through the column of light.

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Yeon-woo smirked quietly. He pretended he didn’t hear, and Ares and Hercules did the same.

“Killing Allforone is one thing, but I don’t know how the Heavenly Demon will react.”

『The Heavenly Demon? Why?』

“Because Allforone is the Heavenly Demon’s son.”

『What?』 Kronos’ eyes widened. It was his first time to hear anything about the Heavenly Demon having children.

However, Yeon-woo still remembered the words the Heavenly Demon said to him when they were bidding farewell to each other. “Oh, right. If you see my son again, tell him I’m sorry.”

At the time, Yeon-woo hadn’t been sure who the Heavenly Demon’s son was, but now he was certain. After seeing Kronos’ memories, he realized that the energy he felt from the Heavenly Demon was similar to that of Allforone.

Allforone only had powers related to light. Since the Heavenly Demon was the being who symbolized light, it couldn’t be a coincidence. Moreover, the Heavenly Demon’s dejected expression when forcing Allforone from the Changgong Library and Allforone’s fury reminded Yeon-woo of how he and Kronos used to be with each other.

Yeon-woo calmly explained his theory to Kronos, and Kronos clucked his tongue after laughing in disbelief. 『If you felt that way, it must be true. The higher your position, the more sensitive you become. I’m sure your instincts are right.』 Kronos’ eyes narrowed. 『The Heavenly Demon’s son…then I suppose we must consider the Heavenly Demon’s reaction as well?』

It meant if Yeon-woo and Allforone clashed, Yeon-woo might have to stop at capturing him alive. But would it even be possible to capture a being like Allforone alive? The difference between someone or kidnapping them was too vast.

『Well, whatever the case, it won’t be late to be worried about the Heavenly Demon after winning. Right?』

Yeon-woo nodded. As Kronos said, they wouldn’t be able to solve this, no matter how much they thought it over. Kronos turned to Yeon-woo and glared at him. 『More importantly, when are you going to introduce me to your comrades? We’ve been fighting together all this time, but they have never greeted me…you impudent b.a.s.t.a.r.d.』

Yeon-woo scratched his cheek with his thumb. When he thought about it, it was true he had disrespected his father. But he felt awkward and shy about introducing his familiars to Kronos like this. Above all…

‘It’ll be a pain if that guy…!’ Before Yeon-woo could finish his thoughts, his shadow abruptly opened next to him and Shanon popped out. Swis.h.!.+ ‘s.h.i.+t.’ Yeon-woo instinctively covered his face, full of foreboding. As if he were intent on proving Yeon-woo right, Shanon prostrated himself on the floor with his head down.

「Death Lord Shanon is paying my d.a.m.n respects to Grandmaster!」

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