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Chapter 593 - Erebus (1)

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Chapter 593 - Erebus (1)

As he watched Hades scatter into the light, Yeon-woo suddenly wondered: how did Hades manage to appear? Yeon-woo had often thought about using the Summon of the Dead skill to call up Hades, but he didn’t want any unforeseen consequences to affect the achievements of the Throne of Death’s legend, which used Hades as a foundation. Moreover, Hades had had such a difficult life, and Yeon-woo did not want to burden him any further.

Although Gaia’s Curse would have negatively affected Hades’ legend, Yeon-woo found it difficult to manifest Hades’ legend anway. However, Hades managed to manifest his legend himself and even helped Yeon-woo imprison Mother Earth. Yeon-woo hadn’t just imagined it because Kronos had also seen Hades. ‘Or is it because of this?’

Yeon-woo turned his eyes to the World Tree, which stood majestically. The World Tree was the other side of the world, the central axis of Ideas, and the pillar of the reincarnation cycle. Although Mother Earth had infected it, and it had lost huge chunks of itself, it was still immense.

Yeon-woo did not know why Mother Earth had switched from targeting Black King to the World Tree instead. However, it suddenly crossed Yeon-woo’s mind that the tree, which was as mysterious as the Changgong Library, might have played a crucial part in awakening Hades’ legend.

Regardless of Yeon-woo’s gaze, the World Tree’s leaves continued to gently sway in the breeze. Yeon-woo stood and looked at the World Tree for a long time before turning around.


Once he returned to Tartarus, Valdeb.i.+.c.h and the Ghost Giants bowed their heads respectfully to their master and leader. 『We’ve been waiting for you.』

The two dragons sat on the edge of a nearby cliff and looked in Yeon-woo’s direction, but they remained vigilant. The same was true of the Legion of Death, which included Shanon and Hanryeong. The members of Dis Pluto had expressions full of pride since they had managed to take back their hometown. The atmosphere of excitement in the air did not seem like it would subside any time soon.

However, in front of the Chan Sect and East Demon Army…

『If you really think about it, we’re on the same side! You guys oppose the Gigantes, just like we do, right?』

『Yeah! Also, we’ve just made up our minds. If you want, you can be our king and we t.i.tans will serve you…!』

『Tras.h.!.+ If you hadn’t betrayed us from the start, we wouldn’t have gone through this in the first place!』

『Shut up! When did you ever consider us allies?』


The chaotic scene was like the bickering at a bazaar. It was ridiculous to see the t.i.tans and Gigantes arguing with each other while they were in chains. Erlang Shen, Prince Nezha, and Agares laughed at the ridiculousness of the scene.

『It’s a little funny to think how those things had dominated the heavenly world for so long. I don’t think we even need to watch over them anymore.』 Jormungandr, who had descended to Tartarus with Fenrir, clucked his tongue and looked at Yeon-woo. 『Our eldest made the decision unilaterally, but you do understand that our society, like the Chan Sect, didn’t form an alliance with you out of the goodness of our hearts, right?』

“Of course.” When Yeon-woo calmly nodded, Jormungandr smiled as if he thought highly of Yeon-woo.

『Good. You’re not like the mortals who have nothing much to offer but feel ent.i.tled to everything, or like the transcendent beings who put their honor and glory above all else. You’re rational and know how to make a deal. In any case, I don’t think my view of you is wrong, so let’s settle our debts at a later time.』

Yeon-woo understood that Jormungandr meant that they would settle things after he stabilized Tartarus, advanced into Erebus, and recaptured Olympus. This meant that Jormungandr did not plan to handcuff Yeon-woo or hold his time hostage by haggling for better terms. Jormungandr’s consideration gave Yeon-woo no choice but to express his grat.i.tude.

『Then, Niflheim shall return back to the heavenly world.』 Jormungandr confirmed that Yeon-woo understood what he was saying and slowly turned around.

Hel reacted as if she had been struck by lightning. 『Second brother…? What’s the meaning of this? I haven’t even said my greetings to ### yet! I have to get his autograph, shake his hand, establish a personal Channel, take pictures, and, if possible, get a hug, and…and…!』

『Shut up. You’re the main reason we’re going back now. We’re returning. End of story.』

『No! Wait, just five more minutes! No, three more minutes! Just a minute…! Ack! If I can’t get an autograph, then just a handshake at least… or just a strand of hair…eek!』

Jormungandr swallowed Hel, then opened a portal and disappeared into the heavenly world. The Niflheim members who had accompanied Jormungandr smiled awkwardly.

Bark! Bark! Fenrir, the only one of the siblings left, swung his big head from side to side as if he were unsatisfied with being a.s.sociated with his siblings.To Erlang Shen’s and Prince Nezha’s eyes, Fenrir’s behavior was no different from that of Hel, and flabbergasted expressions appeared on their faces. Fenrir didn’t care and simply stood next to Agares.

『Wh-what will you do with us now?』 As the representative of the t.i.tans, Selene knelt in front and looked at Yeon-woo carefully, her eyes shaking. Now that Yeon-woo had gotten the upper hand in the war, and their path to Olympus was blocked, the t.i.tans’ fate was in Yeon-woo’s hands. She wanted to persuade Yeon-woo, certain that he was furious with them. She hoped that she could convince him to be a little more lenient, even if he imprisoned her in Tartarus again. ‘Now that we don’t have a mother or brother…we have no way to overcome this situation. It’s better for us to bow again and again and wait for the next opportunity, no matter when it may come.’

They had found a chance after being imprisoned in Tartarus for thousands of years, why couldn’t that happen again? Selene had no doubt that a chance would appear if they waited long enough. However, this was the worst-case scenario for them, and if Yeon-woo wanted anything from them, she and the other t.i.tans would offer it up to him without any qualms if they could get out of the d.a.m.ned Tartarus.

『You are the successor of Hades, and you also wore the Kronos’ crown before that… nd Kronos was the great king of the t.i.tans. Thus, you are our new king! You…I mean, if Your Majesty wishes, I, Selene, and the other t.i.tans will wors.h.i.+p you as our king and dutifully follow you.』 Selene and the t.i.tans had been disconnected from Olympus, so they didn’t have the most recent news of Yeon-woo’s ident.i.ty. However, since they knew Yeon-woo had pa.s.sed Kronos’ test, they were offering their servitude to him.

Kronos, who had returned to his Vigrid form, watched everything with amus.e.m.e.nt. 『Hahaha! Even when I rose to the throne, these good-for-nothings always waited for a chance to blindside me and stab me in the back. It’s pretty funny to hear them still talking nonsense. They’re taking you for a fool, son. What are you going to do about it?』 Kronos was implying that t.i.tans did not have anyone else to backstab, so they were now begging his son, who possessed a sparkling and beautiful personality.

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Yeon-woo let Kronos’ words go in one ear and out the next as he looked at the Gigantes. The t.i.tans were offering to make him their king. If they became his allies and Yeon-woo could add them to his forces, he would be able to not only recapture Olympus but also form one of the largest and most powerful societies in the heavenly world.

『It’s a sad sight to see.』 Since he knew all of them, Kronos found their deaths a little difficult to watch. Even so, he did not try to stop Yeon-woo. He’d sat on the throne for a long time and knew that even though it was necessary to be generous to one’s subjects, in cases like this, it was more effective to be strict.

『We…said…we’d…appoint you as…king…!』 Selene, who had toiled as a go-between for Typhon and Gigantes, crawled out of the shadow to grab Yeon-woo’s ankle. However, there was no power in her grip. Half of her spirit body had already been torn off and devoured.

Yeon-woo looked down at her and smiled. “Don’t worry. I still have a little bit of conscience left.”

『You have what? How can you say that with such a straight face?』 Kronos looked at his son with an exasperated expression.

“I accept your heartfelt wish to appoint me as king.”

『Oho. Hahaha. Such a big heart and beautiful conscience you have, son.』 As Kronos laughed behind him, Yeon-woo kicked Selene’s dying torso back into the swamp of shadows.

[All of the energy of the devoured souls has been given to your followers.]

Sss! Yeon-woo distributed all the devoured powers evenly among the Ghost Giant, the two dragons, and Dis Pluto.Yeon-woo had already reached his limits, and he had no further need of the devoured powers. It was more beneficial to make his followers stronger so they could support him.

After he completely devoured everyone, a deep silence descended on Tartarus as if nothing had ever happened.

『Puhahaha! It’s certain. That guy’s closer to a demon than a G.o.d!』 Unlike Erlang Shen and Prince Nezha, who could not hide their shock as they watched the devouring process, Agares had a large smile on his face.

[The demonic society sends Agares a message that they should not acknowledge each other from now on.]

[The demonic society states that there is a sky above the sky.]

[The demonic society pretends not to see Agares.]

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