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Chapter 584 - Father and Son (9)

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Chapter 584 - Father and Son (9)

『You…you are the only light that can save us.』 Demeter’s words never left the young Persephone’s mind. However, Persephone didn’t have any complaints; in fact, she liked it. She lived in the dark without a single ray of light, and no one visited her except for her mother, Demeter.

Demeter’s visits were usually brief, which meant Persephone spent a lot of time on her own. She was her own friend and conversation partner. Then, one day, when she was muttering to herself, she saw someone other than Demeter for the first time.

『I secretly followed my sister when I heard she was doing strange things again, but what is this? How wretched.』 An impa.s.sive-looking man looked at her with a creased forehead. It was Hades.

* * *

“It’s hard to believe they’re a G.o.dly society. This place is a mess.”

“Huhuhu! This is nice. It just means our allies are strong!”

When Erlang Shen and Prince Nezha chased after Yeon-woo and followed him into the Temple of the King of the Underworld, they were astonished and shocked by the sight that met their eyes. The Gigantes were…losing. These were the same Gigantes who had seized Olympus, which had boasted Poseidon and other great divine beings!

Of course, t.i.tans were no longer helping the Gigantes, but Yeon-woo’s achievement was still incredible. Persephone had Mother Earth’s support and was an object of fear in the heavenly world. The sight of her head being twisted off was unreal.

“Hahaha! Goodness. I’ve always felt this, but what an amazing guy!”

“See, I’ve always said that. That child is worthy of becoming my Apostle!”

“Apostle, my a.s.s. He’ll become a great friend for someone like me, Hercules!”

“Brother, I suppose you still haven’t given up on that foolish dream.”

Hercules and Ares arrived after, still bickering. However, their faces were wreathed in smiles. On the other hand, Athena was on her knees with her eyes closed, praying in a devout manner. Unlike her noisy little brothers, she was blessing the situation. The mighty wall in front of them could now be smashed to open up a path.

As he watched, it was clear to Erlang Shen who would be the new master of Olympus. ‘After rescuing the divine beings in Erebus, he’ll climb up to Olympus. Tartarus and Olympus were originally separated, but if the two are united, they will have great synergy.’ The reborn Olympus was sure to be different from the other societies. ‘And if the dead dragons and Ghost Giants are added to that…hm!’ Erlang Shen’s eyes grew serious as thoughts whirled in his mind.

The heavenly world had already been discussing the threat Yeon-woo posed with his fast growth, and now, their worries would grow even more intense. If Yeon-woo sat on the throne of Olympus, the other societies wouldn’t be able to keep him in check easily. Some were full of antic.i.p.ation at the thought that someone who could defeat Allforone had finally appeared for the first time in the Tower’s history.

‘But they’ll be worried about their authority being usurped. It’s obvious what those fools are thinking. I must help keep things peaceful.’ Erlang Shen came to the conclusion that he would have to keep the relations.h.i.+p between Yeon-woo and the heavenly world stable since the Chan Sect desperately needed Yeon-woo’s help.

『###!』 In the meantime, Agares arrived, folding his black wings to descend in front of Yeon-woo.

Yeon-woo was stuck between Ares and Hercules, who were saying annoying things like “Become my Apostle,” “Let’s hunt together,” or “Stay with me,” so he quickly turned to Agares for a change of pace.

『Son. I’m saying this seriously as your father. Let’s educate these guys first. Are young ones like this nowadays? They have no respect or sense of hierarchy in their family. What if they attempt to be equals with me, their grandfather, when we meet?』

He wanted to be free of Kronos’ nagging as well. ‘Please think about appearing in front of them first before thinking about such things.’

『Ahem! I’ll do that later. Still, I used to be called the king of G.o.ds, and I’m ancient to them, so I can’t appear like some loser. I have to show up in a mysterious and impressive way.』

Yeon-woo thought his father was just too shy to meet his grandchildren, but he knew it would only lead to more nagging if he said it out loud, so he kept quiet. At the same time, it felt surreal to be able to speak so easily to his indifferent father.

“What is it?” He put those thoughts aside and looked at Agares. Agares looked uncharacteristically solemn. It meant he had something serious to discuss.

『Save the dog.』



Yeon-woo had also heard that Persephone had defeated Fenrir and sealed him. However, he was surprised that Agares, the prideful and greedy demon, would request that he rescue someone. He had believed Fenrir and Agares didn’t like each other since they bickered all the time, but it turned out that they’d grown fond of each other through all that fighting.

『He’s like my pet dog. I should have taken better care of him, but I didn’t. If I only knew how he was sealed, I would do it myself, but I don’t… 』 Still, it appeared that Agares’ pride hadn’t gone anywhere. Agares looked like he despised himself for even making such a request. It was humiliating. 『So please help him.』

[Agares of the demonic society pleads for the help of his ally, player ###!!]

[The demonic society requests you fulfill your role as their ally!]

[Jörmungandr, who is preparing for descent, looks at you pleadingly.]

[Hel, who is preparing for descent, looks at you pleadingly.]

[The leader of Loki awaits your answer.]

Yeon-woo slowly nodded, feeling the gazes on him. “I was planning on doing that anyway.” His gaze was fixed on Persephone’s corpse, which was still hanging from the chains in the air. “Just because this battle was won doesn’t mean this fight is over, as long as Mother Earth exists.”


“I have to drag out the b.i.t.c.h who has escaped to the far corners of the heavenly world.”

Agares read the murderous menace in Yeon-woo’s eyes and burst into laughter.

『Ha! I suppose you can’t simply end things like this. That’s not ###. A declaration fit for someone I acknowledge.』 Agares returned to his lunatic self.

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『Son, is this guy bipolar? Why does he keep going back and forth?』

[You can inherit Persephone’s qualifications.]

Inheriting Persephone’s qualifications meant he could take over her position as Mother Earth’s Apostle. Yeon-woo also managed to find what he had been looking for in Persephone’s remains.

[You have discovered the broken terminal.]

[The spring of death is activating.]

[Restoration is being attempted.]

[It has failed.]

[Restoration is being attempted.]

[It has failed.]

[Restoration is successful.]

[The Channel is fixed. Reinforce the Channel.]

[You have gained the t.i.tle ‘Apostle of Mother Earth’.]

『Hahaha! To think my son, the successor of the Black King, would become Mother Earth’s Apostle!』 Kronos couldn’t hold in his laughter. 『The position that all divine beings detest…! You’re my son, but you’re a real headache!』 Kronos’ tone grew brighter. 『And now… you’re going to drag out the G.o.d you serve to this place!』

What could be more amusing than bringing down a G.o.d?

“I learned it all from you.”

『Nope. I can’t compare to you. Have you ever heard the saying “the student becomes the master”?』

“Sprouts only bud where seeds are sown.” Yeon-woo casually joked around with his father as he raised his hand. The Channel that he had only been able to feel but not see or touch was now at the tip of his hand.

[The spring of death is activating.]

Feeling the strange sensation, he mustered up all his strength to pull the Channel to him, as though he were playing tug of war.

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