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사도연 - Sadoyeon

Chapter 582 - Father and Son (7)

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Chapter 582 - Father and Son (7)

『You must heed your mother’s wishes, child.』 Persephone could vaguely remember the words her mother, Demeter, had said to her when she was young. Although she had always been stuck inside a gla.s.s chamber and barely conscious, Demeter always mumbled the same words to her: “Listen to my sorrow. Heed my wishes. Help return the warm father my wretched little brothers have taken away from me. Since you have been created from the talent and Factors of mighty beings, you will be able to fulfill my wishes. You must.”

『You are the only chance for our ruined family. So, please…』

Persephone didn’t understand her birth mother’s words, but sometimes, whenever she was awake, she would ask her mother, “Mother, you’re always asking me to return your precious parents to you, but why don’t I have any parents like that?”

* * *

Showering death on their enemies, and fighting for their allies: the Ghost Giants beat up anything in their path, following the words of their motto. The Gigantes had regained their courage after the appearance of Yeon-woo’s subordinates and quickly began to strike back, with outstanding contributions from the eight great Gigantes, especially Ephialtes, Clytius, and Mimas. Alcyoneus, whom Mother Earth was said to favor, destroyed many of the Dis Pluto soldiers as he moved forward.

「Rise…again…」 However, at Boo’s command, the shadows wavered and the destroyed Dis Pluto members stood again, attacking the Gigantes from behind.

As long as Yeon-woo was safe, Dis Pluto was invincible. No matter how many times they were destroyed, Yeon-woo’s near-infinite supply of magic power and holy power after swallowing Kronos’ true body meant that they would never disappear. Of course, this was an extremely frustrating situation for the Gigantes.

『You insects! How can there be no end to you…!』 Alcyoneus shouted up to the sky. It was horrifying not knowing where Vigrid would emerge from the emptiness, and the Dis Pluto soldiers who returned from death over and over were equally horrifying. It was hard to believe that this was the holy territory that Olympus was so proud of having absolute authority over.

What was even more frightening was that every time the Dis Pluto soldiers returned, their armor and weapons grew darker, and their auras changed. If they had once had the auras of warriors of death who protected Tartarus, their auras were now more violent, like a plague that would send all living beings to the abyss of death. There was an eerie air around them that made their opponents feel fear and horror.

Alcyoneus knew where this energy came from since it was a power the Gigantes had been using just moments before. ‘To think he’d be able to bring out Kronos’ holy power in such a short span of time…!’

Kronos’ holy power was the mysterious power that had restored the divinities of the t.i.tans and Gigantes, allowing them to seize Olympus. It was true Mother’s Earth had been a huge factor, but it was Kronos’ holy power that made everything possible. But now Dis Pluto was using the powers that had made the t.i.tans and Giants undefeatable? The Gigantes couldn’t help recoiling in fear. Their absolute authority had been taken from them. Of course, Alyconeus and the other Gigantes still had much of Kronos’ holy power left, but now, it could no longer be replenished.

Furthermore, there were limits to how much of the holy power they could use because of their incompatibility. From the beginning, they could only access Kronos’ strength thanks to Mother Earth’s powers. However, Dis Pluto was different. They had an almost infinite amount of Kronos’ holy power, and they weren’t limited when it came to using it because it came from the spring of death. As they repeated death several times and grew closer to the spring of death, they were becoming more familiar with Kronos’ holy power.

It was obvious who would be at an advantage the longer the battle went on. In addition, Dis Pluto wasn’t the only card Yeon-woo held. The descendants of the giants who had terrorized divine beings roared throughout the battlefield, and in the sky, the Summer Queen and Kalatus emitted Breath, making it difficult to move through the heat.

[The ‘Temple of the King of the Underworld’ is under threat from the overwhelming strength of hostile forces!]

[The eastern zone has been occupied by a Heavenly Spirit (Rebecca)!]

[The western zone has fallen to the Ghost Giants.]

[The southern zone has been exposed to ‘Bone Dragon (Ismenios)’ and ‘Demonic Dragon of Chaos (Kalatus)’.]

[The northern zone is close to destruction due to ‘Death Lord (Shanon)’ and ‘Death Lord (Hanryeong)’. Reconstruction is urgently needed!]

[The ‘Temple of the King of the Underworld’ is in danger!]

[The ‘Temple of the King of the Underworld’ is in danger!]

[A stronger defense is required!]

[The ‘Temple of the King of the Underworld’ is being taken over by player ###!]

Alcyoneus gritted his teeth at the dismal messages. There was only one word in his mind: ruin. He was one of Mother Earth’s children and had tried to reclaim Olympus in the past, but he and the others hadn’t been able to defeat Zeus and were locked up in Tartarus. ‘That…cannot happen again!’ Alcyoneus gripped the halberd in his hand. He didn’t want to return to a period of grief and submission again. ‘How, how…?’ Realizing there was no path to victory, he looked around and focused his gaze on the giant stone that looked like a pillar in the center of the temple.

It was an altar that was used to connect to Olympus in the heavenly world in cases of emergency. ‘I must retreat to Olympus and reorganize our battle lines!’ Alcyoneus began to dash towards the altar as soon as the thought formed in his mind. ‘Yes! I can just stay in Olympus, away from this cursed Tartarus!’

Yeon-woo and his subordinates were only powerful in Tartarus. Yeon-woo wasn’t qualified to enter the heavenly world on the ninety-eight floor, and it would be pointless for him to go there. In fact, since the Gigantes had lost Kronos’ corpse, Tartarus wasn’t even that important anymore. Although they wouldn’t be able to capture Poseidon and the others, the risk of a rebellion didn’t matter if they blocked off the only path to Olympus.

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To get to the ninety-eight floor, Yeon-woo would have to get past Allforone on the seventy-seventh floor first. Alcyoneus didn’t think Yeon-woo would be able to defeat Allforone, even if he had Kronos’ legends. If Allforone could be defeated that easily, the beings in the heavenly world would have descended into the lower floors of the Tower by now. Alcyonneus decided to retreat first and reorganize their forces. They could continue the war later. He didn’t know what kind of punishment he’d receive for not carrying out Mother Earth’s orders, but it was important to get out first.

Rattle. Rattle! Each step made the sounds of his clicking jaws ring out.

* * *

[The center of ‘Tartarus’, the ‘Temple of the King of the Underworld’ has been reclaimed!]

[You have made an achievement that is not easily accomplished. Additional karma will be provided.]

[You have acquired 150,000 karma.]

[You have acquired an additional 200,000 karma.]

[You have been rewarded….]

[The owners.h.i.+p of the hidden stage of the 60th floor, ‘Tartarus’, is being transferred from ‘Persephone’ to player ###.]

[Warning! The environment of the stage is too h.e.l.lish. No living beings can reside here.]

[Establish more temples.]

[Construct a Great Temple in the center and reinforce the strength of the holy territory.]

[Many beings are currently trespa.s.sing in your holy territory.]

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