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Chapter 552 - Kronos (2)

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Chapter 552 - Kronos (2)

Crunch! Hades’ Spirit Eating Sword sucked in Typhon’s powers at a ferocious speed.

“Argh! This doesn’t make sense…! I won’t lose to you in this ridiculous game!” Typhon’s eyes turned red as he tried to shake Yeon-woo and Hades’ Spirit Eating Sword off. After he’d ascended to Olympus’ throne, Typhon had laughed at the G.o.ds and demons whose powers Yeon-woo had absorbed, and he especially ridiculed the envoys who had been slaughtered in the Crawling Chaos’ holy territory.

Typhon could not understand how foolish these G.o.ds and demons were to fall for such an obvious trap. Nor could he understand how they could allow themselves to be consumed. If one’s spirit or soul were eaten, then all the achievements that one had acc.u.mulated in order to become a transcendent being would end up belonging to someone else. It was more disgraceful than simple annihilation. However, Typhon discovered that he was ending up in the same boat!

『Helios! Selene…! Where? Where are you?』 Typhon called to the t.i.tans who had mysteriously grown silent and disappeared after he and Yeon-woo began battling. He opened his direct Channel with them and demanded their a.s.sistance. However, the only response he received was…silence.

The Channel was connected, but no one answered his call. The thing that Typhon dreaded had come to pa.s.s. 『Traitors! You traitors…』 From the beginning, Typhon hadn’t trusted the t.i.tans entirely which was why he’d left them in Tartarus and sent the Gigantes to Olympus after they’d recaptured Tartarus.

Typhon had justified this by saying that the t.i.tans needed to protect their home base from the G.o.ds of Olympus. Although the G.o.ds had fled to Erebus, they might try to stage a comeback any time. In reality, Typhon was worried about the instability that would occur once the t.i.tans obtained their holy powers in Olympus. He tried to head off this risk by keeping the t.i.tans in Tartarus. After all, Tartarus was already his holy territory, and he could see everything they were doing and weed out any potential threats.

Since the t.i.tans’ usefulness had already expired, Typhon had already decided that he would wipe them out in one fell swoop if the chance presented itself. However, Typhon never guessed that they would betray him first. He had made a critical mistake.

『You’re calling us traitors? Even though you’re on the cusp of death, you’re still spewing nonsense, Typhon.』 Theia’s voice echoed through the Channel into Typhon’s increasingly blurred consciousness. Her voice was full of laughter. 『Didn’t you only run wild in the heavens because of Mother Earth’s backing? Furthermore, the only reason you managed to overthrow Hades is that you stole the t.i.tan king’s crown? That crown belongs to us. You’re just a petty thief who got lucky. Did you really think you deserved to be anointed as king?』

『If it wasn’t for me, your lives would all still be miserable…!』 Typhon was exasperated and enraged that those he’d given power to would dare stab him in the back. They had obediently wagged their tails like loyal dogs only to bare their teeth at the most important moment.

However, despite his anger, Theia’s laughter only grew louder. In the distance, Typhon could see Eos, who had grown to a colossal size, at the location where the t.i.tans had retreated. Theia was sitting on Eos’ shoulder and staring at Typhon intently. 『Sure, we might have been miserable. However, we will now return to Olympus and regain our crown once again. As for you…』 A corner of Theia’s lips twisted into a smirk. 『Hades’ successor will rip you to shreds and absorb you. Hahaha! I wonder who’s miserable now.』 Theia covered her mouth with her hand as she laughed. She was full of elation.

“Theia!” Typhon felt something snap inside his head. Click! Theia had cut off the Channel that she had with Typhon. The other t.i.tans also followed suit.

[Theia and the other t.i.tans have declared their independence from the G.o.dly society !]

[A new G.o.dly society has been established.]

[ include:

Main Supreme G.o.ddess Theia

Supreme G.o.ddess Selene

Supreme G.o.d Eos

Great G.o.d Hyperion]

[The G.o.dly society has declared war on !]

[A hostile relations.h.i.+p between and has been established.]

[A change has been made to the alliance diagram.]

[The G.o.dly society has succeeded in taking over the Great Temple!]

[Owners.h.i.+p of the hidden stage, Tartarus, has been transferred to Theia. Tartarus is now the holy territory of the !]

“Argh!” Typhon’s anger had shot up to the top of his head. He felt like he was going crazy. He never thought that the t.i.tans in the Great Temple would take it over. Their declaration of war and independence meant that they meant to sever all ties. Typhon felt the urge to search for the t.i.tans and rip them into pieces, but Theia and the other t.i.tans had already opened a large portal and were fleeing from the battlefield.

Hades’ Spirit Eating Sword continued to consume Typhon’s holy power with increasing force.

“No! Not like this…!” Typhon struggled. His wings were broken, and his tail had been torn into pieces. His power had already plummeted, and all the achievements he had acc.u.mulated so far were being forcefully taken from him.

[Typhon strongly resists!]

[Hades’ Spirit Eating Sword reveals its Superbia nature and neutralizes Typhon’s resistance.]

[Hades’ Spirit Eating Sword reveals its Gula nature and greedily absorbs Typhon’s powers.]

[The Sin Stone (Superbia and Gula) is very satisfied with the absorption.]

Yeon-woo smirked as he pushed Hades’ Spirit Eating Sword deeper into Typhon. He’d always known that there was conflict between the t.i.tans and Gigantes, but he never expected that the t.i.tans would backstab their leader so quickly at the first sign of his weakness. It was almost as though they were attacking from the front instead of from behind.

「The t.i.tans must be skilled if they can gain King Temper’s admiration for their backstabbing abilities. Master, shouldn’t this inspire you to become more diligent in backstabbing? You might fall behind at this rate…」

‘Shut up.’ Yeon-woo snapped at Shanon, who was busy commenting once more. If the t.i.tans and Gigantes were no longer allies, it would be good for Yeon-woo. It was not easy to deal with those who possessed the power to defeat Olympus and Tartarus. However, their internal divisions had made Yeon-woo a lucky beneficiary. He could instigate a bigger feud between the two and get them to drain each other’s power for him. It was the perfect opportunity for him to win without lifting a finger. Things were falling into place unexpectedly well.

“Deal! Let’s make a deal! Player ###!” Typhon shouted at Yeon-woo in an urgent voice. Hades’ Spirit Eating Sword was nearing the end of its absorption process, threatening Typhon’s very existence. Typhon had grown terribly anxious, and his face was pale. He looked as though he would shatter from a mere touch.


“Yes! Deal! Let’s work together! I’ll give you what you want. In return, let’s have a truce!”

Yeon-woo was dumbfounded. Olympus’ great G.o.d, who had once been strong enough to rival Zeus and had driven Hades into crisis, had utterly fallen. Yeon-woo started to wonder if the G.o.d in front of him was truly the same intimidating being with his all-seeing eye that Yeon-woo had encountered when he first entered Tartarus. Didn’t Typhon feel any shame saying something like this to Yeon-woo?

However, all Typhon wanted was to escape danger. His grudge against the t.i.tans took second place to his desire to live. The concept of death was unfamiliar to him, and his survival instincts were so strong that he would do things he’d never considered before. How much he struggled to achieve what he had!

He had been imprisoned in a prison cell for thousands of years without a single ray of light. During those long years, he’d clenched his teeth and waited for an opportunity. One day, he’d finally risen into the world, and just as he was about to enjoy the fruits of his patience and efforts…how was it possible that he was now about to fall? Typhon was willing to bargain with Yeon-woo and listen to any conditions.

“Does that mean you’ll give me anything I want?”




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[Typhon proposes a contract backed by the Divine Word!] If a promise made with the Divine Word was broken, one’s achievements would be shattered. The fact that Typhon was willing to go this far, essentially drinking his own poison, meant that he was in a life-or-death situation. In fact, at this moment, he could feel his core shaking. His spirit body trembled like a static-disrupted signal.

[Your ally pays tribute to your great victory.]

[Your ally reacts to the news as though it is expected.]

[The allied force is in great shock. They are starting to discuss their retreat.]

[The allied force is in a state of panic at the defeat of their supreme G.o.d. While discussing the next supreme G.o.d, they express strong hostility to the who have declared independence.]

[The neutral demonic society is silent.]

[The neutral demonic society is silent.]

[The G.o.dly society is congratulating you on your victory.]

[The demonic society is extremely happy to see that the battle is nearing its end.]

[Vimalacitra is very pleased with your victory. He sends his congratulations on your progress towards becoming a great warrior.]

[Cernunnos quietly closes his eyes. He exhibits no other reaction.]

[Many G.o.ds are silent regarding your victory.]

[Many demons show surprise at your growth rate.]

Each society reacted in a different way, although they all seemed stunned, just like the time when Yeon-woo had obtained the revelations. Even though Hercules had helped Yeon-woo, the fact that he had killed a supreme G.o.d inevitably affected the heavenly world’s beings more deeply than the death of the Crawling Chaos. Furthermore, during the purification process, Yeon-woo had sensed that Typhon had two different types of divine powers. The two divine powers were so different that Yeon-woo wondered whether it was even possible to absorb them both. One divine power originated from the t.i.tans, who had evolved because of Kronos.


The Cast of the Black King absorbed all of Kronos’ divine power, just like it had done before. The only divine power left belonged to… ‘Mother Earth.’

Typhon possessed Mother Earth’s divine power since he wors.h.i.+ped her as his G.o.d. As soon as he touched Mother Earth’s divine power, Yeon-woo felt his consciousness come into contact with a distant consciousness.

Whoos.h.!.+ The whole world around him changed.

My. Things.

You. Again. Taking. My. Things.

Mother Earth was in front of Yeon-woo, glaring at him.

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