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Chapter 549 - Reclaim (6)

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Chapter 549 - Reclaim (6)

If Yeon-woo’s guess was correct, he couldn’t let things go as his enemies planned. The t.i.tans and Gigantes had to be fighting the resistance if they were using their strongest forces, which meant that the resistors weren’t weak. Perhaps…they were even the G.o.ds of Olympus Yeon-woo was searching for.

However, too many soldiers of Asgard were descending from the portals, as if they had come to eliminate Yeon-woo, no matter what. The thing similar to Yeon-woo couldn’t contain his anger.

Click! Clatter! He released the chains wrapped around his right arm and fixed Vigrid at their end.

[A hidden true name of ‘Vigrid-???’, Harpe is released.]

[Folklore: Denying invincibility]

Vigrid transformed into a death scythe with the release of its true name, and the chains began to swing around, stretching towards the portals. Boom! Boom! Harpe was bolstered by Sword Thunder, and it swept the arriving soldiers away.


『W-what is this…kugh!』

After nearly thirty percent of soldiers were blown away in an instant, the G.o.ds following the warriors of Valhalla tried to block Harpe. Clatter! Harpe’s chains moved freely between pockets of emptiness, making it impossible to antic.i.p.ate its movements. Instead of facing the G.o.ds’ attacks directly, Harpe moved as nimbly as a killer whale in open water, retreating when it sensed danger and opening pockets of emptiness as it took advantage of blind spots to attack. Sword Thunder flashed in the sky, emitting extreme heat.

Clatter! There was an even bigger problem for the G.o.ds after that. Although they managed to evade Harpe’s lacerating attacks and entered the battlefield, soldiers newly risen from the shadows awaited them. Ssssss.

『Victory to our G.o.d!』 Valdeb.i.+.c.h and the thousand Ghost Giants that had awakened with him lifted their weapons high in the air with roars. The Ghost Giants were in high spirits ever since they’d erected a temple for Yeon-woo in their motherland and trained at every waking moment. They were now a force to be reckoned with.

Asgard was aware of the giants’ valor and grew wary as their worst fears came true.

『Light! Be with us!』 They increased the speed of their descent at the command of the leader of the Asgardian forces, Baldur.

The fight between the Ghost Giants and Asgard began, a clash between beings of the heavenly world and the descendants of giants that had been presumed extinct.

『How dare you!』 Furious, Thor lifted Mjolnir and stepped on Lightning Path to push Yeon-woo back again.

Boom! However, before he could even reach Yeon-woo, Prince Nezha stopped him in his tracks, blocking Mjolnir with his Fire-Tipped Spear with a warm smile. However, the eyes over that smile were cold. He hadn’t forgotten the humiliation of losing to Thor during their first clash. “He’s a busy guy. I’ll play with you instead.”

『Move, you lowly being!』

“Lowly being?” Prince Nezha’s eyes flashed dangerously. “I’m usually treated pretty well wherever I go. My pride won’t let me pretend I didn’t hear that. Nope.”

Whoos.h.!.+ Intense winds blew around Prince Nezha, and his bronze armor started to break into pieces. Crack. In an instant, he grew hundreds of meters tall, turning into a monster with three heads and six arms. Prince Nezha revealed his hidden true body. He had a different weapon in each hand that made him look even more threatening, and each of his heads had a different expression as they stared at Thor.

『I didn’t want to show this side of myself.』

『But you left me with no choice.』

『This time, I’ll ask if you are worthy of fighting here.』

The three mouths moved simultaneously as they released a mighty wave of energy. Thor struck the ground with Mjolnir, releasing his own energy wave with a stiff expression after realizing that Prince Nezha’s true form was not inferior to his own.

In the meantime, Prince Nezha’s true body and his giant sword loomed above Thor’s head. Cras.h.!.+ As Thor lifted Mjolnir to protect himself with golden lightning, Yeon-woo pulled the chains in and gripped Harpe. Clatter. 『Valdeb.i.+.c.h, Lam. I’ll leave this place to you.』

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If the t.i.tans and Gigantes were attempting a two-front war, he needed to stop it. After messaging his two subordinates, he quickly brought down Harpe and jumped into the emptiness that he’d opened. Swoos.h.!.+

It was Asgard’s responsibility to deal with Yeon-woo, according to their plan. 『Stupid Asgard…couldn’t catch you, rat…it’s for the best…I’ll bury you together with that scoundrel…!』

Hercules’s eyes also widened when he saw Yeon-woo. Yeon-woo ignored them both. Click!

[A hidden true name of ‘Vigrid-???’, Gáe Bulg, is being released.]

[Folklore: Hitting the mark with a single shot]

When Yeon-woo felt that he had successfully pushed the t.i.tans and Gigantes away from the fortress, he changed his method of attack. He separated Vigrid from the chains and a.s.sembled Ruyi Bang into a staff, attaching Vigrid to one end. Then, he threw the spear at Typhon.

It flew at the speed of light and penetrated through multiple barriers that protected Typhon’s eye, creating a shower of sparks that fell to the ground as lightning. The sight seemed to have been torn from the old legends. Spurt!

Vigrid cleared through the last barrier and pierced Typhon’s eye.

『Ahh! Ahhhh…!』 Typhon thrashed in pain, the center of his power injured. Blood dripped from his eye.

“Hercules!” Hercules tossed the club in his hand as if he had been waiting for the signal. As though s.p.a.ce itself were torn apart, Typhon’s laws over the fortress were broken. Crack! Everything exploded with the sound of cracking gla.s.s.

Yeon-woo retrieved Vigrid and moved again. When the laws of the holy territory were invalidated for a brief moment, he had seen the coordinates to Typhon’s true body. After he opened the emptiness that led to it, Yeon-woo met the eyes of a gaunt man meditating above a strange magic circle. Dozens of candles lit around him. It was Typhon.

Blood dripped down from his injured eye, which he’d covered with a hand. Typhon’s visible eye widened in surprise when he realized that his location had been discovered.

“So, this is where you’re hiding.” Yeon-woo brandished Vigrid and immediately activated the Eight Extremes of Sword Thunder. There was no need to go easy on Typhon. As Heaven Thunder exploded, Typhon’s room was blown away.

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