Second Life Ranker

사도연 - Sadoyeon

Chapter 508 - Scenario Quest (8)

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Chapter 508 - Scenario Quest (8)


Valdeb.i.+.c.h’s eyes widened in bewilderment. He had heard of the Emerald Tablet before; it was the stone tablet of civilization that Faust had so pa.s.sionately studied. However, he had never heard of the revelations.

Before he could ask a question, his face stiffened at the multiple gazes that suddenly fell upon them.

[The G.o.dly society examines both of you!]

[The G.o.dly society glowers at both of you!]

[The G.o.dly society watches both of you!]

[The demonic society reviews your contract of alliance to update it!]

[The demonic society closes their mouth!]

It was the first time Valdeb.i.+.c.h was receiving this much attention from the heavenly world. Although the beings always watched the lower world, they didn’t react to it. They only talked among themselves as if they were watching a play; it was rare for them to take action because they believed it was beneath them.

Valdeb.i.+.c.h did receive some attention from G.o.ds and demons after becoming the successor of the giant race. However, most players didn’t even draw the attention of one being. That was the reason why Apostles were the rarest among the rankers who pa.s.sed the fiftieth floor. It also went without saying that the higher a divine being’s rank was, especially if they were a superior divine being, the less interest they had in the lower world.

Vieira Dune was the only exception Valdeb.i.+.c.h knew. Even Cha Jeong-woo, who raised a storm in the Tower, only received attention from a limited number of G.o.ds and demons. Valdeb.i.+.c.h had never seen entire societies move to action like this. He was astonished.

However, Yeon-woo acted as if it were a natural thing to happen, and he even smirked at how predictable they were. “They’re desperate.”

『What…is going on?』

“I told you. We found the revelations. It seems like your ancestors were preparing for a counterattack using them.”

『Speak more clearly! I don’t understand a word you’re saying! What are the revelations, and why are they like that?!』 Valdeb.i.+.c.h shouted. He felt displeased at the immense attention the G.o.ds and demons were suddenly giving him. They’d ignored him when he begged for help to rescue the half-giants, but they were suddenly roused just because of this item!

Yeon-woo grinned and explained what the revelations were. He said it was a book that contained all the history and secrets of the universe from beginning to end. Although the author was unknown, Yeon-woo said having just a part of the knowledge could give you powers that surpa.s.sed the laws of nature. He explained it all in a teasing way, as if he were provoking the G.o.ds and demons looking down.

The beings were probably frustrated that the revelations were right in front of them but they couldn’t reach it because of the laws of causality. Yeon-woo was throwing this in their faces.

『So…the reason you’re this strong is the revelations?』


『And it’s also the reason why those things above are so desperate?』

“The revelations might contain hints that will free them from the laws of causality.”

『Ha!』 Valdeb.i.+.c.h scoffed in disbelief. Although the beings acted lofty because they were transcendents and immortal, in the end, they were just creatures that acted according to their desires. He clucked his tongue, his forehead creasing. 『But how did my ancestors come to have this?』

“I don’t know.” Yeon-woo laughed. His gaze was still fixed on the skies. Valdeb.i.+.c.h felt like the gazes of the heavenly world were trying to suppress their anger. “But I do know for sure your ancestors were braver than those things.”

[The G.o.dly society protests timidly!]

“The Crawling Chaos has a part of the revelations. It’s likely the giant race stole this from him while they were acting as his hunting dogs. They probably realized what the revelations were and tried to use them. I’m guessing they hid the revelations in different places, and this is just a part of it.” Yeon-woo had learned this from the message that had just popped up.

[You have successfully solved the first secret of the sites.]

[There are still uncovered secrets. Please investigate more carefully.]

“But it was probably difficult for the giants to find the chance to attack. The Crawling Chaos doesn’t show any weakness, and they were also worried about the captives as well. It seems they left the revelations for their descendants to use.”

『A legacy for us…so they weren’t just simple hunting dogs.』 Valdeb.i.+.c.h muttered to himself, chuckling. He was pleased. It was like his ancestors to resist until the end and not give up. He’d never seen them before, but he could sense their intense yearning from these sites.

“Anyway, things will become easier with these.”

『How?』 Valdeb.i.+.c.h still didn’t understand how amazing the revelations were, so he c.o.c.ked his head in confusion. To him, the revelations were only a hidden card and not something that could completely turn the situation around. They hadn’t found all of the revelations yet, and even if they did, it would take time to train the half-giants. How could things become easier?

Yeon-woo smirked. His smile seemed wicked and devious. Valdeb.i.+.c.h instinctively flinched and stepped back as Yeon-woo looked up at the sky. “How? It means we can use the revelations to control the guys up there.”

[The G.o.dly society is silent.]

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[The G.o.dly society is silent.]

Also, since they were here as envoys, they had to be respectful. It was an unwritten rule that had never been broken ever since the creation of the heavenly world.

‘Does that mean…everyone here acknowledges that ### has the same level as they do?’ Valdeb.i.+.c.h trembled once more from shock. These were the transcendents who treated mortals like bugs? Who could ever imagine it? Although their pride was probably hurt, none of them showed it.

The revelations Yeon-woo possessed was likely only part of the reason why; it meant they acknowledged his strength as well!

‘I, I mean, we…are serving an incredible G.o.d.’ Valdeb.i.+.c.h realized how amazing Yeon-woo’s prowess was and began to have more hope. They might really be able to escape this horrid h.e.l.l!

Thor, the first to descend, began to speak. Befitting of the G.o.d of thunder, his voice boomed throughout heaven and earth. Yellow sparks crackled around him. 『Hahaha! As expected of the Black King’s successor. You’re amazing each time I look at you. I knew you would create incredible legends, and I’ve been waiting for that day to come. You deserve to walk by our side to rule over the world.』Krrr. The aura he exuded was as great as his booming voice, and the other envoys around him had to heal their nearly broken bodies.

None of them were beneath Thor in divinity, so no one was hurt, but they still frowned in displeasure. Yeon-woo felt the same. “Hey.”

『What is it, mortal? Do you have an offer?』

“You’re noisy as h.e.l.l, so lower the volume.”

Thor’s expression went blank. No one had ever spoken to him like that in the thousands of years he’d been a great warrior.

Yeon-woo scoffed at him. “It looks like you’re trying to take the upper hand by calling me a mortal.”

Boom! Black-red bolts suddenly rained down right next to Thor. If any landed on him, he would have been in trouble since it was Sword Thunder. Thor’s face stiffened. Dropping lightning on him, the G.o.d of thunder, was an insult, but he had seen how dangerous Sword Thunder was from the heavenly world. It was a clear display of strength telling him to restrain himself.

“Don’t do anything foolish. If you get on my nerves, there won’t be any negotiations or anything like that.”

The G.o.ds and demons were all shocked by Yeon-woo’s threat. They probably hadn’t imagined they’d be humiliated like Thor, especially by a mortal they’d been lending powers to in the hopes of using him as their Apostle.

『I thought we had some camaraderie between us as warriors. Was that my mistake?』 Thor suppressed his rising anger and tried to plead to Yeon-woo.

“Too much talking. I’ll take Asgard out.”

『What…!』 Before Thor could continue, the other envoys, who were waiting for an opportunity, moved as one. Sharp winds and fire rained down on him. Thor’s incarnation was destroyed before he could resist. There was no mercy between the G.o.ds and demons. All they cared about was getting rid of compet.i.tion.

After Thor was gone, the envoys looked at Yeon-woo like puppies that wanted compliments from their owner.

“Good job, keep it up.” Yeon-woo smiled darkly. “From now on, you’re all dogs. Dogs that have to bark and bite whenever their owner tells them to.”

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