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Chapter 504 - Scenario Quest (4)

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Chapter 504 - Scenario Quest (4)


Valdeb.i.+.c.h remained silent for a moment, glaring at Yeon-woo. It seemed he knew who Yeon-woo was.

‘His personality is different from the diary.’

The Valdeb.i.+.c.h Jeong-woo remembered was always simple and kind. Sometimes in battles, he did go mad and run forward without looking back, which was how he got his nickname Sword Yaksha, but he normally had a timid personality, not able to say anything mean to others. It was why he was constantly teased by his companions, and it was also the reason why he’d been deceived by Bayluk in the end.

However, the Valdeb.i.+.c.h in front of Yeon-woo was nothing like that. His eyes were blazing, and he looked unyielding. On top of that, the scars filling his entire body showed how rough the battlefields he’d been fighting in were.

The madness that exploded whenever he grabbed his sword had also been quelled to a fierce fighting spirit. He looked like a warrior who fought numerous battles. But his slow p.r.o.nunciation was ever the same.

Valdeb.i.+.c.h didn’t speak out loud, but used Open Speaking instead, probably because he could deliver his thoughts faster this way.

『You’re… ###, right?』

Yeon-woo’s name was blurred out again because it was still marked as confidential data. But Valdeb.i.+.c.h had said the word “Cha Yeon-woo” directly, meaning he knew exactly who he was.

“Did Jeong-woo tell you my name too?”

『In pa.s.sing.』

“He must’ve muttered by name when he was drunk.”

『You’re spot-on.』

Valdeb.i.+.c.h wordlessly looked Yeon-woo up and down again. Many emotions flashed through his eyes at that moment. Since he was looking at the exact same face his old friend had, he was probably having mixed feelings. It was understandable since they had started together from the Tutorial and stayed good friends.

Then, Valdeb.i.+.c.h forced his complicated emotions aside and sighed.

『Haa! I couldn’t say for sure… but you really came all the way here?』

He narrowed his eyes at Yeon-woo.

『And the way you cause trouble is like your little brother. How can brothers be so similar?』


Yeon-woo snorted.

“I’m way better than him. Face-wise and personality-wise.”


Valdeb.i.+.c.h looked at Yeon-woo with a flabbergasted expression, like he was wondering what kind of nonsense he was listening to. He clicked his tongue.

『Your narcissism is also the same. Only the way you speak is different. Don’t your other companions complain about that?』

“I’m only speaking the truth. What would they complain about?”

『…You really are brothers.』

Valdeb.i.+.c.h shook his head while Yeon-woo brushed it off.

“Before that, there’s something I want to ask.”

『What is it?』

“This place is inside of the Tower, but why are there so many otherworld G.o.ds?”


Valdeb.i.+.c.h was about to reply when the crying of the otherworld G.o.ds rang in the sky again. The stage shook once more. The sky trembled as if it was about to come down. The G.o.ds began to fight with each other, still angry that they had lost their target.

Valdeb.i.+.c.h watched the scene and slowly stood up.

『I don’t think it’ll be easy to continue speaking here. Let’s move first. Follow me.』

He didn’t wait for Yeon-woo’s response before he began moving. The barrier moved along with him. He seemed used to the situation.

Yeon-woo also used Wind Path to step after Valdeb.i.+.c.h.

* * *

The place he led him to was far off from where Yeon-woo had first arrived at. Multiple barriers were layered over a large plain. When Yeon-woo entered it, he could see a ma.s.s grave with countless gravestones lined up.

The cabin Valdeb.i.+.c.h was staying in was located behind the graves.

“That grave is…”

『Why do you ask when you already know? Their graves of my dead race. Although I wasn’t able to bury them properly. Come in.』

Valdeb.i.+.c.h’s tone was a bit sharp. Yeon-woo could feel the exhaustion dripping from his words.

A half-giant who chose to be a gravekeeper… it seemed Valdeb.i.+.c.h was retrieving the remains of the giants and marking these gravestones one by one.

He was doing what no one had asked him to do in solitude. It would be strange if he wasn’t sharp since he was keeping at his job in the midst of the dangers from the otherworld G.o.ds.

The cabin he was staying in was quite large. Since he had a hefty size, it couldn’t help but seem big to Yeon-woo’s standards. The interior was only filled with the bare necessities, displaying his personality.

‘It’s the same.’

The layout was the exact same as the structure of his room still in the clan house. Valdeb.i.+.c.h was also unable to escape from the ghosts of the past.

『This is the only thing I have to give, so take it without complaint.』

The teacup he roughly placed in front of Yeon-woo so big Yeon-woo didn’t know what it was at first.

‘Is this a washbasin?’

He could barely tell it was a teacup because of the designs Valdeb.i.+.c.h had added to it.

‘Looks like he’s still bad with his hands.’

He must’ve brewed coffee at some point because black water filled the wash basin-like teacup.

‘My stomach will explode if I drink this.’

It was the first time Yeon-woo had received so much coffee at once, so he wondered when he’d be able to drink it all. The handle of the cup was so thick that he had to drink it with two hands. It reminded him of when his friends poured him a large batch of drinks when he had his first vacation off from enlistment.

He gave his impression after a few sips.


It wasn’t just bitter; it was extremely bitter.

Valdeb.i.+.c.h frowned.

『It’s an item from your home planet though.』

Despite giving the coffee in a standoffish att.i.tude, Valdeb.i.+.c.h had been watching how Yeon-woo would react to the coffee.

There weren’t many coffee beans in his backyard, so he was trying to be as generous as possible to his visitor. He couldn’t help but be irritated that Yeon-woo complained about the coffee after drinking his helping.

But Yeon-woo ignored Valdeb.i.+.c.h and asked in an expressionless face.

“You made this in the recipe Jeong-woo gave you, didn’t you?”


Valdeb.i.+.c.h’s frowning face s.h.i.+fted a bit.

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“It’s obvious. That b.a.s.t.a.r.d can’t even drink coffee. He thinks the bitter the better. Have you been drinking that bitter stuff all this time?”

『How did you make this?』

Yeon-woo lifted a corner of his mouth.

“Business secret.”

Valdeb.i.+.c.h’s face crumpled again.

『You’re the same as Jeong-woo in this aspect.』

“Don’t just drink it like that, but take it cold if you have ice too. You might like that better.”

Valdeb.i.+.c.h drank the coffee as Yeon-woo taught him to and exclaimed in astonishment His mouth was joyful to drink coffee this sweet after drinking all that espresso.

Valdeb.i.+.c.h’s bright smile was a change from the dark expression he had since Yeon-woo met him. Yeon-woo smiled along with him.

『…I’m full.』

“You foolishly drank over ten bowls, so it’d be weird if you weren’t.”

Yeon-woo clicked his tongue looking at the teacups that weren’t teacups piled next to Valdeb.i.+.c.h. The dead Gluttony Emperor would be ashamed if he saw.

『Don’t say I’m foolish.』

“Then let’s say you have a large appet.i.te.”


“More importantly. I want to talk now if your stomach’s full.”

Valdeb.i.+.c.h clenched his fists because Yeon-woo didn’t let him win a single argument. It was more annoying since he was saying all this with an emotionless face. Jeong-woo would’ve laughed at least.

But Yeon-woo’s appearance was also unprecedented for him. He did think one of Jeong-woo’s family members would enter the Tower after receiving the letter, but he felt strange now that it had really happened. He felt especially complicated because Yeon-woo had the exact same face as Jeong-woo.

“I’ve been searching for you all this time. You know why, right?”

Valdeb.i.+.c.h nodded heavily. He had sinned.

『I heard Jeong-woo appeared in the Tower and Arthia was resurrected. I guessed that one of Jeong-woo’s family members was pretending to be Jeong-woo to take revenge. And… I’ve also been preparing since then.』

Valdeb.i.+.c.h hung his head.

『I’ll willingly give you my head if you want to kill me. I have no excuse for myself. But I have one request. Please… just give me a little time. I have some unfinished business. After I’m done, I’ll hand over my head myself, so please allow me some time.』

Yeon-woo opened his Draconic Eyes to look at Valdeb.i.+.c.h. Imperfections were clumping and dispersing next to him. He was speaking… the truth. He truly was prepared to die. Yeon-woo clicked his tongue and closed his eyes.

‘I guess you weren’t completely abandoned.’

Yeon-woo muttered to himself. From Leonhardt to Valdeb.i.+.c.h… Yeon-woo said he found it difficult to forgive them, but he found himself becoming less angry. They had buried their feelings for Jeong-woo in their hearts even after he was dead.

“I’m not interested in taking your head.”


“I’m almost done with the revenge anyway, and all that’s left in that b.i.t.c.h Vieira Dune. Your head makes no difference.”


“But if you still want to apologize to Jeong-woo…”


“Pay him back by living as my sword.”


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